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Hi! I’m Mari!  My blog is all about the Beauty of Life; Food, Science and Technology, Wildlife, Photography, Fashion, Events, Culture, Tradition, Travel, and Adventure. Definitely, it’s a lifestyle blog.

In here, You’ll discover the things I love most and passionate about, I usually focus on more educational and informative topics expressing my own thoughts using my own words, honest ideas, and statements. Included also here are my collection of facts and dreams with beautiful photographs to make it visible for your inspiration and browsing pleasure.

In addition, all photos serves as a support to see and understand details of what is clearly being described, this is  to share reality and speak from experience whether, it is something new or unfamiliar, one thing I can assure you, not articles that have been retold many times  and my  website serves to store my thoughts and ideas. Of course, a photograph can speak for itself but the author can simply fill up the missing part of it.

I feel great to share with you not only my interesting articles but also to inspire you viewing  spectacular and timeless photos. Here’s inviting you to read my articles about  the Migratory birds with my conservation message and that serves as my lifelong dedication and contribution to wildlife.

Social Media: Live, Life and Love Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram, Feel free to share it! I will also welcome positive and negative comments, there’s a comment box after each post down there for you. Thank you to all viewers and readers for the positive feedback.Thanks for visiting my website.

@Copyright  All rights reserved All articles fully illustrated throughout with photographs and informative texts. No part of my work may be reproduced, photocopying, and recording any photos and information storage without any written permission from the author. 

 Note:  If there is any oversight may have been made is unintentional and will be corrected.  If there is any resemblance to any actual place, events, locales or persons is entirely coincidental.

 Posting schedule: 3 to 4x a week. If you have concerns and suggestions, I want to hear from you.
  1. hello Mari,
    i accidentally came across your link/blog while looking into the San Jacinto Seminary Alumni Association Portal where your picture of the seminary was posted by one of the members because today is the seminary day, a very special day for all of us who have connections with the seminary.
    i deeply appreciate your write up and pictures of the seminary, i wish you could do some more especially featuring the activities during seminary day
    i am now based in Boac, Marinduque, a place where the beauty of nature could still be experienced.
    given a chance, please visit the place

    1. Thanks for the invitation, I’ll try to visit San Jacinto Seminary again soon,too many workloads hanging.. I did not visit this post SJS for such a long time date published Oct. 2013, How fast time flies! Gener how i wish to update this blog but i don’t have any back-up pictures,if you can provide me updated pics of recent activities there for the meantime,would be better.Thanks for visiting my website Gener and God Bless Us All! More Power SJS !

  2. Thank you blogger! I love the content of your website, so much so much inspiration from your blogs thank you for sharing and keep giving us your more and more interesting articles.

  3. I’m your fan and you’ve got Excellent blog, very interesting and informative. I can stay all day and all night just reading your blog. It’s superinteresting. Thanks for sharing !

  4. So many interesting things in one place! All the materials is so fascinating. I’m inspired of this blog and come here very often. Thank you for your work. Waiting for new articles.

  5. Hello, Mari!
    I just love your blog, your posts inspire me!
    That’s inspiration. Inspiring other bloggers is what you should aim for, so if you’re inspiring me (or others), you’re right on track! 🙂

  6. Hey, It’s amazing! You covered all important topics at one place. It’s great Idea. Keep posting kind of blog. I am looking forward for your next blog. Keep it up. Keep inspiring others.

  7. Hey, It’s amazing! You covered all important topics at one place. It’s great Idea. Keep posting kind of blog. I am looking forward for your next blog. Keep it up. Keep inspiring others.

  8. Thank you for sharing great blog. I loved it. You brought all things at one place like lounge. Great Idea! Looking forward for next. Keep growing and inspiring people.

  9. Keep up the great work. You have such a inspirational blog. I love your content and the way you use your blog. Look forward to seeing more of your great work xx

  10. You shoot like more than a professional. I often stop here to view photos and reading your exciting articles. Thanks for sharing with us. Hope u will share your links..,

  11. I love your blog. ♡
    Very dedicated, informative and inspiring. I hang in here before bedtime. Thanks for sharing great stories with us , your avid readers!

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