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Clearwing Hummingbird Moth

By on October 17, 2022

Clearwing Hummingbird Moth- Olive green and dark red-purplish color on its back. A day flying moth and one of the most fascinating visitors in the garden. This kind of moth is an active pollinator on a bright sunny day. They are considered as beneficial insect and they don’t bite or sting. As the name suggests, it has clearwings, the rapid wing movements or wingbeats makes a humming sound.

Clearwing Hummingbird Moth tail looks like a lobster as it spreads like a fan-shaped tail divided into 2 equal sections.

All photos of this article taken same time and day, Clearwing Hummingbird Moth actively busy pollinating flowers.

Macro photography technically challenging but up-close you’ll begin to see things that you normally ignored before. Briefly, these moths are stunning. At a glance, I really thought it was just a baby hummingbird because they can hover and flies backward and sideways. While photographing it was very difficult to position myself on a stable platform.

Wary of taking insect images in a very bright sun because contrast problems, I was even rushing to take photos so quickly before they disappear in seconds, it was really difficult to take a handful of clear shots. Another thing, I prefer to take photos in the morning or late afternoon traditionally the best times to shoot because of softness and quality of light. Unfortunately, it’s not applicable to these moths, they are active when the sun is high and bright.

My website boasts a wide collection of insects such as colorful butterflies, dragonflies, honeybees to name a few… Majority of my shots taken are rare to find extreme of its kind. It just so happened I was in the right time and place. Our garden is an ideal spot to capture butterflies and bees, plenty of nectar producing flowers around.

Thank you for reading my blog!

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Coron Island Hopping Tour 2022

By on June 30, 2022

Palawan is a long pencil thin island plus a few stunning island clusters with high limestone cliffs that predominates the blissful seascapes and landscapes. As one might expect the picturesque route down there. The scenic beauty of Coron island is a collection of alluring white sand beaches, hot spring, beautiful lagoons, towering limestone formations, dotted with exquisite clean lakes, caves, wrecks, outstanding coral reefs and unique marine species.

This is a complete guide of Coron Palawan Island Hopping Tour, A guide to the must – visit spots of the beautiful island. I knew this tour is going to be very interesting so I really thought this would be more wholesome to document my unforgettable adventure and I want to make sure everything would be covered not only for my blogs but for magazine cover pictures and U-Tube underwater documentation.

Note: After the death of Eugene, we all experienced negative impact and parental loss so with overwhelming sadness getting a hard time to return to normal life, it may be a process to go through, we all face grief at some point anyway but I have to take care of my grieving children, so I thought the only way to overcome it is to bring my children for a short vacation in Coron, Palawan  and Here we go!

Starting Point

The airport pick-up (Busuanga Francisco B. Reyes Airport) and hotel transfer is a standard procedure. The tour starts at 9 a.m. to 5 pm that begins with a hotel pick-up and drop -off to Lualhati Park, a boat island docking park, it’s not really a public park but baywalk park that serves as a meeting point for a boat ride to the island hopping. The good thing about Coron, the neighboring islands are just nearby.  Staying 5 days in Coron, Tour itinerary inclusions covers 8 beautiful islands everyday but all within proximity of each other.

Busuanga Airport

My Ultimate Island Adventure-What to Expect

We visited Coron weeks ago. Coron Palawan- one of the busiest international tourist destinations. Our experience is simply superb. The beautiful wonders of the island; the white sand coast, the stunning lakes and lagoons are just a boat ride away.

Every turn we are greeted with panoramic views.

Visiting Coron you’ll get to experience the beautiful wonders of the island. Lualhati Park is a very good starting point, a good jump-off for island hopping and wreck diving. White sand coast and stunning lakes and lagoons are just a boat ride away.

Coron Island Hopping Adventure begins!

For us, it’s a wilderness experience and the natural environment is a good attraction. Coron island is designated as a tourist spot with a variety of outdoor activities. Most popular are kayaking, diving, snorkeling, swimming, fishing, and sailing.

