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Panoramic View of Sun Moon Lake

February 14, 2019

The beautiful view of Sun Moon Lake from the balcony of our hotel room, the lake appears remarkably close when viewed from the top of Miracolo View Hotel. Sun Moon Lake is one of the finest and most frequently visited tourist attraction in Taiwan.

The semi-circular landscape of Sun Moon Lake looks like a brilliant blue crescent in the morning, the ferry boats, nearby green mountains and lakeside trees reflected on a still morning and that makes the most beautiful attractions here in Nantou.

Miracolo View Hotel, this lakefront hotel is 2 km from Shuishe Lakeside Trail and 6 km from Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village. In here, you’ll enjoy the fantastic view of the sunrise over the lake of mist, blue clouds and surrounding mountains. It was already late afternoon when we arrived here, we got a welcome Christmas treat, a handful of sweet goodies and chocolates from the hotel management. What a beautiful tradition ! Thank you so much!

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