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Fascinating Sunset of Today

By on April 14, 2017

I love photography, the course of capturing interesting subjects day to day in a more meaningful way, just shows my skill of dedication. Sunset is still the best subject to touch when it comes to the beauty of nature. I’ve tried all various camera angle shots at almost the same sundown time on different locations to create dramatic and magnificent shots. This will require lots of work but I’m willing to exert more effort to be back and capture the same subject at the same time on different day to compare the difference. Somehow, surprising differences  will surely comes out because the clouds formation and weather plays a big role here.





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My Indoor and Outdoor Photography | Travel and Adventure

Tali Beach, Nasugbu Batangas

By on February 10, 2017

Travel Highlights and Adventure

It looks so pretty, pleasant and peaceful inside the Tali Subdivision, Island outing this time has gone far better. I was talking about our latest adventure last December, this was pretty darn cool! With just a two and a half drive away from the south capital of Manila in the province of Batangas is a small town of Nasugbu facing the waters of South China Sea. From all levels, Nasugbu as one of the several diving sites in the Philippines has plenty to offer not only to divers but also to tourists and water sport fanatics as well. Best enough to enjoy lingering around, cliff diving, scuba, snorkeling, speed boating and the beaches are enough interesting sites considering the calm pristine waters, abundance of flying fishes, beautiful shells and white corals, sea stars and some exotic species to name a few.. Once you get there, there’s a lot more to surprise you and a lot more to be discovered. Nasugbu is blessed with endless coastlines stretching in all directions, many beautiful scenes to behold, great diving destination and swimming areas.

Tali Subdivision

Activities to do:

Inside the private and friendly community, these are the things to try while on vacation: Personal gadgets seems to be very useful to this point, ready! focus! and click! Just a bit review…

  1.  Sunset Viewing                              

    Along Sunset Drive recognized as one of the best places to watch the sunset. Closer distance, we spotted the flying fishes and migratory birds atop cliff side. With a peaceful and serene atmosphere, sun ray’s sparkling off the gentle waves turned into a sparking multi-colored diamonds. Sunset drive is a welcome sight to watch the sunset.

The scenery is breathtaking from atop. Glancing towards us, sun still drifting along with trailing pink red and blue and orange ribbons of light. It feels like I’m so close to nature, it was a Magnificent sunset!

You can enjoy sipping a cold drinks while watching the sunset with romantic tune playing on your phone, we’ve all been here the whole afternoon till day ends, the thrill of watching the sunset as it descends in the horizon is a memorable experience especially if you are with your loved ones.

2. Cliff Jumping, Scuba Diving and Water Sports

For scuba, a lush of underwater world attractions that features; coral reefs, cauliflower-shaped and pink corals, sea shells, abundance of lion fishes, scorpion fishes stingrays and sharks.

Soft corals washed ashore by strong waves and currents.

For water Sports- Jet skis, Speed boats, Luxury yachts, Banana boats

Cliff Jump Site, Nasugbu, Batangas

An amazing brownstone arising dramatically intended for cliff jumping, the large brown rock formation created by nature.

 3. Leisurely Morning and Afternoon Strolling

A favorite way to begin a day around Cliff jump site park. The sun rose bright and full warm as the favorable wind refreshes our mood. Overlooking the coastlines below, the quiet greenery of palm trees and mountains, flying fishes jumping over the water, speed boats and jet skis crossing around ships.

Top view of the island is the highest peak, nevermind climbing steeply up and down, the steep hillside that leads to the panoramic view of the sunset, you can view the heavy slopes but with a well-manicured landscape and a gentle refreshing breeze to cool your photography mood.

4. Outstanding Sightings

At a distance, we spotted a beautiful vacation house with a fascinating landscape, it’s a seaside paradise, the sun greeted me with a full bright sunshine smile to see it.

Seaside architecture and an extraordinary home by the sea. Breathtakingly beautiful setting!

Twin Island

A privately owned island, two large rocks jutting up out of the sea. Overlooking the two coastal rock formations, it was a twin island arising in the middle of the sea.

Bat cave

Beautiful formation of the cave  and it’s also a popular site.

5. Boat Riding

The big boat can accommodate 16 people but with only 5 aboard heading to Munting Buhangin carrying members of the family from Tali beach experiencing full force of wind and heavy waves but was replaced by excitement when we passed by Fortune island and Twin Islands. After some safety instructions, the boat provides safety life jacket, all very necessary.

