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I’ve been blogging for decades and I post 2-3x a week. My website is a collection of my thoughts and ideas, the photos are included to help readers visualize and comprehend the information being provided. I write about things I’ve personally experienced so you can rest assured that I’m not rehashing old information. Despite the fact that a picture is worth a thousand words, descriptions are required for clarity.

It gives me great pleasure to provide you with fascinating articles but also spectacular and timeless  photos to serve as sources of inspiration. In this way, I hope you’ll take the time to read some of the articles I’ve written about migratory birds, in which I share the conservation message that has guided my entire life.

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Conservation Message

Egrets – The Migratory Birds

(My message regarding environmental protection that I want to get across)

When I decided to cover this topic, it was unmistakably with the intention of educating others as well as expanding our own knowledge regarding the splendor and sensitivity of nature. The intention of our comprehension and consciousness is to save the lovely birds, the “Egrets” . When I get the itch to start a new project, I usually concentrate on making it more educational and informative by expressing my sincere opinions and perspectives. I have a soft spot in my heart for the birds and made the decision to help improve their quality of life. I want to share my expectations, my hopes and dreams for them. My goal is to put an end and refuse to tolerate ignorance particularly regarding the killing of egrets so that this species does not go extinct. My hopes and dreams for them include setting them free and spending eternity with them. I really hope that these will convince us of the importance of preserving nature and now is the time to put in some serious effort to save the egrets.

Despite the fact that people make mistakes quite frequently, none of us wishes for animals to be in pain. We, the current generation, the youth of today are going to keep on serving and saving them. I want to make it perfectly clear that I do not intend to use animals as a means of educating people, it is our duty as human beings to show compassion and care for all living things.

Because of human activity, a number of magnificent species have unfortunately become extinct in their former habitats. Now, the sightings of the migratory birds, the magnificent Egrets in Malaysia and Philippines serve as a reminder to the rest of the world about the role that humans play as stewards of the planet earth. It is imperative that we do not give up on our responsibility to protect and preserve the environment if we want to prevent the extinction of species like the egrets, which would follow in the footsteps of other creatures whose survival depended on human intervention.

I have high hopes that we will be able to contribute in our own unique way to protect migratory birds. I hope that my children and the children of my children’s children will be able to appreciate the beauty of egrets for a very long time after my generation has gone.

Contribute to the preservation and restoration of critical habitats for endangered and diminishing migratory and endemic species. Participate in important campaigns to reduce the risks that birds face. The hunting of egrets for their feathers was a threat, but a greater danger came from the destruction of their habitat and from pollution.

My Best Regards, Thank you!

  1. hello Mari,
    i accidentally came across your link/blog while looking into the San Jacinto Seminary Alumni Association Portal where your picture of the seminary was posted by one of the members because today is the seminary day, a very special day for all of us who have connections with the seminary.
    i deeply appreciate your write up and pictures of the seminary, i wish you could do some more especially featuring the activities during seminary day
    i am now based in Boac, Marinduque, a place where the beauty of nature could still be experienced.
    given a chance, please visit the place

    1. Thanks for the invitation, I’ll try to visit San Jacinto Seminary again soon,too many workloads hanging.. I did not visit this post SJS for such a long time date published Oct. 2013, How fast time flies! Gener how i wish to update this blog but i don’t have any back-up pictures,if you can provide me updated pics of recent activities there for the meantime,would be better.Thanks for visiting my website Gener and God Bless Us All! More Power SJS !

    2. Hi Mari! We enjoyed reading yourwrite up about Piat. May i know from what barangay you were born and raised?

      1. Hello Mayora! Long time no see. Welcome to Live Life and Love website! I want my fellow Piatinians to know that I’m from Centro Piat and Sambali is fast approaching.Thank you for visiting my website and for your good comment. Mabuhay people of Piat, more developments, more blogs. Promise!
        I’m also happy that my website is searchable on google. Thank you, Thank you so much!

        1. Hi Mari! Mayor Black Villacete is very pleased and appreciative in your article and would like to meet you someday.
          He is extending his best regards and if you don’t mind pls PM him your family name and your residence here in Piat. Tnx
          God bless you!

          1. Good Morning Mayora! Sure I wil l! He will be surprised to know me, the truth is I’m a close friend of mayor, a relative and he’s a former schoolmate of mine way back (UM) years ago. Of course he knows me very well, it’s just that I’m using a pen name that no one knows the real one. Thanks mayora, I will pm both of you and your sister, a grade school barkada and classmate Maritess. missing you all, see you all tonight… Sorry for my late reply.. 30th Sambali 2019 Blog coming up next.

  2. Thank you blogger! I love the content of your website, so much so much inspiration from your blogs thank you for sharing and keep giving us your more and more interesting articles.

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  5. Hello, Mari!
    I just love your blog, your posts inspire me!
    That’s inspiration. Inspiring other bloggers is what you should aim for, so if you’re inspiring me (or others), you’re right on track! 🙂

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  7. Hey, It’s amazing! You covered all important topics at one place. It’s great Idea. Keep posting kind of blog. I am looking forward for your next blog. Keep it up. Keep inspiring others.

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  12. IHello Mari! I usually i do not comment on blogs but yours is impressive, I really like your blog! You rocks!

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