Lualhati Park

Viewing Deck of Kayanan Lake

Thrilling and Exciting Activities

I had an excellent hour swimming with the fishes up-close and personal. I always dreamed of swimming with the fishes so upon sightings, I jumped into the water to join marine life.

Diver’s Delight

I think these are the marine species seen on regular basis. This is the most enjoyable activity I’ve ever experienced in Coron. I’m joining in the island’s perfect sea life.

When we were here, we rented 3 kayaks for the family with a life vest on board.

Brilliant day kayaking. For a dramatic overview to roam around with a kayak paddling a small water craft through water to see the scenic view of the surroundings.

I’m a sporty traveler; very active to dive, to paddle, to sail, float and swim. I can still hold my breath underwater for almost 2 minutes and do tricks to keep going forward..

Placid afternoon swimming

Floating time taken by camera Drone.

Spotting marine life are possible. Sea turtles ( Testudines)the hidden neck turtles are frequent visitors and barracuda can sometimes be seen here.

Kayangan Lake

A haunting beauty and the most picturesque site. One of the most scenic and beloved sites on the island of Coron. It is noted for its calming beauty and remarkable clarity of the water. Corals and fishes are visible at a depth. I can’t resist, I’ve taken enough pictures around. It is regarded as one of my favorite lakes so with Barracuda Lake as well, we will come to that later.

The Beauty of Kayangan Lake

Following above the lake, a cluster of limestone provides visitors with panoramic views fantastically varied rock formations.

There are 13 lakes in Coron island but only 2 are opened to the public. The 2 lakes serves as my personal favorite; the Kayangan Lake and Barracuda Lake.

Climbing stairs going up for 15-20 minutes to reach the viewing deck and descending take to go through the opening of the lake. Just like the Barracuda lake, you’ll see here how nature has created amazing limestone cliffs that rise dramatically out of the lake and plunged spectacularly straight down underwater.

Grand overview of Kayangan Lake

Pretty cool summer break, a beautiful paradise getaway..

Smith Beach

A fantastic afternoon with crystal clear water.

Most beautiful turquoise water of Smith Beach. It is also known for its calm waters.

Las Islas De Coral

The calming effects of  turquoise-blue waters. I feel relaxed just to sit down watching kingfishers diving headfirst at a certain speed to catch fish.

Kayangan Cave

Dramatic overhangs cliffside located in front of viewing deck

Sunset Beach

I just love the clarity of the water and whiteness of the sand.

A rewarding feeling of being relaxed and well-pleased.

Barracuda Lake

Among the best known lakes in the world. To get to the Barracuda Lake, the 20-minute climb takes you through the opening of the lake. Passing through, with every twist and turns revealing a mystery and dangerous formations of the towering cliffs.

Climbing the stairs Barracuda Lake. It was a challenging trek, truly adventurous can climb the stairs up there.

Barracuda Lake- Best loved dive sites, most comfortable diving environment. This is also the most popular diving island in Coron

Boulder, an impressive rockfall threatening to fall over. Collapsed in landslide, large blocks of rocks larger than an average car.

Today, there were lots of beautiful attractions Coron has to offer but never to missed these 2 beautiful lakes; Barracuda Lake and Kayangan Lake.

Coron Island Hopping Tourmates 2022

Twin Lagoon

The most impressive scenery, the waterscape of rare and enchanted beauty with the towering cliffs in the background.

Twin Lagoon

And again, water-based activity is fun and enjoyable. We picked up areas where to stop so we could watch marine life above and underwater. We had plenty of stops as planned.

CYC Beach

A breathtakingly beautiful white sandy beach and a home to a rich mangrove forest.

The sandy beach reveals a small mangrove forest. Down there you can easily spot starfishes, shrimps and sea corals.

A delightful place to swim and if you are lucky, you may even catch the glimpse of rare species who often hangs up here.

Skeleton Wreck

Coron’s surviving wrecks.

Wreck diving in Coron

Underwater remains of the sunken wartime ship. US Navy aircraft during the Second World War way back September 1944.

