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Golden Waterfall

By on March 29, 2019

For long years I had wanted to see this Golden Waterfall personally, one of the most popular tourist attractions in New Taipei, Taiwan. Luck came finally, I got lucky and my long wish has been granted. It was a windy winter month of December and temperature drops 10°C cold throughout Ruifang District. On a half day free we managed to hit Ruifang attractions, we headed to this place. The ”Golden waterfall” it is one of the suggested ideal itineraries not to be missed, we arrived at viewpoint overlooking the beautiful waterfalls and I was refreshed by the blast of natural beauty, it was gold in color and water looks crystal clean but not knowing what I’d find.

The honest truth, I later discovered the natural beauty I’m referring to is a toxic waterfall, it contain a high level of toxicity due to toxic wastes and chemicals from factories potentially harmful contaminants. It is beautiful gold in color as the result of frequent rainfall near mining sites and the heavy metal elements deposited near riverbanks.

The grand overview of the entire waterfall, it is located in Ruifang District, New Taipei, Taiwan. We’ve been to Taiwan a couple of times but this is the first time to see these group of waterfalls. It never fails to take my breath away but it is unsafe to touch. How harmful it may be but it will always hold a special place in my heart.

Special attractions near the Golden waterfall

Views from this road are absolutely gorgeous!

Excellent views of the surroundings and wild greenery.

Visit Taiwan at its most glorious from waterfalls, cherry blossoms, beautiful temples, famous Sun Moon lake down to the mountain cliffs…

Golden Waterfall >Ruifang District, New Taipei, Taiwan

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Save Water, Save Life

By on March 26, 2019

Get ready for a hot and dry summer, How to beat the summer heat?

Cat’s  and dog’s water bowl must be filled with fresh water every day, Clean water means good health.

Very thirsty! Spade (our family cat) is drinking a lot of water.  Cats love cool water. Essential for life as we know it, the worth of water… source of life. No water, No Life

Save Water

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The Majestic Wuling Mountain

By on March 22, 2019

Hehuan Wuling is also called ‘’Joy Mountain’’ with 3,416 metres above sea level in Central Taiwan. The peak lies on the borders of Nantou and Hualien. Strategically located within Taroko National Park, this prime winter attraction seems to be accustomed by tourists all over, it offers exceptional views, the unique natural spectacle is extremely impressive.Taiwan, one of the leading tourism destination, it has secured its attractions to fall in love with.

Rounded all the special attractions, of all 25 tourist spots we’ve visited, the snow mountain is my top picks for the best mountain scenery and my personal favorite photo location. The scenic postcard scenery,has inspired many writers and it’s a  photographer’s paradise. As an adventurous traveler, Taiwan makes it one of my favorite places to visit around the world.

Getting through month of December, it was freezing winter when we visited this place, the journey up took over 2 hours drive following the highest pass with narrow and winding routes. It was raining and temperature drops 3°C, the upslope fog and ice crystals falling from above resulting in poor visibility. Winter in the mountains is a better chance to see white snows but it was extremely cold. My 4 layering outfit wasn’t enough to brave the cold.

I’m enjoying the scenery of the highest mountain in Taiwan. Hiking up and down was truly exhausting, my fitness level is good but my strength is nowhere near the strength that i had back in my heyday. Now, I can firmly understand why mountains are calling and I must go and I can feel the urge to come back again soon.

Sneaking trough the mountains, it’s a drive without stopping. Finally, about to reach the highest point of Taiwan, our driver and tourist guide warned us to watch our step as it was slippery ahead hiking trails. We could only spend an hour but before the due time given, we left as early as expected.

Four-color mountains; white, blue, green and yellow.


You can see here all the living proof of Wuling or Joy Mountain. Wuling mountain, one of the famous and well-known highest point in Taiwanese Highway.

Fast moving white puffy clouds commonly seen in the winter.

For those in search of mountain peak spectacle, the landscape beauty is here to inspire you.

This is how the earth was made, it’s beautiful!

Overlooking the enchanting stretch , it’s photography time for the girls…

Hillary on the go, Feeling cold more than the others..

