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Beautiful Sunrise Over the Clouds

By on November 30, 2018

With every sunset, there is also sunrise, top 5 among the world’s most photographed subjects of photography. Up close and personal, I have managed to capture the sunrise over the clouds from an airplane window while heading to Bali, Indonesia. Early morning flight schedule gave me the opportunity to capture the beautiful sunrise. At such a fast rate of speed, so quickly to rush, only just a moment to enjoy the sunrise.

My first experience to capture the early morning light that signals the beginning of the day. Up high looking down from an airplane window, it seems the trees and mountains looks so very small but I’m enjoying the stunning valley floor most splendid when the fog fills the meadows and drapes the surrounding cliffs and sentinel peaks.

The incoming sunrise

Blanket of clouds at sunrise, it’s a worthy wonders of nature.

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My Indoor and Outdoor Photography | Travel and Adventure

The Scenic Piat Hill

By on November 9, 2018

Piat sign is now a prominent Itawes landmark that offers a scenic view of the town. The awe-inspiring scenery above the hill attracts many visitors, the view on top is spectacular!

For a dramatic setting, go during twilight hours, the skyline is quiet colorful and vibrant overlooking the Basilica Minore Nuestra Senora De Piat belfry, Chico river and the towering mountains down to the beautiful Black water Lagoon.

The arrival of new development in Piat, you’ll be energized by its variety of offerings and new attractions. Piat Cagayan is the land of the religious and hospitable people.

Thank you mayor for your consistent efforts and hard work. Municipal Mayor of Piat Atty. Carmelo Villacete

Stairs and trails leading to the hilltop

Aerial view from the top of Piat hill

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My Indoor and Outdoor Photography | Travel and Adventure

Photography Elements and Application

By on May 28, 2018

Even the simplest things in life, we photographed the sunrise and sunset from the beginning of day to the end. Others in between, we also photographed landscape, people, events, site of natural disasters, wildlife, beauty spots, war photos and forensic matters, just to name a few..  

I would like to begin outdoors. Outdoor photography is so much fun, much more to take interesting subjects of life and nature as we observed much about what’s happening around, about people, places and things. Through photographs, it has the power to show us the real images much more to understand life itself.

Following my own photography assignment everyday, I cannot go out without my camera, (Smart phone as one good option) it’s already a part of long time ago up to the present. I’ve captured a handful scenes of summer indoor and outdoor photography, these pictures includes landscape, vacation scenes, wildlife snapshots done in  a bright and foggy condition. The result of each or the outcome depends upon the weather condition  and time of the day.

Of all images, one best memorable shot goes to the bearer, surely this would be the  best advantage to see full transformation. To document yourself as part of your own personal record, you may start it from the beginning of life up to aged and soon.. never to mention the end of time. If you have images from birth up to the present, all photographs serves as a personal history record of your transformation from day one to the end of time. I’m sure the long years of collecting pictures would be your long lived effort as you fade with the time.

Photography is a process in which an image is produced by the action of visible light and it is also a learning process as you go on with it. In the past, I’ve discovered something about insect behavior that wasn’t even written in any book, I can see by myself now the value of what I’m doing, it will give more understanding and information as it also serves as add on to the things I’ve already learned from the past.

Here are the images taken lately, I would like to begin with images done outdoors in a broad daylight followed by nightlight. Other photos, from dawn to dusk.

A wide freedom to choose the best subject to shoot. Whatever the subject, all photographs tends to create a different mood upon seeing it. May it be remarkable, beautiful, romantic, magnificent, lonely setting or a gloomy one. I don’t have gloomy images here but I’m 100% sure astronomer has it. A photo is not always at its best but to admire and appreciate is just a matter of personal taste.

Some photographs here fully done in horizontal format, holding the camera horizontally is much easier than vertical one, I’m sure we all know the basic functions. It all depends, horizontal format is good for landscape photos however, vertical format suggests high rise buildings and a tower.

