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Tower Cranes on Site

By on October 20, 2016

Visiting construction sites to all parts of the city. While undergoing construction to these areas, I took few choice snapshots of the tower cranes, the load capacity is too heavy as shown. From the tower crane itself, towards the higher clouds background, you’ll view all different formation of clouds in the atmosphere; cirrus, cumulus, altostratus, stratus, cirrocumulus, nimbus to name a few. Other photos below with the presence of other formations like cirrocumulus, altostratus and stratus. The cirrocumulus and cirrus above 18.000 feet.

Note: Click on all images to view larger


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There is Always Tomorrow but Things You Can do for Today,Don’t leave it for Tomorrow

By on October 4, 2016

There is always tomorrow but things you can do for today must not be postponed for tomorrow because tomorrow is another day. For everyone seemed delaying things they can do for today, thinking tomorrow is always there. Of course, if you wake up is always another day and tomorrow comes next..

Saying tomorrow is a concept to delay things as tomorrow becomes an excuse to delay things, all task must be done right away after planning it.There must never been a disturbance to be interrupted because time is an essence. Don’t you know? tomorrow never ends. What you can do for today must be accomplished immediately, just do it now because time is running short .

For me, doing things for tomorrow is not an acceptable reason and consistently yours to finish right away, no obvious reason!

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How to Interpret your Dreams;Meaning and Symbols

By on September 26, 2016

I came across a book  aboutHow to interpret your dreams”, it was just a small magazine, a  ”Readers Digest” ( old version ) @ copyright 1979. I don’t know what lies beyond to those who will believe it 0r not? I just wanted to know more about the creative side of intellect by the authors; psychologist and the students. I’ve found the  content more interesting especially to those dreamers and believers.  Absolutely. an interesting matter to inform the meaning of your dreams with symbolic structures.

Here’s sharing part of the contents about the meaning and symbols of your dreams

Lets make a quick review about the good and bad symbols, some thoughts and meaning of dreams attempting to convey to you. To mention here also the good signals as well, If these particular symbols appear in dreams.

 Bad Symbol

Amputation– a warning signal, loss of freedom

Bomb, Explosions– regarded as warning signal indicating events causing shock

Bridge-if the construction not complete- it indicates possible dangers to the dreamer

Butterfly– going astray

Ants,Spiders,Cockroaches– if appeared in larger numbers, its a danger signal in highest order

Stove, Hearth– warning signal as death in the family

Horse– messenger of death

Red-haired people– are considered dangerous

Doctor– Physical illness

Destructive fire– warning signal of dreamers sexual problems

Mirror– warning signal of dreamer’s true face

Frog– warning signal as fertile

Burial-painful experience

Rat– warning of serious physical illness

Raven,crow– unhappy nature

Vulture– lost in the world of your own

River– obstacles arising from state of awareness

Mask– inferiority complex

Knife-strong aggressive energy- the need to become aware of problems

Corpse– danger signal in the highest order

Devil– suppressed religious problems

Witch– threatening and destructive aspects of womanhood

Good Symbol

Bread,Salt– Expression of happy social life

Dove– symbol of peace

Morning,dawn,sunrise– indications that a new situation is about to begin

Coat– symbol of protection

 Airplane, flying– desire for independence

Lion– Symbol of sovereignty

Flowers– symbol of dreamer’s feeling

Monkey, ape – extremely a positive sign

Meadow– new growth and productive activity

Gold– symbol of immortality

Evening– signify twilight years

Motorcycle– symbol of energy

Water– psychic energy, water of life

Giant– powerful father figure- intellect can find correct solution

Birth– beginning of something new

To the numbers, modern science expresses all aspects in mathematical formulas, study of dreams shown psychic functions and numerical relationships. In dreams, two-number of union and the couple as three is an old magic- number as we sometimes repeatedly knock on wood or on table to refrain from or to avert disaster. Seven is dynamic number, a rainbow has seven colors and 7 days of the week and lunar cycle is 28 days or 4 x 7. Eight is octagonal forms and have a positive significance sometimes have a warning signal. Eleven is a new series of progress and Thirteen, a similar significance. ok! That’s all folks!