The 45 minutes riding was a pleasurable one as we sees the passing speed boats,luxury yachts, colorful sailboats, and other passing watercrafts. What a relaxing expression from our faces to see 50 yards ahead of us, I could see the pristine white beach, this could be the place,”Munting Buhangin”

 5. Discovering new species

Walking around the island, I was pretty scared to see all these particular species, they’re supposed to be incredibly rare in most places. This is real interesting, I haven’t seen one like this before. I think, this is water centipede, it was huge and incredibly long crawling near the rocky bit of corals.

Water centipede

How about this one? A black dead eel washed ashore by strong waves.

Floral-shaped corals and sea shells

Soft corals of different kinds


Crab cave

6. Beautiful Beaches/ Calm waters/Breathtaking views

All beaches located inside Tali subdivision;Main beach, Marina beach,Palm Beach, Secret beach, Barrier beach and Sunset beach. Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen protection.

Main Beach

It’s so quiet and peaceful with few inhabitants around, it was just five minutes walk from the place where we are staying but the rugged slopes made me tired climbing up and down.

Main Beach

The good setting is is just as also beautiful to spot the sunset. It is accessible to all points.

If you are lucky to catch the annual Tali Beach Concert Festival, your stay would even be more memorable.


Sunset Beach

Marina Beach

Pleasant sea breeze ominously cool. Speedboats are common that can be seen around. Plenty of sea shells, star fishes and eel can be spotted around.

It was a perfect afternoon at Marina beach, water is cold and refreshing.

Beautiful setting of Marina Beach

Nasugbu offers a wide range of outing possibilities deciding which area to choose for a  reasonable and financial considerations. Far sites that you may also want to visit, can be reached by boat  or car 20-30 minutes away.

Munting Buhangin Beach Camp


A kilometer stretch of white sand beach that can suit 5,000 people with choices of exclusive and semi-exclusive accommodation.

Munting Buhangin Beach Camp


Punta Fuego


Pico De Loro Beach Resort

Other beaches in Nasugbu; Sumo Bank– suited for professional divers, Canyon Cove Beach Club, Fortune Island Resort these are just a few to mention…


Underwater Attraction Delights (Batangas) : Where to Dive?

Sumo Bank it is said to be suited for more professional divers, among other features; cauliflower-shaped corals with sharks roaming around.

Anilao Favorite dive spots and birthplace of Philippine scuba. The favorite photo spot for photographers is the Cathedral Rock with vibrant colorful reef fish.

Fortune Island – Just like the Twin Island, the most famous dive-sites  a privately owned island. Blue holes, one particular area features sweet lips, parrot fishes, angelfishes butterfly-fishes, squid and cattle fishes. You can also spot the remains of the old freighter 20 meters underwater.

Puerto Galera and Verde Island a common dive spots to see the remains of the keel of Spanish Galleon but was also kept and preserved in National Museum. You can see here large cascading white coral shells, anemones, mantas, eagle rays and white-blacktip sharks.

Sunken Bootythe northern part of Twin island, not so beautiful but hides artefacts from a long time ago sunken galleon, remains of rope and anchor still existing.

Pinnacles and Point, Sombrero Island, PADI Dive Center and Maya-Maya Reef Resort, a popular one is also worth a try..

Where to stay?

An ideal choice of ours to fit our needs daily with a very reasonable price, Jo and Johnny’s Beach and Dive Inn inside Tali Subdivision, Nasugbu is a temporary home that will give you the comfort, we occupied the top floor level, it’s a home you’ll call it, mine!

Jo and Johnny’s Beach and Dive Inn

It’s my family’s choice for a comfortable home stay. The two-storey house situated  inside  an exclusive Tali subdivision that guarantees to a safer community with hospitable people around. It’s fully fitted and furnished that includes; air conditioned bedroom, 2 bathroom with hot and cold water, dining  room, living room, tv, lounge, fully equipped kitchen( ref, microwave, toaster, oven, cooking utensils) balcony overlooking the outdoor swimming pool with a sun deck, Wi-fi is only available in the dining area, no wi-fi inside the room. Main beach, Palm beach and Marina is just a 10 minutes walk away.

Contact: Sea Shell Drive Tali Beach Nasugbu, Batangas, Philippines

(+632) 807-3416


Beach water sports;  Speed boats can be rented, Banana boats, Jet skis, Kayaks to mention just a few..

 Good Food and Where’s it Found?

