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Winter Sunset of Alishan

March 13, 2019

Mesmerizing Winter Sunset of Alishan

We had been told by our Chinese friends prior to us going to Alishan that we must visit Ali Mountain to see the sunrise and the winter sunset late afternoon. The moment I heard it, I was excited as it sounded so appealing to me. I couldn’t wait to see it.

We’re halfway there, the long 4.5 hour road journey going to Alishan, we passed by dangerous cliff-side pathway. When I opened the van window, cold winds blowing through and I’m scared of heights down there. It looks like we’re passing through the edge of the cliff but what amazed me, radiance of bright yellow-orange light reflections brightens the surrounding area. I never expect to see the radiance of light along the way, the length of time traveling, I realized it was already sunset time. I have missed to check detailed information about sunset time of my location but the sky looks favorable. I asked the driver to slow down as it is impossible to stop, we’re passing through dangerous spot but still I managed to capture few photos while inside the van. Of course, not all photos turn out to be this good, these are just a few of the selected ones.

Capturing the Colors of Twilight

It is extremely a rewarding activity to capture the colors of twilight from dusk till dawn. These two great subjects of photography are my timely favorites.

Photography Location: Alishan Chiayi County, Taiwan

Great experience to watch the winter sunset as it descend below the western horizon at the end of the day.

Late afternoon glow.

Sunset with the background of red maple trees.

Alishan’s visit was a lasting experience, I was bit lucky to capture the glorious sunrise and the beautiful sunset.

Sun Moon Lake Ropeway next post…

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