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Dream Interpretation

By on December 8, 2015

The dream images comes to picture. This is exactly how the bee looks like in my dreams…

Dreaming is somewhat a part of sleeping and it’s extremely common.It can’t be true and no one believe it because it seems quiet opposite. A bad dream comes to me when situation is restless and sick. Usually, I don’t remember my dreams night after, what I see in my dreams; the images, forms and activities may seem meaningless and useless.

One memorable night,I dreamed of honeybees flying around. I’m conscious to remember day after when I woke up. I realized I had been dreaming of bees the whole night. I can simply emphasized having dreamed more often to the same kind. This time, it can’t be regarded.Is it a positive sign or negative? What’s that symbolic content it represents?

I’ve  found an old book on ”How to Interpret your dreams, it’s an old version of Reader’s Digest that was given free after a year of subscription. 30 years after it was still safely intact with no missing pages. It was already considered as vintage. According to the book, when honeybees occurs, it’s a positive sign because they gather honey. I just love the interpretation, Is this a modern scientific thought?

Probably the positive significance means I will gather more blessings!That’s a wow thing! What if it will really comes to life?I can now go for fortune hunting because my luck is coming… If finally proven, I will tell you soon and will share it!

To receive a message that comes in a form of a dream. If this is the assigned target given by my dreams, the meaning and the purpose of seeing the past and future. Is it meaningless or helpful? After all it was just a dream, an altered sleep…


Morning Pollinators   Leaf-Cutter Bees      

IMG_3575 copy      IMG_6839 copy 

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Dragon and Lion Dance

By on February 25, 2015


With so much energy to carry the heavy load of the Lion and Dragon’s head, it was the perfect space to showcase their scream fest performance. The Lion and Dragon dance performed at Pioneer Center during Chinese New Year, February 19,2015. It’s the ”Year of the Wooden Sheep”

Note: More Dragon dance and Lion dance Photos next posts…

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Korea Winter Wonderland/ Climbing Mt. Halla

By on December 12, 2014

Climbing the highest mountain of North Korea

Mount Halla, Jeju Island North Korea The panoramic view of the mountains is spectacular.Plenty of snow and the ice is so thick, snowflakes piled up everywhere covering the entire landscape. 

Korea, a mountainous land of diverse geology. As you can see the full view, mountains are found throughout the peninsula. Southwestern coast is a maze of islands and peninsulas, it has a level plains and favored by winter and volcanic in origin but, Korea has no active volcano, this is good news for the people and rarely experience earthquake. Koreans has been marked by the influence of China and Japan maybe distantly related to Japanese as to some features they are alike. I remember my  Korean friend looks like Japanese as well.

In the past, mountains are worn away by wind and water until they become a beautiful rolling hills landscape. Other areas has level plains, there was a news about the high mountain appears to have occurred during the Jurassic Ohh! that was the age of dinosaurs. 

Korea has 4 seasons such as; spring from March- May, summer from June-August, autumn from September- November and winter from December to January. The coldest is January. During this time, Korea is in full snow, it is very cold,  it can drop up to -27 to 0 Celsius.

I have learned a lot from this legendary place. I feel inspired to write as applying what I have learned in the past. I’m a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service perhaps, most topics learned about history of places and people during my college days. Somehow,this is a good opportunity for me to familiarize myself with types of people sharing their journey and exchanging each others views on how the world has changed. Sometimes, even if we belong to the same species people living in different parts of the world has their own features and different views too. I’m now sharing not only the beautiful winter landscape photos but the good news and progress of the said place from the past to the present.

Revealing the Beauty of Korea

Climbing the top of Mt. Halla during winter, the highest mountain of North Korea. Is this your dream destination? It looks like a white world, everything is covered with ice and snow, the snow becomes gray in the background. (Photos below) Overlooking from afar is the peak of Halla mountain, this would be the best experience and memories to take back home…

 Snowman Korean style  

The beauty of snowy mountains with young and old, families and children around enjoying winter activities. It firmly shows a way on how to take a break during winter time. Certainly, it brought people around no matter if you are local or tourists, it is simply a bonding and gathering of togetherness regardless of wealth, race or class.

The cold refreshment for the children to play with snow.

To see the presence of kids around is a vital ingredient to make the winter mountain spectacular to view.

