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Sunset Taken On Board a Vessel

By on August 20, 2017

Weather has a powerful influence when photographing a sunset sometimes, whirlwinds of black clouds blown away. When temperature drops, high winds begin to move very fast blocking the sunset and masses of black clouds reduces the amount of radiance.

From the higher viewpoint, the mass of black clouds formation is a dramatic element, rain will surely comes after sundown however, it’s just a temporary blocking but as you can see, the orange reflections above can still be viewed from afar.

Sunset taken on board a vessel- Strait of Malacca, Indonesia

Sailing Photography

At lower viewpoint, Down there, the sun appeared at full dramatic view with an strangely-shaped masses of black columns at the background. It was a warmth evening glow!

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My Indoor and Outdoor Photography | Travel and Adventure

Fascinating Sunset of Today

By on April 14, 2017

I love photography, the course of capturing interesting subjects day to day in a more meaningful way, just shows my skill of dedication. Sunset is still the best subject to touch when it comes to the beauty of nature. I’ve tried all various camera angle shots at almost the same sundown time on different locations to create dramatic and magnificent shots. This will require lots of work but I’m willing to exert more effort to be back and capture the same subject at the same time on different day to compare the difference. Somehow, surprising differences  will surely comes out because the clouds formation and weather plays a big role here.





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My Indoor and Outdoor Photography | Travel and Adventure

Rizal Park Sunset

By on April 8, 2017

Rizal Park Sunset

Nature showcases one of the most photographed subjects of landscape photography, it’s the sunset, you can find the beauty of nature in all aspects no matter where it was taken definitely, they show-off their astonishing beauty and share the same similarities,’’the natural beauty of nature.’’

You can see here, all sunset photos taken with the elegance of terraced west coast, cityscape, landscape and splendid mountains, floating vessel, dry sand dunes, Persian gulf, coldest to hottest regions, grassland, ricefields, desert, aircraft, watercraft, areas of mainland, peninsulas and tropical islands.



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My Indoor and Outdoor Photography | Travel and Adventure

Summer Sunset

By on March 28, 2017

Manila Bay Sunset

The dramatic view of the sunset in an open sea setting, the location at closer distance from the road, it’s impossible to clear away the sun watchers, fisherman and vendors around but sometimes, they also serves as supporting subject and additional human element in the background.

The best viewpoint is the mellow yellow-orange light with splashes of vibrant colors is ideal, striking rays heading straight forward directly to my position is a big advantage getting easier to focus.

To capture the sunset  is not that hard even if the sunset will only lasts for minutes, work must be done very quickly. The result is not always perfect as expected sometimes, it came out to be very bright and others dull and blurry. I just have to practice all photography measures, Next time, just as to hold my breath before clicking to avoid shaking.



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Dramatic Sunset with Animal Element

By on March 27, 2017

The faithful dog guarding his Master’s fishing boat

Very rare timing to catch up, to include an animal with the view of the sunset but what a perfect poise for the dog! It looks like the fisherman’s dog is tired but actively opens his mouth showing his wet tongue, adorable looks, huh! Thanks Doggie for your cooperation! Thanks for making my day!




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My Indoor and Outdoor Photography | Travel and Adventure

22 Magnificent Sunsets from Around the World

By on March 7, 2017

Sun’s apparent descent below western horizon at the end of the day is the most revealing delight generally livelier, lovelier and generously endowed by nature, it provides spiritual escape from the troubles of the mundane world. The sunset is most dramatic and photogenic especially if it combines with the beauty of landscape and sunlit sea. As I’ve mentioned before and again, to capture the sunset feels like such an enjoyable chore but it’s worth doing it, that’s two flavors in one sweet treat; you can achieve something and enjoy with it. It’s a goal that gives a feeling of accomplishment.

Furthermore, the awe-inspiring view presents the fascinating nature’s value which reveals remarkably the highest degree of creation. Watching the sunset in different places around the world, the changing color of sun rays done in an extra ordinary setting; overlooking the ocean, within the sight of urban world and rock formations, sunlit sea and beach setting, cool breeze and winter spots, beautiful coastlines and elegant-architectural background hence, giving the perfect spot to capture such a wonderful view of nature.

The average of temperature are very different around the world, we have different timezone. Other countries has 4 seasons and others are not. When summer comes, Philippines is a blessing to see the sun sets almost everyday with a few barrier problems. In far month of the world, the sun never sets in mid-summer. In winter, the sun remains below and darkness will lasts for a period of 2 months. Other countries, sun sets at midnight other areas will experience 24 hours daylight and 24 hours darkness.

The remarkable and impressive photos of sunset taken from places around the world will give a a better appreciation on how sunset looks like in other places. The peacefulness and vibrant beauty commands a spectacular site with its own features that goes well with the beauty of the landscape.

22 Magnificent sunsets from around the world

(Click on all images to view larger)

Orlando Sanford Airport- Florida, United States


Sunset taken on board a vessel Suez Canal, Egypt


Taghit South of Algeria


Sunset Taken in the Strait of Malacca, Indonesia on board a vessel


Pavilla Hill, Tim Hau, Hongkong


Pontian Johor, Malaysia


Hangzhou, China


River City Bangkok Thailand


Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney NSW, Australia


Ciudad Mante Tamaulipas Mexico


Heritage Village Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates


Milan, Italy


Saebyeol Oreum,Jeju Island, Korea


Taipei Metropolitan Park,Taipei, Taiwan




Beach- Cox’s Bazar Beach, Bangladesh


 Islamabad, Pakistan


Persian Gulf, Iran




Kerala, India


Karbi Anglong, Assam


Cliff Jump Site Nasugbu, Batangas Philippines

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