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Small Dog Halloween Costume Ideas

By on November 10, 2023

Like the vast majority of pet owners, I like to dress up my four-year-old Coton de tulear, whom I call Frosty. I always have a number of outfits on hand, one for every occasion, and I’m currently trying on rehearsal outfits in order to determine which one he likes most in terms of comfort. The best part about dressing my fur baby is that it makes it super easy for me to dress him up because he already exhibits naturally friendly behavior and will approach me quickly when he is disturbed. I’m here to showcase the benefit of having an outfit rehearsal prior to the event. You can simply reject and select the best option for him.

Others say that dressing up dogs is a form of animal cruelty but we now live in a modern world where people treat animals like their own children. As long as you know your limitations when dressing your pet, they should not be too tight that they restrict movements. Online shopping becomes challenging at times. While I prefer that Frosty wear light clothing on our daily walks in the park but when we visit a pet-friendly mall, I usually dress him in a little bit more clothing to keep him warm.

I’d like to share a couple photos of my furry pet dressed up for Halloween. It appears that I’m more excited than him since I’m a fur parent. Some dogs enjoy wearing costumes, while others do not. Based on his appearance in these photos, you’ll know, or you can tell, which one is comfortable based purely on what he looks like in the picture. So, let’s get started!

Vampire Costume is a dramatic black cape with a red lining. Frosty also looks like a great magician.

 Frosty with a rabbit headband, it seems like she’s going for a winter walk but it looks quite lovely.

 Frosty wearing a baseball hat with an ear holes sunscreen.

This is an Anime dog costume, a cosplay spotlight.

Dinosaur outfit for Frosty. This type of outfit is a major no-no for Frosty, he will get heatstroke in this kind of outfit.

In this outfit, my dog ​​looks like a dwarf. Turning a cute dog into a dwarf is not okay! Lol!

Pretty lovely with his orange cone and headband.

Frosty appears more relaxed in this headband without the body wrap.

The orange cone shape is just as pretty cool.

Frosty with an antlers skull cap.

So, what are your thoughts on dressing up pets? What are your opinions on pets wearing costumes? Dressing up your fur baby expresses affection and a pleasurable experience comes along adoring your baby in clothing is a joyful and affectionate gesture. I won’t stop here, more to come next time.

Thank you for reading my blog!

Goodnight Fellas

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Before and After Renovation – Basilica Minore of Our Lady of Piat

By on October 15, 2023

Initially, this is the old picture of Our Lady of Piat Basilica taken 6 years ago.

The new facade of Our Lady of Piat Basilica

Heralding the modernity and passage of art, many view this impressive architectural design. The new face of Our Lady of Piat Basilica has transformed into a modern revival of a classical Romanesque architecture.

The overall view before and after the renovation Basilica Minore of Our Lady of Piat

The entry door of Basilica Minore of Our Lady of Piat

Note: I took these photos when I returned home to attend the town festival.

The Basilica Minore of Our Lady of Piat is one of the twenty-one Basilicas in the Philippines. Northern Luzon’s most visited church and a pilgrimage site located in Piat, Cagayan (Philippines) It is best known for housing the 16th century statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary along being known as the “Black Virgin Mary” due to its dark- brownish skin.

 This Marian image is the Patroness of the province and the Mother of Cagayan. Thousands of pilgrims and devotees  flocked to the Basilica, believing in its miracles and many impossible wishes were fulfilled.


I’m from Piat. I mentioned this in my previous blog, “My hometown, my birthplace Piat Cagayan.” My hometown Piat is a small but peaceful town that combines natural beauty, culture, and tradition. This small town is an ideal place for people to live in harmony with the beauty of nature…  

Writing about my hometown is part of my dedication and these are the moments I remember most while I was there. For me, it is the most authentic way to bring back a piece of homeland, I mean the most beautiful way to recall memories.

Thank you for reading my blog!