Coral Reef Garden

In here, you’ll see the world of underwater covering most underneath. It’s the best place to snorkel. It’s a beautiful coral garden and reefs down there. The white, violet and pink corals are plentiful with also the abundance of fish species in this area.

We are asked by our tour guide to respect marine life and for the coral reef protection, We divers are aware of hands-off policy- not to touch, not to gather or collect any corals and shells. Nowadays, visitors like me and more people developed awareness of it.

Getting There

Coron Island Hopping Tour- Transacts bookings, an agency can be very helpful in getting hotel reservations, arranges tours and accommodations of your own choice. Complimentary pick-up and drop-off from Hotel and vice versa. Inclusions; Tourist boat, Life Vests, All permits and Entrance fees, Licensed tour guide, Buffet lunch in the island, Cottage rental and gov’t taxes etc.. If you are seeking for a more isolated wilderness experience, Visit Coron! It’s the best choice for you.

Summer is the best time to visit. Reservations are recommended weeks as much as months in advance. It is usually filled with capacity throughout summer.

If you haven’t been to Coron, you’ll be pleased to see all the stunning tourist attractions.

Coron beauty spots has come a long way. For the whole family; me and my children, our Coron Island Tour of 2022 has left an unforgettable good impression. If you love Palawan, Coron Island is truly for you. You’ll love all those paradise hideaway.

Big Thanks to you Pam-Pam, our tour guide who is friendly-funny, punctual, organized and he has the best tour guide traits. Mabuhay ka Pam.

More Coron Island tour blog coming soon…

Thank you for reading my blog!

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A Time and Space to Grieve

By on March 22, 2022

When the morning star appeared in the eastern sky to herald the new day, the long journey of struggle was over, free from immense pain and no more suffering. He was silent as the breaking day. He had, at last, found the path to his eternal destination. It was the dawn of February 12 when he passed away. It has been more than a month now and still, pain is all I can feel.

Gene was diagnosed with Stage 4 Prostate Cancer but sadly, he died a year after. Recalling his parting words and requests on his deathbed were so much admiration and care for the whole family, it was the most emotional moment, it is with much a heartbreaking tone and tremendously difficult to take. He was conscious even on the verge of dying, it was really hard to see a dear one nearing the end of life, the last stage was so hurting, I can feel his tiredness that worsens all the time but we did the best we could but still, I’m not ready to let him go, he died two days before Valentine’s day, we had plans for that day, how hard to cope when someone you love was taken away, a reality so hard to accept. I totally hate goodbyes.

Mourning is another painful process to deal with, flashbacks and reflections keeps on coming back again and again. I can’t help but weep all the time. I know, it may take a year or forever to come to terms with a loss, it’s a scar that remains deep in my heart. I keep on recalling the meaningful memories we had before, the old life we lived so fondly together, our family outings in and out of the country, his kindness and thoughtfulness, his dedication and love for the family, and everyday life we shared together. I can feel his soft touch and his presence beside me, it’s really hard to move forward. I will miss him forever till the day we are together again.

Bedside in those final days

This is how tragic the loss of a loved one can be, it is very traumatic, my overwhelming sadness and emptiness. Currently getting through a hard time to return to normal life, the pain of grief and different emotions from shock and disbelief. I couldn’t eat and sleep and now, disrupting my physical condition. It’s hard to begin life again, more likely it takes long years to recover and life without him will never be the same again.

I hope the pain will lessen as we go on with life. I always have faith in God, He will provide us with hope and love. God will never abandon us during our times of grief. Life is for the living… I need more time and space to grieve. Pls. help me go through with it, it’s hard to move on. Help me stand again, I need words of COMFORT and ENCOURAGEMENT in the midst of grief.


Sharing my story to raise prostate cancer awareness.

MG life, works and writings, Follow me Twitter, Facebook Page and Instagram

Thank you for reading my blog!