Best Restaurants: Kainan sa Dalampasigan, Pico Sand Restaurant and El Cocinero Restaurant. Try Bulalo as the main specialty of Batangas. Outside Batangas, make a brief stop to try my favorite> Antonio’s Restaurant, serves the best foods in Tagaytay,So far, the best I’ve ever tasted.

Local Snacks/ Pasalubong to Bring Home:

Another cravings; make a quick stop at Rowena’s Tagaytay, I love the Blueberry, Mango and Strawberry Tarts, comes a lot of different flavors. Surprising sweets, our favorite purchase, pick up a pack of Sylvanas, Yemas and Pastillas as well.

Nasugbu was a very happy experience for us. Batangas may not be the top of your choice of tourists attractions  unlike Baguio, Palawan, Boracay and Cebu but the chance to enjoy leisurely swimming nearby, 7 beaches inside Tali subdivision, the water sports, taste of rural life, good photography spot to snap panoramic photos, deep blue sea, fine white sand, good landscape and clean surroundings. Most of all, you’ll fine true hospitality while dealing with the people around Nasugbu.

Before retiring to bed, what a good night sleep to hear the sounds of crickets and other night insects. For me, it’s like music to my ears! Of course, all good moments must come to an end, this whole island adventure will really be something to tell everyone back home. Summer is coming and fast approaching, another adventure would take place in weeks time, How cool is that?

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Honeybee- Photo of the Day

By on January 10, 2016

With too many photos taken today, I’m sure to find one good before the end of the day. This is it, considered as the most dramatic photo of the day. This honeybee photo was taken during my outdoor photography assignment. It’s about sundown when I took it, the fascinating orange and yellow colors of sundown seems to blend with the surroundings. The site and background can be laid out as the spectacular time of the day.

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Sunset is a Peaceful Expression of Nature

By on July 2, 2015

11082589_1586535861602496_2513432937105950980_n copy


I’ve found a good space where I can call my own for a brief moment, it was an area refreshing free of photographing the sun as it sinks  in the horizon. I love the whole setting! I love the the view of the rice field with the birds flying around.

Upon watching the sun as it descend, I was listening to my favorite classical music,”Human” by Christina Perry.I felt the calming effect reducing my stress. It’s a double relaxation,you can just imagine the power of music while watching the beauty of sundown altogether, is a perfect compliment to make my mood somewhat, happy, this is a much needed break away from the buzz of the city.My new sunset description? It is the food of nature that will promote a peaceful thought.

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San Jacinto Seminary Visit

By on October 18, 2013

San Jacinto Seminary ( Alimanao Bridge, Peñablanca) Included in the list as one of the Roman Catholic Seminaries in the world.

Me and my sister visited Cagayan Valley lately, there were 2 reasons for our visit; one is to attend the funeral of our aunt and to visit our hometown. I was very happy to meet my relatives I haven’t seen for long years,they all look younger than ever before our last meeting. It was a big welcome and celebration for us.We chatted and shared stories for long hours. Once again,I’m back to my roots. The second day, We went to visit my 2 nephews currently studying in San Jacinto Seminary.

San Jacinto seminary  is located in Tuguegarao city. A peaceful seminary that sits on top of the mountain with a scenic view of the hills, huge farms  and the beautiful sunset. What a stunning scenery to view! You can even feel the refreshing pressure of the mountain breeze on top.

I thought it was a regular school day,there was a major activity to be celebrated during that time. It was the  ”Year of the Faith”, it was the ”First novena of the feast day of San Jacinto.” We attended the evening mass celebrated by Rev. Fr. Bernard B.Corpus, present rector of San Jacinto Seminary.The two new formators, Rev. Fr. Julius Teano as the Prefect of Discipline and Rev. Fr. Brien Catabay as the Spiriual Director and with them is Msgr. Henry Singayan.

I was very proud to see my  nephew (Buddy) who plays the piano during the mass. Buddy’s younger brother EJ was well-behaved too. After that,we got the chance to gather for a quick snack although, with a very limited time. I guess,we need to follow the rules of the seminary,we only stayed in the areas designated for parents and visitors.We brought pizza,crispy fried chicken,pastries,chocolates,assorted candies and a lot more to be shared.No problem about the drinks,the cold drinks is always available in the canteen. The food we brought there was a variety of healthy intakes.For all of us, it was a bonding opportunity for moral growth as far as value formation is concerned.

I was impressed and so much to say about this Seminary. I want to share my views about it and due to this reason, I want to publish it right away. I was so impressed on how the seminarians behave, well-disciplined and mentally alert. Sometimes, We give credit to the school’s reputation for the quality education and discipline.