Sports photography

Flyboarding Jumeirah Dubai ( Hydro water sports) an amazing water show but extremely a dangerous stunt. Picture above and my present featured image are the rarest to capture.

3-D Photography (Three-dimentional) the art and beauty appeared to be natural. Most feared photo but I admired.

Underwater Photography Puerto Galera Oriental Mindoro

Meet my model subject: the Snorkelers  HJ and GGG

The most challenging photography because you need to be a good diver and photographer at the same time. It’s very hard to keep camera steady underwater,You can only get successful pictures if the visibility is good. Points to consider;  clear water and sunny day is the most favorable from 10 am to 1 pm

Night Photography

Capturing beautiful fireworks exploding in night sky of Manila Bay. Photo taken during the  Philippine International Pyromusical Competition at SM Mall of Asia Complex.

Photography Above Ground

These 2 photos was actually captured from airplane window during a flight from Sydney Australia. It takes a great deal of luck to photograph from aircraft  as you know photographing through a plastic window degrades the quality. I’m lucky to have both the bright sky clouds and the sunset, cool!

Capturing the sunset through a plastic window of an aircraft. You can clearly see here the beautiful colors of the sun above dark clouds. A very rare chance to capture these 2 photos from above.

Landscape photography

Sydney Harbour Bridge is a wide steel arch bridge. Below Harbour Bridge is the Sydney Opera House and from the left is Luna Park, the 3 most popular Sydney attractions. Photo taken at Sydney, Australia

Beside the West Lake in Hangzhou, China. Famous West Lake is a man-made lake located in the city proper of Hangzhou,

St. Jerome Parish Church of  Morong, Rizal is a beautiful example of Baroque architecture. Photography to be the old traces of the past is very much alive!

Gigantic Monkey Statue of Isdaan Floating Restaurant Calauan, Laguna

Thailand scene in the Philippines, the Giant Statue of Isdaan Floating Restaurant Calauan, Laguna,

A good example of Chinese temple architecture. Hwa Chong Temple of Buddha is a Buddhist temple place of worship.

Reflections of the sunset through my pineapple juice is a very dramatic element at sunset time. Photo taken at Cloud Nine Antipolo city

Basilica de San Martin de Tours is Asia’s largest church and the oldest Church in Taal, Batangas. I took this aerial view of Basilica from the Bell Tower.

The beauty of Boracay, the most photographed beach in the Philippines and was awarded ”Traveler’s Choice 2011”  This photo of beautiful beach as shown with detailed effects, the shadow of the 2 girls from the clear water. Photo taken at Boracay Island, Aklan Philippines

Sunset photography

The beautiful Harbour view sunset Harbor view Roxas Boulevard Manila. Best spot to capture the sunset.

The lone fisherman sitting on a rock is a lonely feature as the background tends to be a gloomy atmosphere. The broad and lonely setting will change your mood.  Photo taken during our Manila Bay Cruise, Sun Cruises, Manila

Gondola ride at Venice Grand Canal Mall, McKinley Hill, Taguig City. Truly a grand and elegant mall.

The easiest to capture Marvel Super hero. If you are a fan of super heroes from the comic book, you will love this! This is an old parade standby platform. Picture taken during one of my morning visit to the Butterfly Garden of Rainforest Park.

What should I do when I get bored? Well, I will continue to pursue my hobby, I will shoot the carpenter bees, they are the easiest and nearest to home but if I’m busy, admittedly, I will miss the precise schedule of my daily routine.

After hot summer and here comes the rainy days,I’m running out of time to complete all images for publishing, need to maximize more time. My patience is being tested to do all these things. Doing all these things to give justice to all beautiful things in life, I’m recording it to preserve such moments. I’m sure, my efforts is no great deal goes to waste. I wish to show sharp edges and fine details, quality pictures is very important to document reality of life.

Drop a note to brighten my day!
Thank you! 