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Over the Rainbow

By on October 11, 2023

A rainbow crosses a section of a lovely farm in Solana Cagayan. On the way from Tuguegarao back to Piat I took this photo. This hand-held photo captures the splendor of nature from a greater distance. Rare spectacles like this do not happen every day.

After the rain, a rainbow appears. It is a multicolored arc generated by sunlight striking over waterdroplets in the atmosphere. Simply breathtaking natural phenomena with a beautiful spectrum of diverse colors that offers optimism and vibrancy to nature.

According to the legend, a pot of gold can be found at the end of the rainbow, this appears to be extremely unthinkable. To check, you must visit the spot where the end of the rainbow touches the ground to verify the truth, although doing this seems like an impossible and difficult task. You’ve most likely been there before without even noticing it.

When I was younger, I was in my prime. I believed in this mythology that appeared to be true, but as I’ve grown older, I’ve come to realize that it’s simply a fairytale, a captivating story for the kids to enjoy. When you see a rainbow,given the opportunity to capture it, you should do so…

Thanks for reading my blog! Goodnight!

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Magnificent Sunset of Piat

By on June 7, 2023

With the coming of summer comes the best time of year for taking images of sunsets, I had never given Piat much thought in terms of sunsets, but I was mistaken that my hometown is likewise capable of producing stunning sunsets.

Here are photos of my hometown’s breathtaking sunset as seen from the quarry site of Maguilling, Piat Cagayan. The hues of the sunset reflect on the water, adding beauty and a sense of tranquility. It’s a lovely way to end the day.

When I return to my hometown, I make it a point to capture the sunset since it is the moment that reminds me most of being there. This is the most authentic way for me to take a piece of home with me, I mean, the finest way to bring back memories.

Photo credit: Thanks Mik

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Petronas Twin Towers (KLCC)

By on April 26, 2023

The world renowned Petronas Twin Towers, one of the Malaysia’s most famous icons located at the heart of KLCC. The 88th-storey mega tall held the title as the tallest buildings in the world until 2004, it was surpassed by the next mega structure, the Taipei 101. The skybridge on the 41st floor provides breathtaking views of the city and an excellent viewing platform below from its altitude of 4519 meters (1,483 feet).

The Petronas Twin Towers also called ‘Menara Berkembar Petronas’ (Malay) internationally recognized as the symbol of Kuala Lumpur remained the tallest building in Malaysia until 2019 surpassed by the ‘Exchange 106’. The Burj Khalifa in Dubai, which is 828 meters tall and has been designated a Mega tall since 2010, is now the highest structure in the world.

With a steel and glass façade typical of the future and a classically decorated interior.

The iconic structure of Petronas Twin Towers from all directions.

View of Petronas Twin Towers Skybridge on 41st floor links the twin towers symbolizes a gateway to the future while staying true to its heritage.

The 14 photos presented here were all captured by me during our seven-day trip to Malaysia’s tourist hotspots. KLCC is the perfect spot for both inside and outdoor photography.

Petronas Twin Towers (KLCC) Ticket Counter

My two girls and my sister Ann had a wonderful time on our vacation around Malaysia; it was a journey that will not soon be forgotten and we all wish to return there again soon.

Observation Deck

Stunning views from the Observation Deck.

Taken from the Observation Deck, the 86th floor of tower 2.

KLCC Park taken from the Petronas Towers Observation Deck.

Kuala Lumpur is a diverse and vibrant metropolis that is home to several internationally recognized landmarks. Travel to Malaysia and enjoy a wide variety of exciting experiences.

I couldn’t pay a visit to my fellow bloggers and friends while I was there due to the rainy weather, which prevented me from getting in touch with them. I’m going to miss my friends there, but I promise to come back and the first thing I’m going to do is visit all of them once I get there.

Soon to be posted on the blog will be descriptions of exciting new adventures, stunning new images, and recollections of past ones in Malaysia.

Thank you for reading my blog!