Cheju is the largest island in Korea. Mount Halla is a very popular place for hikers, climbers and mountaineers. You can see the climbers heading to the peak of Mount Halla. Walking on ice, you can see the clarity and purity, it’s clean. 

Mount Halla,Jeju Island,South Korea

All the way going up,it was covered with fine crushed ice.

Roads leading to snow mountain, among the best places to see and experience.

Winter Climbing, the adventure begins

All the way climbing and walking on ice.

Experience mountaineers carrying items of equipment required, they loved to climb Mount Halla during winter time.

If others can climb it during summer generally winter is more exciting! I’m sure they do it with the aid of guides too.

You can see the evergreen oak and Lauraceae trees fully covered with snowflakes.


Mountain horses grazing around, you can even see the snowflakes falling.


Ice Fishing You can see some ice fishermen out here, they all have their own chair. This is entirely different from the standard Lake fishing with switch rod.

This one is interesting isn’t it? the ice fishing in a small hole using a sled bracket with a bait. This is my first time to see ice fishing, the ice opening is too small? How can you catch a big fish here? Just curious.There are some fishing accessories and equipment  like; bait bucket, Auger bracket, Clam point, Runner kit,console and may more to mention a few but, this is the easiest using just a single bracket.

Other beautiful attractions in Seoul


Korean Temple

Winter leisure activities you will  enjoy in Korea like; folk games. ice fishing, sledding, kite flying, ice skating, ice boating, snow boarding  and  skiing. For me, the most interesting is ice fishing.

More beautiful attractions you can see if you visit Korea. All sceneries is beautiful in all seasonsVisit Korea and Experience the good things in life. Among the best places; Deoksugung, Heunginjimun, Gyeongbokgung, Namsan, Beomeosa, National Folk Museum of Korea and many more…

Photo courtesy of  Professional Photographer Michael Shin.Thank you very much! 

Note: Part 2 coming up next….

To be continued, it’s such a long blog so I have to cut it shortly. Follow me next post.To include some photos taken around such as; Traditional Korean Dance, Drum Dance, Buchaechum or Fan Dance, Swiver Plate Balancing Spinning performance and Events, Festivities, Religious belief , Practices and Traditional ceremonies. 

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Puzzle Mansion Museum Tagaytay-World’s Largest Collection Of Jig-saw Puzzles

By on May 13, 2014

It was a formal setting, the Puzzle Museum appropriately surrounded by different Jigsaw puzzles, every corner and cubicles displaying all the wonderful, interesting, and educational jigsaw puzzles collected by Gina Gil Lacunathe present Guinness world record holder for the largest collection of Jigsaw puzzles.

It was 29 of November,2012 when She was recognized as the present world record holder listed in the Guinness book of Records. Originally, the museum was just a summer house for the Lacuna’s but when she got the tittle, it was dramatically converted into a Puzzle Museum.

The museum attracts residential, business people and tourists visiting Tagaytay. Only an hour drive from Manila, the way going to Puzzle Museum led up more curves and turns upward and downward. Overview, you can spot some farm animals, mountain ranges and pineapple field is a sight to behold.

It was a big mansion, the ground floor is a great Puzzle Museum housing all thousands of different kinds with assorted sizes and shapes. Every piece of puzzle is individually numbered with complete details. You can see the complete details on the left corner of the jigsaw puzzle itself. The second floor is a Puzzle store with other assorted items for sale.

During my 3 days vacation in Tagaytay, I’ve made myself busy hiking and touring around the area. Walking and biking around can helped me lose more pounds. How cool is that? But, it was my intention to visit the Puzzle Museum and to meet the Guinness world record holder itself. I’m lucky that we have met personally and with just a quick interview raising few questions, sharing views, experience and a pose for few shots.

Gina Gil Lacuna, shares the pride of being famous, making a good name bringing pride to our own country. Opening the museum for public viewing and for the world to see  was a great achievement and life’s work. History marked given to our country.

Gina’s good taste and effort collecting great number of appreciated puzzles with interesting and detailed facts.There are many kinds of Jigsaw puzzles; cardboard, wood and 3 D, three dimension, it was a picture puzzle that has a depth. Some jigsaw puzzles taken from her trip abroad.

