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Monarch Butterfly in the garage

By on June 3, 2015

It came to the right place when I’m about to leave in minutes suddenly, a gorgeous butterfly appeared in front of me. It was a good timing because I was holding my iphone that time when I was still in the garage, I immediately point it out to photograph. Just a brief moment and the butterfly flew away. Thanks God! the focus was quiet good. I’ve captured it using iphone and my first butterfly click using iphone.

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Sky Viewing with Muntingia Calabura or Aratiles Flower

By on September 12, 2013

My habit keeps my mind active and physically occupied for a day. Photographing these wildflowers Muntingia Calabura has something to teach as well. This is just a short lived wildflower, it will only stay for a day and I just have to shoot it immediately before the sucking insects will arrive that it may caused discoloration.

The first bloom is lovely white in full sun although it was really small but, with fine quality once you’ll seen the result. This kind of flower may not be available during rainy season, they bloom more this time and less continuously.

Previously,I’ve published the first part of these images with the black background as it was glowing in the dark. I’m very passionate to do these things in the morning.Here’s the shots taken from day to day activities.

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IMG_0067 copy


IMG_0069 copy


IMG_0097 copy


IMG_0111 copy


IMG_0158 copy


IMG_0256 copy


IMG_0527 copy


IMG_1162 copy


IMG_1179 copy


IMG_1194 copy


IMG_1616 copy


IMG_2346 copy


IMG_9244 copy


IMG_9817 copy


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By on August 29, 2012

Have you ever dream of beautiful clouds in the sky? It shows reality to these image, isn’t it? It seems everywhere, people seemed to be looking up here because it was a quiet a unique display. Unbelievable formation. Sometimes, the sky is clear and less clouds to cover the sky. However, most of the time, white clouds exhibits different kinds of formation, just like these.



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