Our Christmas wishes to go to a place where snow falls, it’s on the wish list of many too. White Christmas was granted! A week vacation in Taiwan was a unique experience for the entire family. A family get-together, enjoying together and that keeps me going.

Snow mountain beauty

Distant mountain looks green and yellow.

All popular tourist attractions will certainly grow. Future looks brighter for Taiwan. For those in search of spectacular view of the mountain ranges that offers breathtaking views. Wuling mountain is the place to head for, it’s worth a visit.


546, Taiwan, Nantou County, Ren’ai Township

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Sun Moon Lake Ropeway

By on March 18, 2019

The relaxing cable car ride that offers immeasurable charm of the whole Sun Moon Lake and the surroundings of Buji mountain forest. This is the most delightful way to enjoy the scenery of the famous lake. Sun Moon Lake Ropeway is a gondola lift that connects between two stations, the slow journey stretches towards southern part of Sun Moon Lake and ascends from Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village and continues up high above to the highest peak of Buji mountain forest that connects to the Sun Moon Lake Ropeway station.

All you have to do is to sit, relax and shoot while viewing the surroundings. This is not my first time to ride a cable car but the multitude sights all in one is a fascinating experience to share back home. The only problem here is the winter season haziness, the fog and mist definitely, it will challenge my photography skills.

If the Sun Moon Lake scenery is beautiful down there, the aerial view is more spectacular that gives you a different perspective on how the world looks like from above.

We are five inside the Crystal Clear Cabin, the trill to see the view through the bottom. If you are scared of height, don’t get the Crystal clear, take the regular one. ( Check details below about ticketing)

The cable car ride is really a spectacular mountain climber.

The glass bottom gondola offers the bird’s eye views of the entire Sun Moon Lake surroundings.

Isn’t it relaxing? Graham enjoying incredible views down there… Sun Moon Lake visible in the distance.

Enjoying the ride while making a spectacular daytime viewing.

You can clearly see here how it runs.

Our journey to the highest point above ground.

Aerial view of Sun Moon Lake taken from cable car

Sun Moon Lake visible from the right.

Complete Aerial Scenery of Sun Moon Lake

The serene winter colors of Sun Moon Lake, the gentle haziness of winter has transformed Sun Moon Lake into an impressive scene of reality that reaches perfection.

How to get there?

Sun Moon Lake Ropeway

A starting point from the Shuishe pier Sun Moon Lake, When we were there, we took a boat ride at Shuishe Pier, there’s a regular service boat ( yacht) to visit places which run throughout the day at regular intervals.With passengers of different nationalities, the yacht is big enough to accommodate us. That time, almost all passengers were  Chinese Hongkong and Singaporeans, we made our first landing stop at Wen Wu temple for an hour and back to the boat and we proceed to Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village.

Landmark sign along the way.

We passed by here, still 500 m walk to reach Sun Moon Lake Ropeway Station

This is my ticket, Adult for NT$300 round trip pass from Sun Moon Lake to the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village. 

Shueishe Pier Sun Moon Lake Tour Map. You need to pay special attention to this process 

Shueishe Pier, the man with blue polo is our tour guide and driver named Achie. Thank you so much Achie!

View from the yacht.

Sun Moon Lake Ropeway Station

Ticket Booth

You can choose between 2 classes; the regular cabin or the crystal glass cabin which is more expensive than the other.

Sun Moon Lake Ropeway Individual Ticketing. Buy tickets directly at the ticket Booth.

I know for sure, up there will reveal the beauty of the entire surroundings. I was so excited to ride, thinking to get such a good result of my aerial snapshots with the hope not to disappoint myself with the results.

No matter what, visiting Taiwan is never fun without going to this place. I’m having the advantage of enjoying the high altitude location. Traveling to me, means enjoying what it takes to experience….