Meeting Gina Gil Lacuna

The Puzzle Museum

Puzzle Mansion offers  a bed and breakfast place to enjoy and relax.

The entrance of the museum will welcome you the World’s Largest Jigsaw Puzzle


Guinness world records certificate of Gina

 Seeing the Jigsaw Puzzles

All  puzzles displayed expresses unique images, some ancient and contemporary ones, religious articles, the universe, gorgeous landscape, vintage rides, geography, kid’s favorite, architectural digest, music, famous people, insects, water and land animals and wildlife. Every puzzle provides an interesting piece that history again seems alive. I realized that a Jigsaw puzzle pictures can make it as a good photo frame and portraits.

I remember my own Jigsaw puzzle, I have a beautiful jigsaw puzzle that I’ve been keeping for a long time. It was a huge jigsaw puzzle with the beautiful landscape  of ”Spring flowers” in London.It was given to me by a former housemaid who’s presently working in the Middle East. I was told, She bought it during her annual vacation in Vienna. ( free travel expense by her employer)

 The St. Basil’s Cathedral, Architectural character is a beautiful piece. 176 pieces, Dimension: 42CM x35CMx60CM, Completion Time: 34 hours, Maker/Origin: Cubic Fun China.(Details attached)

Jigsaw Puzzle- Brain Train

You can find some educational puzzles in Gina’s museum that you can give to your child. A puzzle fit for a child? the basis depends on his/her age and the number of pieces with the completion to finish it. It’s good to give what would fit to her own age, young age has a little patience for a large puzzle.

For me, The jigsaw puzzle is just like a story solving problem and your ability to finish it as fast as you can. The trial and error while assembling will give you more patience if you are really determined to finish it. It helps your child to improve decision making skills. Somehow, as you get closer to solve it, the climax is the most exciting part. The best part is the communication to connect your memory directing your hand to work for it.

The Farm animals and wildlife

With too many jigsaw puzzles, I love these pieces. I can specify my favorite puzzles. For more than an hour viewing everything, I took time to appreciate  each puzzle.Expressing my fascination for insects, animals and wildlife. I’ve photographed some of them to document the place and for my own experience. I’m an animal lover. The way how it is photographed, the angles to emphasize my subjects, it expresses my own personality. My choices and my personal picks just shows my passion for the animals

The Sedona Gallop

The Overseer

The Cow Parade

Wake up Call

The Kittens Delight

The Wetland Wonders

Parrot in Paradise

The Fantasy and the Waterfall butterflies.

Simply, It’s the world of butterflies here. I took 3 photos of different kinds. I guess, they’re my favorites! Butterflies was back to life.

Fantasy Butterfly

Butterfly Waterfall

Not surprisingly, the best butterfly puzzles I’ve ever seen, the different vibrant colors are expressed in wonderful ways.

Wooden Dinosaur Jigsaw puzzle

Elegant piece

The Brilliance, simple but sophisticated.

 Run Aground

The museum is indeed a memorable one. Those puzzles are the unfogettable ones. All Jigsaw puzzles available in the museum for public viewing with an entrance fee of P100- only, It’s worth and good to experience by yourself.

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By on April 14, 2014


 What to give?

 Gift is not important, your presence and personal greetings on that day is indeed a big gift. However, if you want to buy one, it must not be very expensive. Here are some suggestions on what to give.

1. Heart–shaped chocolates with red ribbons and card attached

2. A dozen of roses or just a piece is also good

3. A box of Jelly candies

4. Favorite book

6. D-I-Y cards

7. Basket full of strawberries, any fresh fruits is welcome

8. Stuff toy; Cute red bears and heart-shaped pillows

Gifts are just something to remember, It’s just a one day event. Just like shoes, bags, shirts or anything, it will surely end up in the closet. The roses particularly or any kinds of fresh flowers, 2 days after, it will end up in the trash can unless you know how to make potpourri out of it, or you can use it for book marking. The point is, you can’t keep it for a long time but, memories you can save. The warmth of giving will always be remembered.

You can just imagine how many occasions in a year, from baptism graduation, birthdays, Christmas day and a day to remember love is Valentine’s day. Giving gift is just a good deed of being a thoughtful you!