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Clearwing Hummingbird Moth

By on October 17, 2022

Clearwing Hummingbird Olive green in color with a dark reddish-purple coloration on the back of the moth. A day-flying moth that is also one of the most fascinating guests that frequents the garden. A beautiful sunny day brings out the best in this helpful moth’s pollinating abilities. In addition to neither biting or stinging, they are regarded as being beneficial insects. The name denotes that it has clearwings, and the quick movement of its wings, often known as wingbeats, generates a humming sound.

Clearwing Hummingbird The moth tail has the appearance of a lobster’s tail because it extends out in the shape of a fan and is separated into two equal portions.

The Clearwing Hummingbird Moth, depicted in all of the photographs in this article, was hard at work pollinating flowers on the same day and at the same time.

Macro photography presents unique technical challenges, but by getting in close, you’ll see details you would have overlooked before. In a nutshell, these moths are works of art. I first mistook it for a baby hummingbird due to its ability to hover and its erratic flight pattern (backwards and sideways). It was challenging to find a secure footing in which to take photographs.

I was hesitant to photograph insects in direct sunlight due to contrast issues, and since they vanish in a matter of seconds, I had to work very rapidly to get even a handful of usable shots. In addition, I find that the light in the early morning or late afternoon is the softest and most pleasant for photography. These moths are only active during the midday hours, therefore this doesn’t work for them.

Insects like colorful butterflies, dragonflies, and honeybees are just some of the many that can be seen on my website. The vast majority of my photographs are unique or extremely unusual examples. It was pure luck that I was there at the correct time. There are many of nectar-producing flowers in our garden, making it a great site to catch butterflies and bees.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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Coron Island Hopping Tour 2022

By on June 30, 2022

Palawan is a long pencil thin island plus a few stunning island clusters with high limestone cliffs that predominates the blissful seascapes and landscapes. As one might expect the picturesque route down there. The scenic beauty of Coron island is a collection of alluring white sand beaches, hot spring, beautiful lagoons, towering limestone formations, dotted with exquisite clean lakes, caves, wrecks, outstanding coral reefs and unique marine species.

This is a complete guide of Coron Palawan Island Hopping Tour, A guide to the must – visit spots of the beautiful island. I knew this tour is going to be very interesting so I really thought this would be more wholesome to document my unforgettable adventure and I want to make sure everything would be covered not only for my blogs but for magazine cover pictures and U-Tube underwater documentation.

Note: After the death of Eugene, we all experienced negative impact and parental loss so with overwhelming sadness getting a hard time to return to normal life, it may be a process to go through, we all face grief at some point anyway but I have to take care of my grieving children, so I thought the only way to overcome it is to bring my children for a short vacation in Coron, Palawan  and Here we go!

Starting Point

Transportation to and from Busuanga Francisco B. Reyes Airport and your hotel is included. Starting at 9 a.m. and ending at 5 p.m., the trip will pick you up and drop you off at your hotel before taking you to Lualhati Park, a boat island docking park that is more of a baywalk park than a public park. The surrounding islands are conveniently close to Coron, which is a major plus.During your five-day stay in Coron, you’ll get to visit eight different stunning islands, all of which are conveniently close to one another.

Busuanga Airport

My Ultimate Island Adventure-What to Expect

Weeks ago, we made a trip to Coron. Coron, Palawan, is a popular location for tourists from all over the world. Our knowledge is top-notch, full stop. The island’s white sand beaches, magnificent lakes, and lagoons are easily accessible by boat.

Every turn we are greeted with panoramic views.

When you travel to Coron, you may enjoy the island’s natural splendors firsthand. If you want to go island hopping or wreck diving, Lualhati Park is a great place to do it. A trip on the water will take you to a beach with white sand and beautiful lakes and lagoons.

Coron Island Hopping Adventure begins!

As wilderness enthusiasts, we find the surrounding nature to be a major draw. The island of Coron has been set aside as a recreational destination for visitors. The most well-liked water sports are sailing, fishing, swimming, scuba diving, and kayaking.

Lualhati Park

Viewing Deck of Kayanan Lake

Thrilling and Exciting Activities

I swam with the fishes for a delightful hour. I finally got the chance to fulfill a lifelong fantasy when I dove headfirst into the sea to swim with the fishes.