Sun Moon Lake Ropeway Car Park

Seeking a scenic ride with incredible views? Try

Sun Moon Lake Ropeway is a gondola lift in Yuchi Township, Nantou County,Taiwan

Taiwan’s most visited tourist attraction, the Sun Moon Lake
next post…

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Winter Sunset of Alishan

By on March 13, 2019

Mesmerizing Winter Sunset of Alishan

We had been told by our Chinese friends prior to us going to Alishan that we must visit Ali Mountain to see the sunrise and the winter sunset late afternoon. The moment I heard it, I was excited as it sounded so appealing to me. I couldn’t wait to see it.

We’re halfway there, the long 4.5 hour road journey going to Alishan, we passed by dangerous cliff-side pathway. When I opened the van window, cold winds blowing through and I’m scared of heights down there. It looks like we’re passing through the edge of the cliff but what amazed me, radiance of bright yellow-orange light reflections brightens the surrounding area. I never expect to see the radiance of light along the way, the length of time traveling, I realized it was already sunset time. I have missed to check detailed information about sunset time of my location but the sky looks favorable. I asked the driver to slow down as it is impossible to stop, we’re passing through dangerous spot but still I managed to capture few photos while inside the van. Of course, not all photos turn out to be this good, these are just a few of the selected ones.

Capturing the Colors of Twilight

It is extremely a rewarding activity to capture the colors of twilight from dusk till dawn. These two great subjects of photography are my timely favorites.

Photography Location: Alishan Chiayi County, Taiwan

Great experience to watch the winter sunset as it descend below the western horizon at the end of the day.

Late afternoon glow.

Sunset with the background of red maple trees.

Alishan’s visit was a lasting experience, I was bit lucky to capture the glorious sunrise and the beautiful sunset.

Sun Moon Lake Ropeway next post…

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2018 Taichung World Flora Exposition

By on March 11, 2019

The international event, ‘’World Flora Exposition’’ (officially opened last November 3, 2018  and runs through April 24 2019) It’s a festival of Taiwan’s world of greenery held across 3 different areas; Houli Horse Ranch & Forest Expo Site, Fengyuan Hudulun Park and Waipu Expo Site. The annual event participated by international exhibitors and recognized by the International Association of Horticultural Producers.

World Flora Exposition featured modern trends in agriculture as the major theme, botanical gardening, modern landscaping, vegetables, culinary herbs healthy spices and it also showcased beautiful species of different types, all enchanting and colorful in profusion.

Among the 3 exhibition sites, missing the two areas and only the Fengyuan Hudulun Park in Taichung was visited. When I was in Taiwan, we keep on moving to explore around. A week vacation is still not sufficient, my unfamiliarity with other site locations of the exhibition, there is not enough time as we only have one day in Taichung. My area of coverage is only within Taichung, the location of the hotel (Ful Won Hotel) where we stayed in is an easy access to Fengyuan Hudulun Park expo site.

All exhibits pretty much as they are even in winter. I saw what must have been close to a thousand different species and varieties on display. World Flora Exposition, this event will inspire agriculture and commercial growers as well as flower enthusiast and gardeners.

Note: My descriptions are necessary brief due to the multiple numbers of flowering plant photos.

Fengyuan Hudulun Park Expo Site

The flora exhibition will run through wintertime to springtime, it’s wintertime and exhibitors will settle for winter blooms perhaps, the kinds that blooms and evergreens too. what I can present now are the wintertime species, these are the cool growing species enjoying the climatic conditions of winter. Most featured are the spectacular beauty of winter orchids that includes; Phalaenopsis, Cymbidiums, Dendrobium, Odontogrossum and other hybrid type botanical specials.

Special Highlights ~ Flowering house plants, Ornamental and colorful foliage, Gorgeous trailing orchids, Stunning landscape and many more.

Note: My reminder to be cautious when photographing these flowers.

Fengyuan Hudulun Park Expo Site , puts on its winter exhibition. Lets get started

Dark Solid Purple Phalaenopsis

The good idea of carrying such flowers, a better approach you can see here over winter.

Purple Dendrobium

Enjoying the climatic conditions of winter, Counting down to more stunning Orchids and Petunias down there.

Dark Red Phalaenopsis

Jane Almquist Phalaenopsis

The generation of winter white orchids

Enobi Purple Dendrobium 

Flowering orchids of vibrant colors, incredibly beautiful Phalaenopsis.