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My Indoor and Outdoor Photography | Travel and Adventure

Ice Castle

By on January 20, 2015

10888807_1547399995516083_5720789552613791307_n copy

Ice Castle

Along the way going to Tagaytay City, we made a quick stop because I saw this towering ice castle across the street. Over-looking from afar, it was beautiful and Translucent.The Ice Castle is a magical winter tale of Valenza by Crown Asia. The Valenza -Crown Asia in Sta. Rosa Laguna  is a popular subdivisions with Italian architectural features.

Approaching from behind is the vivid reflections of the sunset that made the landscape more radiant and flashy.This is a serious Holiday landscape dressing up for the season followed with street signs. You can see the presence of frozen lake, polar bears, Santa  with Carousel, winter deer, Christmas trees  and Ice castle.The outfit of the landscape is a winter zone setting that happens to be in the flat farmlands of the city.

It would be more nicer if the aerial view was taken. From a far distance, it was almost perfect! I can just describe it as a traffic stopping landscape because of number of people taking pictures in front of the castle.

Let me show you a few of my snapshots

10422548_1547401268849289_1243699193044842663_n copy

 The winter deer. it looks like sled deer.

10885423_1547400028849413_4785357199417013795_n copy


10898316_1547400408849375_5191877833424610001_n copy

 The Towering Ice Castle

10906113_1547400458849370_7079329084978859587_n copy


10917825_1547400375516045_7116306874703199114_n copy

Santa with carousel

10418989_1547401145515968_2083762362522764898_n copy

Street Sign

Furthermore, the charms despite the southern woodland address spreads the cheer for the for the holiday spirit.

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My Indoor and Outdoor Photography | Travel and Adventure

Feeling of Love in Romantic Setting

By on April 11, 2014

IMG_5575 copy

Love feeling that takes place in romantic setting

Low clouds and afternoon mist provides dramatic effect before the sunset. A young man sitting alone serves to highlight the colorful shadow before sundown. What is the young man doing in this area? No one bothered him except me for a few moment chat with him. What brought you here? And he replied,”Just to see the sunset’’  What is so special about the sunset?  He answered, It gives refreshing mood away from hectic school schedules and assignments. 

For few questions, I’d like to get a possibility from him to open a love story but,I refrain myself from asking too many questions because it might be awkward to answer such things. There was no early arrangement made to interview since it was only a chance meeting. He was busy texting while talking. I guess, curiosity made me so, he’s here to release all his worries. After having him talked as he wished, he left holding his mobile on hand. With just a few steps away, He turned his back and said, I think, I’m already in love! Ohhh! that’s the point I’ve been waiting for…

How could you forget something just as for me to repeat his name as he walk away.. I can recall other details with the facts that came in the corner of just a short conversation.It seems to be a typical love story revolving around teenagers of today.

DSC07651 copy

An outdoor experience. A good setting where you can get more hours to refresh and think about what the next move.

IMG_5643 copy

Beautiful scenery, Manila Bay along Roxas Blvd.

IMG_5577 copy

I agree, this is the perfect place to relax but, if you ask me to relate the atmosphere here, I can just describe it as a lonely daybreak. I mean, at least, you must have a meaningful smile even if hectic school assignment arises! It’s just a part of education and for you to learn and grow up!

IMG_5578 copy

Looks like a solitaire but I don’t see any grim expression on his face.No matter what we go through life, to love and to be loved, it’s meant to make life worth living.

DSC07648 copy

Far from the buzz of the university crowd. Sometimes, It’s more calm and peaceful to be with yourself for awhile.

DSC07683 copy

Among my favorite places to go, I really believed this place is the best refreshing area that’s why I was also here at that time.

IMG_5648 copy

How wonderful to view the same area at this time of the day. It’s makes a big difference if you stay home and enclosed yourself to a room with only 4 wall corners to view every time. That would be very boring, isn’t it?

DSC07686 copy

Taken 30 minutes before the sunset.

IMG_5576 copy

This refreshing sight is a wonder of nature. If you see these scenic views you’ll forget all your worries and what lies beyond… It would be a meaningful experience to view the sunset. It will help you appreciate and understand Mother Nature. And you? How do you refresh yourself? and where?

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