Diver’s Delight

I think these are the marine species seen on regular basis. This is the most enjoyable activity I’ve ever experienced in Coron. I’m joining in the island’s perfect sea life.

When we were here, we rented 3 kayaks for the family with a life vest on board.

The kayaking trip was fantastic. Paddling a kayak around and taking in the breathtaking scenery is a great way to get a feel for the area.

I’m a sporty traveler; very active to dive, to paddle, to sail, float and swim. I can still hold my breath underwater for almost 2 minutes and do tricks to keep going forward..

Placid afternoon swimming

Drone footage captured while floating in space.

It is possible to see marine life. The hidden neck sea turtles (Testudines) and barracuda are regulars at this location.

Kayangan Lake

A place of breathtaking beauty and tranquility. A popular tourist attraction and one among the island of Coron’s most beautiful spots. Its tranquility and the clarity of its water have made it famous. Deep into the lake, you can see corals and fish. I’ve already taken too many images here to stop now. It’s one of my favorite lakes, and we’ll get to Barracuda Lake in a while.

The Beauty of Kayangan Lake

Following above the lake, a cluster of limestone provides visitors with panoramic views fantastically varied rock formations.

Only two of Coron Island’s thirteen lakes are accessible to visitors. Kayangan Lake and Barracuda Lake are two of my favorite places in the world.

The ascent to the observation deck and the descent to the lake’s entrance both take about fifteen to twenty minutes by stairs. Like the Barracuda lake, these stunning cliffs of limestone rise sharply from the water and drop straight down into the depths below.

Grand overview of Kayangan Lake

Pretty cool summer break, a beautiful paradise getaway..

Smith Beach

A fantastic afternoon with crystal clear water.

Most beautiful turquoise water of Smith Beach. It is also known for its calm waters.

Las Islas De Coral

The soothing nature of turquoise seas. Sitting back and watching kingfishers dive headfirst at a set pace to grab fish is a great way to unwind.

Kayangan Cave

Dramatic overhangs cliffside located in front of viewing deck

Sunset Beach

I just love the clarity of the water and whiteness of the sand.

A rewarding feeling of being relaxed and well-pleased.

Barracuda Lake

One of the most well-known lakes worldwide. The entrance of Barracuda Lake is reached after a 20-minute ascent. As you make your way through, the towering cliffs’ mysterious and perilous structures become increasingly apparent at each turn.

Climbing the stairs Barracuda Lake. It was a challenging trek, truly adventurous can climb the stairs up there.

The best diving conditions and most popular dive spots may both be found at Barracuda Lake. This is the most frequented island for scuba divers in all of Coron.

Boulder, an impressive rockfall threatening to fall over. Collapsed in landslide, large blocks of rocks larger than an average car.

Barracuda Lake and Kayangan Lake are only two of the many stunning natural wonders that Coron has to offer.

Coron Island Hopping Tourmates 2022

Twin Lagoon

The most impressive scenery, the waterscape of rare and enchanted beauty with the towering cliffs in the background.

Twin Lagoon

Again, boat ride was enjoyable, as scheduled, we made quite a few pit stops to observe marine species both above and below the water.

CYC Beach

A breathtakingly beautiful white sandy beach and a home to a rich mangrove forest.

The sandy beach reveals a small mangrove forest. Down there you can easily spot starfishes, shrimps and sea corals.

A delightful place to swim and if you are lucky, you may even catch the glimpse of rare species who often hangs up here.

Skeleton Wreck

Coron’s surviving wrecks.

Wreck diving in Coron

Underwater remains of the sunken wartime ship. US Navy aircraft during the Second World War way back September 1944.

Coral Reef Garden

From this vantage point, you can see deep into the sea. There is an ideal snorkeling environment here. Below you will see beautiful coral reefs and gardens. White, violet, and pink corals thrive in this area, along with a wide variety of species.

Our tour guide reminded us not to touch the corals or shells we saw, and instructed us not to collect anything to help preserve the reef. A growing number of individuals, including myself as a tourist, are now aware of this.