Purple Spotted Harlequin Phalaenopsis

Among the most distinctive flower shapes

Graceful arching stems, lovely polka dots!

Thongchai Gold Dendrobium

Lewes Jubilee Phalaenopsis

The display of flowers in every kind is imaginable.

This flowering tree is a winter season interest.

Flowering Petunias moment of glory, two-color combinations.

Are you familiar with these Petunias? any gardener who’s been close to a garden knows these kind of hanging plants. Petunias grow well in cool temperature and will stand few degrees of frost. Definitely, it is suitable for winter exhibition, you can see more of Petunias hanging over here.

Series of Petunias available in many colors.

Suitable background set-off a garden to its best advantage.

Infinite variety of flowering plants

Petunias, they give the most flowers per hanging plant, How lovely!

White and Fuchsia Petunias

Dark purple petunias

Cool season display loved for their attractive colors.

Stunning Deep Purple Petunias

Deep Pink Petunias

Gorgeous blooms and wintertime colors.

Soft Purple Petunias

Dark Pink Petunias

Deep Pink Petunias

Deep Pink Petunias

Beds of colorful flowers

Exhibition main entry point

The charming foundation of this landscape is the background show-off flowering borders.

Creative landscape

Featuring the best landscape from Taiwan

You will pass by this area before Fungyuan Hudulun Park

The expo site is a beautiful place to watch winter flowers in full bloom. Here in the Philippines, my favorite flowering plant doesn’t normally grow in our area because they are more adapted to colder climates, they are best suitable to grow well in Baguio and Tagaytay, these 2 areas are my favorite vacation destination too. How I wish to have the same kind of winter flowers around here. To include those beautiful flowers on my wish list.

See you again next post> Sun Moon Lake Ropeway– scenic gondola cable car

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Beautiful Flowers of Taiwan

By on March 5, 2019

Foggy and windy it may be during winter but the charm and scenic beauty draw thousands of visitors yearly. Aside from the beautiful Sun Moon Lake, Sunrise Alishan, Taroko National Park, one attraction to behold when you are in Taiwan are the winter bloomers, any paths where plants are in full bloom, you’ll see surprising variety of lovely blossoms and colorful blooms.

My Taiwan journey from one destination to the next, gives me the opportunity to capture beautiful photos of all kinds from food to fashion, Michelin star restaurants, sunrise, stunning pagodas, mountain scenic areas, Shilin night market and now, these beautiful flowers.

Taiwan’s climate allowed spontaneous growth of beautiful flowers during each season that blends with assorted group of Tung flowers, Red Maples, Lavender, Plum flowers, Cypresses and Cherry Blossom like those at Nantou on the side of Sun Moon Lake and Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village.

Most flowers have their own limited season to bloom but when it’s winter, you can’t expect each of them to flower. A stroll within  Alishan National Forest Recreation Area just beside Ho Fong Villa Hotel, you’ll find delightful blooms around.

Lisianthus flowers, a rare beauty with stunning elegance.

Misty Pink Lisianthus, an elegant rose-like flower.

White Lisianthus Flower

Not so far away, the most preserved botanical garden trees and flowers.

Cool season trees loved for their winter colors, all flowers that comes in nearly every color and range.

Impressive Scarlet Fire Thorn which is well known for its bright red berries that last through much of winter and fall.

Scarlet Fire Thorn white flowers are small and extremely numerous often covering much of the plant. Full sun leads to more flowers. The orange-red fruits ripen in September and last through the winter.

As well as mountain slopes, the wild mountain Sakura.

Cherry Blossom trees in bloom is a wow factor in the city

Cherry Blossoms on mountain ridge looks like an isolated wilderness…

White orchids

Orchid flowers in all colors are available in Taiwan

Deep Purple orchids

Purple spotted orchids

Widely grown cool season petunias.

Petunias striking colors and unusual forms.

Two color combination Petunias

Deep Purple Petunias

Soft Purple Petunias

Glorious pink flowering plants

Other popular varieties on mountain slopes.