Buying Gifts

 Others, they keep the budget and get ready for this important occasion. If you are ready, shopping must be done earlier in order for you to hunt for a reasonable one, malls might be full and too crowded. You can also wait for a monthly midnight sale. Big malls offered selected items cutting down prices from 50% to 75% to attract buyers.

Always buy something that fits your budget to avoid spending more that can stretch your monthly allowance. Price is always an important factor to size things up particularly the branded items is a temptation. If I buy something expensive, I always compare it to other brands before making  decision to purchase it, I don’t want to regret it later. Others prefer a luxury gifts without checking the difference, on the other hand, some are cutting their expenses according to their budget.

It happened once when I bought a pair of jeans and colorful blouse, I really thought it was a cute one but, when I arrived home to refit it, It came up to be different. It fits well but, I noticed there’s an itchy thing inside my blouse that makes me so uncomfortable. I regret buying all those things then, it was a lesson learned previously.

If you don’t have the time to go out, go online shopping. You can choose almost everything from shoes to bags, shirts, jeans, accessories to name a few.

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By on March 24, 2014

People buy gifts to any occasion like; Birthdays,Mother’s day,Father’s day, Christmas day and Valentine’s day was no exception although, it will only lasts for a day, it’s the time for boys especially the teenagers would choose a girl to pair up with. Following the hearty day with gift-giving of flowers, cute red bears, chocolates, exchanging love notes, sweet text messages, phone calls, and romantic dating. The day before, may be a whole day session of thinking and planning on where to go,Perhaps, you no longer needed to be coach, but, there are some suggestions you need to know just to ensure a wholesome Valentine’s day. It’s good to plan ahead of time.There might not be enough hours on that day that you’ll find yourself confused and rushing on where to go and what to give and what to wear. Whether you are single, loveless or married, whatever,t’s great to show your love on this day. Always remember that Love is…what you make it. Here are some tips on what to do before the occasion. This is applicable to any occasion not just Valentine’s day. Before anything else, Let me begin with few don’t’s.

What to avoid:

1.Set aside any problems first. Don’t discuss any problems from the past and present. Remember that this day is a special interests to both of you.

2. Avoid any embarrassing moments.

3. Skip tough conversation. However, if conflict arises, your partner might respond differently that may hurt your feelings. Stay cool and lower your tone to handle it safely. Learn to hug and make up a few words and tell him/her how you love him so much. Save the trouble, that’s a good sign of relief to make up before the day ends.

Where to go?

 For the Lovers: What thrill and excitement do you have in mind? If you are going with a special date that you may want something romantic? Treat your partner to a candle dinner for two, or a dinner in a restaurant with a romantic view of the sunset. This is the right setting wherein you may want to propose or you may want to bring out the feelings you’ve been keeping for a long time. Any place with beautiful scenery while eating is perfectly good. The location would simply make your day romantic and memorable.

Family Celebration: A restaurant with large serving wherein you can enjoy different kinds of foods. A buffet or eat –all- you- can restaurant is a good choice. It would be a good treat to surprise all family members.

For the Internet Explorers: Make it heard, first hour greetings is great. Give free electronic greeting cards, stickers and photos taken a day ahead. You can make personalized greetings in Photoshop editing, using your own photos, add meaningful captions and humble words. You can attach your emails and send it through application. You can also inbox beautiful messages with love songs attached, get it U-Tube. Revive your play lists and do the Facebook tags.

For Single and the Loveless:

 This is what you call a humble sacrifice if you don’t have a pair during Valentine’s day. Of course, it’s gonna be lonely without your love but, don’t waste your time inside your bedroom. Always remember that, your family is your true love. The good thing about being single; you are in the best situation to have a freedom to do everything, a complete full time for yourself. However, you can invite your bestfriend or group of friends to take a stroll on this day, it might be a night out to grove, that’s the best time to wear your dancing shoes or, you may want to sing, bringing our your golden voice that wasn’t heard for a long time. Karaoke bar with group of friends is fun! Choose a group more likely who have the same interests as you. A wholesome dinner with your family is surely appreciated too.

Note: To be continued…it was such a long blog! See you next post

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