Getting There

Bookings for a Coron Island Hopping Tour can be handled through an agency, which can be of great assistance in securing accommodations and tours of your choosing. Transportation to and from the hotel is provided free of charge. Everything from the tourist boat and life vests to the all the necessary licenses and entrance fees, the licensed tour guide, the island’s buffet lunch, the renting of a cottage, and all applicable taxes are included. Go to Coron, that’s the smartest move you can make.

The peak season for tourism is summer. Make your reservations as far in advance as you can, preferably weeks or months. During the summer, it typically reaches its maximum occupancy.

If you haven’t been to Coron, you’ll be pleased to see all the stunning tourist attractions.

The evolution of Coron’s scenic areas is remarkable. Our trip to Coron Island in 2022 was an amazing experience that will stay with us. Coron Island is the perfect destination for any tourist. You’ll have a blast exploring all the exotic resorts.

Our tour guide, Pam-Pam, deserves a big round of applause for being the best tour guide ever. Hello, Pam.

More of my travelogue from Coron Island is on the way…

Thank you for reading my blog!

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A Time and Space to Grieve

By on March 22, 2022

The lengthy voyage of battle ended with the appearance of the morning star in the eastern sky, signaling the beginning of a new day free of tremendous anguish and suffering. He didn’t say a word as dawn broke around him. At long last, he knew the way to his final resting place. His death occurred at first light on February 12. It’s been over a month and the pain is still unbearable.

Gene passed away a year after being diagnosed with terminal Stage 4 prostate cancer. His final wishes and requests on his deathbed were spoken with such love and respect for his family that remembering them now is the most sad and hardest thing anyone has ever done. He was aware of his surroundings until the end; it was painful to watch a loved one in this state of decline; I can feel his growing exhaustion; despite our best efforts, I’m not yet ready to let him go; he passed away just two days before Valentine’s Day; we had big plans for the holiday; it’s difficult to come to terms with the loss of a loved one. Saying farewell is the worst.

Dealing with grief is difficult since it brings up terrible memories and recollections over and over again. I constantly feel the need to cry. Whether it takes a year or a lifetime, I will never forget the pain of losing someone close to me. I can’t help but think about the good times we had together in the past, the travels we took as a family both domestically and abroad, his compassion and generosity, his commitment to and love for his family, and the routines of our daily lives. I can feel his gentle touch and his closeness to me, and it makes it difficult to take the next step. I will never get over missing him till the day we are together.

nearby bedside in those final days

This is how devastating the loss of a loved one can be: my entire world feels empty and sorrowful. Going through a rough patch right now, trying to get back to normal while dealing with the pain of loss and other emotions stemming from shock and disbelief. The inability to eat and sleep has wreaked havoc on my health. It’s difficult to start over after losing him; in all likelihood, it will take many years of hard work to get back on your feet.

As time goes by, hopefully the hurt will lessen. God is our source of hope and love, and in Him I put all my trust. God is with us always, even at our darkest hours. To live is to be alive… To properly grieve, I require more time alone. Please give me the strength to carry on, it’s tough to let go. In the middle of my sorrow, I need words of COMFORT and ENCOURAGEMENT to help me regain my footing.


Sharing my story to raise prostate cancer awareness.

MG life, works and writings, Follow me Twitter, Facebook Page and Instagram

Thank you for reading my blog!

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Sweets and Confectionery by Ninz

By on December 18, 2021

What’s going on here? Day of Love? The baby shower? An extraordinary birthday, or any other day? It will make a beautiful addition to any kind of party. The holidays are right around the corner, making it the ideal time to start new, heartwarming rituals. Commence your own by honoring the people who mean the most to you in this world. The greatest gift you can give does more than you expect it to, and sometimes it happens.

Welcome to the world of Sweets and Confectionery by Ninz

Tempting flavors, smooth treats, and mouthwatering baked goods made just for you. More people enjoy Sweets and Confectionery by Ninz than any other, that fact alone will solve your gift-giving problem this holiday season.