A delightful welcome to greet you in front of Ful Won Hotel

Stunning orchids around Taichung

Phalaenopsis Jane Almquist

Deep yellow rose

Colorful display greatly appreciated, other winter flowers are beginning to burst into bloom. A few, they bloom every month.

Orange winter foliage

Delightful and most reliably colorful brilliant red in color.

Charming blooms

Stunning double color combinations

Beautiful violet orchids

Beautiful landscape in Taichung as a part of Taichung World Flora Exposition

Taichung World Flora Exposition next post…

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Majestic Sunlit Mountain Peak of Alishan

By on March 4, 2019

The majestic beauty of sunlit mountain peak will reveal the extraordinary winter coloring they take on at sunset. The challenging peak is a part of mountaineering, the panoramic views surrounding the mountains and cliffs leading from Yunlin down to Alishan, it’s totally enchanting and almost mystical in beauty.

We made a quick stop along the mountain ridge of Yunlin country ( Western Taiwan) on our way to Alishan from Nantou. It was about sunset time, I just can’t resist the dazzling charm of the mountain.

Stunning Winter Colors of Mountain Peak

If you love sunset landscape and mountain peaks, this is the place to head for, Alishan National Scenic Area Chiayi County, Alishan Township

Note: For this month, you’ll see more spectacular panoramas of the entire Taiwan, See you next post…

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Sunrise Alishan

By on March 1, 2019

Together with my family in Chiayi, we had a delightful stay in Ho Fong Villa Hotel. The hotel is ideally located within Alishan Forest Recreation Area, a very convenient access to all tourist spots and nearest to the foot of Alishan Forest Railway Station. (From our hotel to the train station is just a 15-minute walk and 8-minute drive) 

Alishan National Scenic Area is in Central Taiwan, best known for its fascinating sunrises, high peak mountains, tea production and home to Tsou aboriginal villages. Keeping a lot of things in mind and running on a tight vacation schedule, we still have 4 days left after Alishan and set-off to Taichung the next day. Day-wise activities carried in conformity that was already arranged ahead of time.

Alishan Sunrise

An hour train journey to reach Alishan (Ali mountain), we must be there ahead of time before the sun rises in the east. We woke up 3 am to catch the early train, I’m an early riser, the kind who wake up instantly as other family members are difficult to wake up in the morning. On our way to Alishan Forest Railway station, it was still dark, cold and getting short of breath to climb the highest stairway, it was a bit strenuous but a good workout.  Alishan’s winter record drops 6°C, I was wearing all 3 layers top fit to protect me from winter freeze.

Designated boarding station

Around 4 am, railway station was crowded, hundreds of people lining up for trains. Way up, train running by forested ridge of mountains and unspoiled forest for an hour. Upon arriving to the final station and again, we need to climb another stairway.

We arrived at the summit around 5 am, we need to wait for an hour for the sunrise. What a sight! By any standard, one of the most spectacular mountain range I’ve ever seen. Visiting Alishan is really a mystery and surprise!

My Aerial Photography

From my experience, sunrise takes about 5 minutes that’s why, you need to be there beforehand.

 Sunrise beauty at dawn

My effort paid-off! I was rewarded by the awe-inspiring scenery and the most beautiful sunrise above clouds in winter.

Sun rising above horizon is totally different from sunset that appears below horizon. The banyan tree standing before the sunrise.

Sunrise above clouds. The green, blue and foggy mountains with sea of clouds above.

My viewing point, I’m uncomfortable to capture with the presence of too many people beside me.

You can see on this photo the geographical features of Alishan.

First silhouette clouds

The silhouette of mountains against dawn looks like a watercolor painting.

To experience the beautiful sunrise, don’t miss to visit Alishan, it was the most magical place I’ve ever visited. Taiwan has a diverse landscape and lots to offer for travelers. Capture your sunrise moments. Book to the nearest recreation area.

Alishan National Forest Recreation Area

Taiwan, Chiayi County, Alishan Township, 59號

My Taiwan adventure will not end up here, more beautiful attractions next post..

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