(Click on images to view larger)

IMG_7657 copy

The aerial view of San Jacinto Seminary. It was bit dark and cloudy, rain is about to come when I took this shot . (Sorry for this picture,it was a bit blurry)

10959772_1563608143895268_6672739203753754613_n copy

San Jacinto Seminary

11426_1563610130561736_2299237737275785239_n copy


IMG_7536 copy

Shots taken around 5 pm.

IMG_7420 copy

We arrived before 5 in the afternoon. The way going through reaching the top,it was a hill climb.

IMG_7539 copy

Like most catholic devotions, attending mass is an obligation. I have observed many things; how the seminarians politely greeted the visitors around, how they prepared the altar, as it was well organized. The venue was filled with seminarians and parents.

.IMG_7602 copy

San Jacinto Seminary Chapel where the evening mass was held.

IMG_7654 copy

During the mass, it was quiet and solemn.The seminarians sings with the accompaniment of the piano that filled the whole area. You can even feel the presence of God.

Note:  (I don’t attempt to disturb and take forbidden shots. This shot was captured far behind the glass window)

DSC08200 copy

The 3 brothers; Buddy,Ej and Lanz. (Buddy and Ej with their school uniform) I’m sure,Lanz the youngest in the family would be the next,he will also be a seminarian soon. San Jacinto Seminary is a blessing for my 2 nephews. It is a good framework with a good sense of direction for them.I guess my brother will not regret sending his 2 sons to this seminary.

IMG_7542 copy

I was also impressed to see the cleanliness and orderliness of the school campus.

IMG_7517 copy

Sports yard

IMG_7541 copy

 Cleanliness around the whole campus.

IMG_7545 copy

 This is how they manage their waste. The sun ray pointing to the definite subject of cleanliness.   There’s a huge container to dispose empty cans and bottles. Everything was in order. There’s a definite place to store the biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste. The awareness of the environment,the universal motto of the environmentalists, Reduce,Reuse,Recycle that a student must know to save mother earth.

IMG_7473 copy

The very supportive parents; Marte and Elvie  giving some reminders during their Sunday visit. Always there to respond to all the needs of the 2 boys.Perhaps,Its a responsibility ,commitment and expectations building the hopes and dreams of their children.

733772_3939953517372_414710084_n copy


DSC08190 copy

It’s time to enjoy the hot pizza!

DSC08187 copy

Today’s favorite is Pizza that goes well with our favorite drinks too.

DSC08185 copy

The Crispy fried chicken is yummy too!

DSC08199 copy

This is a funny thing ! While eating,an uninvited guests showed up. Dog’s sense of smell when it comes to food is powerful. I guess,we have to bond with them too. If I value friendship with the school then I will also value friendship with animals as well.I just have to include them here.


Here’s the other one. Got 2 dogs now. It’s dalmatian dog appeared while photographing the sunset. I just have to include him as it wants it that way together with the view of the sunset.Funny,isn’t it?

Other shots taken during our visit

IMG_7679 copy

The 2 brothers; Buddy and Ej

IMG_7675 copy


DSC08141 copy


IMG_7469 copy


IMG_7872 copy

Buddy with the view of the sunset.

IMG_7873 copy

The sunset descending in the horizon. Down there,you can see the vast vegetation,the mountains and the hills. It was a beautiful landscape down there. People in Cagayan enjoys all the advantages of having large farms and vegetation.

IMG_7865 copy

One memorable shot was the beautiful sunset taken behind the San Jacinto Seminary building! It was glorious and beautiful !I’ve taken few shots of sunset during my visit there. It was already published earlier than this.

So far, I was exhausted doubled with mixed feeling of happiness and loneliness. I was happy to meet old friends and relatives but, at the same time,I was so sad because of the sudden death of my aunt.

My Message to All Seminarians,

Just like me too,as a former Paulinian, A good impression of the school is very important.I never forget the school that raised me to become one and now, a blogger. Make sure to remember all the glorious  4 years of high school life in San Jacinto Seminary.Learn to start a brighter outlook inner and outer side of you. Soon, you will accomplish something bigger that will give you a brighter future that more than your hearts  and mind have dreamed about. Your four years stay in the seminary would be worth remembering to be the best years of your life.

Thank you very much and May God bless you all !


All pictures was taken during my Cagayan tour. It’s quiet a long blog with 918 words and 25 pictures all in all.

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