Customizing holiday greeting cakes is an easy way to make your party more memorable. Indulge in the comfort of your own home while shopping for candy and sweets from Ninz. You must pre-order. You can do your shopping online, and then either pick it up or have it delivered to you. Tuguegarao, Philippines

Creative Cake Designs

Kid’s Birthday Cakes

The best custom cakes comes out to compliment your birthday celebration.

Gardeners birthday cake

For the Green thumb, gardening themed cakes is also available. It’s a hearty warm cake for your own passion. So creamy, love at first bite.

Burnt Basque Cake

For fruit lovers, fresh strawberries in the middle of the cake is equally worthy.

Blooming flowers cake

Classic cake with medley of flavors, exciting new treats for family and friends.

Sweets and Confectionery by Ninz

Senior citizen birthday cake

When you’re about to blow the whistle on… the cake that’s noticeably more luscious and velvety in texture. Try it out!

Elegant cakes

Lovely baby cake

Unicorn cake

I just recently discovered her bakeshop on social media, which is also available to anyone and serves as a useful platform for commercial endeavors. I was really impressed by the unique flavor and color combinations that she came up with for the specialized cakes. Every one of us naturally wants to share these happy times with family and friends because it is something special that was meant to be shared, and the holiday season really catches flavor at its peak. The warmth and glow of this season brings forth feelings of goodwill.

Pastries & Desserts



Sweets and Confectionery by Ninz will remain in the minds of people for a very long time. Inexpensive and flexible! They are able to accept and fulfill orders immediately. All the best to you and yours during this holiday season!

Go cashless, online cake delivery

Inspired by: Sweets and Confectionery

By Nina Cagat

Contact number:  0916 524 0121

Address: Pallua Norte, Tuguegarao City

Visit Facebook Page> Sweets and Confectionery by Ninz

I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog. Following the article is a space for readers to leave comments.

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Qingjing Farm-Green Green Grassland

By on December 13, 2021

There is a common saying that goes something like this: “It looks like Switzerland; it is the green land pasture to bond with flocks of sheep; and your reward?” Personal interaction, including bonding with and feeding the gentle animals.

A tourist attraction in Taiwan, the ‘’Green, Green Grassland’’ in Qingjing farm or Cingjing farm is a hill ranch in the midst of lovely grassy hills where livestock can graze. Its elevation above sea level is 1,750 meters. The temperature swings between day and night are quite dramatic.

Green, Green Grassland in Qingjing farm or Cingjing farm

Green, Green Grassland in Qingjing farm

Postcard perfect scene

Aside from the picturesque scene of the pastureland, surprisingly full of life to see the spectacular beauty of the mountains and hills abounds here.

Gentle Corner

Human-Animal Bond

Sheep are one of the earliest domesticated animals and are still popular today. When I tried to touch them and they didn’t push me away, I knew I had earned their trust and could relax.

Green, Green Grassland in Qingjing farm

Feeding the sheep with the feed provided by the park.

Outer part, sheep hair is a crimped wool and coarse but to my surprised, the wooly undercoat was soft and fluffy, much less than I thought.

It is well worth the effort to make the trip to Taiwan’s Green Green Grassland; I had my very first opportunity to interact with docile animals there, and it was a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience. It was a vivacious relationship between us, so I don’t feel self-conscious moving around and touching them.

The sheep ranch, Qingjing farm, or Cingjing farm is an absolute must for any visitor to Taiwan, whether they choose to drive or hike there. The following are included in the price of a ticket to enter the green, green grassland: Grassy meadows, a park, and a pastoral region all make up the greenery that is Guanshan.

Qingjing farm Green green grassland

Address: Renhe Road, Ren’ai Township, Nantou County, Taiwan

Details for Site Guests

Please refrain from smoking

There is to be no overnightingProhibited foodsNo animals allowed.

Be quiet around animals.

Never combine sheep and horses for a ride

Feed the animals with park supplies.

No airplanes

No drones are allowed, period.

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