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Sweets and Confectionery by Ninz

By on December 18, 2021

Is it a wedding? Valentine’s day? Baby shower? A very special birthday or any day? Whatever the celebration, it is destined to make the party a beautiful event. Holidays are the perfect occasion for warm and joyous traditions, literally, just a few days away. Begin one of your own by remembering special friends, loved ones and relatives. Something comes along that exceeds your expectation, the sweetest gift you can give, it does more than you’d expect.

Welcome to the world of Sweets and Confectionery by Ninz

A wonderful world of flavors, creamy delights and invariably delicious custom cakes and pastries. More people enjoy Sweets and Confectionery by Ninz than any other, that fact alone will solve your gift-giving problem this holiday season.

To add sparkle to your entertaining, personalize your holiday greeting cakes. Sweets and Confectionery by Ninz invites you to shop the easy and convenient way in the comfort of your home. Order in advance. Shop online, pick-up and delivery. (Tuguegarao city)

Creative Cake Designs

Kid’s Birthday Cakes

The best custom cakes comes out to compliment your birthday celebration.

Gardeners birthday cake

For the Green thumb, gardening themed cakes is also available. It’s a hearty warm cake for your own passion. So creamy, love at first bite.

Burnt Basque Cake

For fruit lovers, fresh strawberries in the middle of the cake is equally worthy.

Blooming flowers cake

Classic cake with medley of flavors, exciting new treats for family and friends.

Sweets and Confectionery by Ninz

Senior citizen birthday cake

If you are about to blow the whistle on… the cake that taste so much richer and creamier. Go for it!

Elegant cakes

Lovely baby cake

Unicorn cake

Recently, I’ve found her bakeshop on social media, which is also accessible to everyone, a good platform for business. I loved how she creates such a memorable flavor and color combination of customized cakes. This holiday season really catches flavor at its peak, the warmth and glow of this season brings forth feelings of goodwill and all of us naturally want to share these happy times with family and friends, it is something special meant to be shared.

Pastries & Desserts



Sweets and Confectionery by Ninz will long be remembered. Affordable and accommodating ! They are ready to take and deliver your orders. Wishing you the best this holiday season!

Go cashless, online cake delivery

Inspired by: Sweets and Confectionery

By Nina Cagat

Contact number:  0916 524 0121

Address: Pallua Norte, Tuguegarao City

Visit Facebook Page> Sweets and Confectionery by Ninz

Thank you for reading my blog! There’s a comment box after the article.

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Qingjing Farm-Green Green Grassland

By on December 13, 2021

It is often said: It looks like Switzerland setting, it is the green land pasture to bond with flocks of sheep and your reward? Up close and personal to bond and feed the gentle animals.

A tourist attraction in Taiwan, the ‘’Green, Green Grassland’’ in Qingjing farm or Cingjing farm is a hill ranch through the heart of rolling grasslands, a beautiful pasture ground for livestock. It is situated at altitude 1,750 meters above sea level. There’s a large temperature difference between the day and night.

Green, Green Grassland in Qingjing farm or Cingjing farm

Green, Green Grassland in Qingjing farm

Postcard perfect scene

Aside from the picturesque scene of the pastureland, surprisingly full of life to see the spectacular beauty of the mountains and hills abounds here.

Gentle Corner

Human-Animal Bond

Sheep, one of the earliest animals to be domesticated and loved by humans. I even tried to touch them and didn’t resist, it seemed I gained their trust and so, I also feel safe.

Green, Green Grassland in Qingjing farm

Feeding the sheep with the feed provided by the park.

Outer part, sheep hair is a crimped wool and coarse but to my surprised, the wooly undercoat was soft and fluffy, much less than I thought.

Visiting Green green grassland in Taiwan is worth the effort, it was truly an unforgettable experience, my very first time to interact with the gentle animals. I feel comfortable to move and touch them, it was a zestful relationship between us.

When in Taiwan, whether you drive or hike, The sheep ranch, Qingjing farm os Cingjing farm is a must- visit attraction. Green, green grassland has an admission charge, and the ticket includes the following: Green green grassland, Guanshan pastoral area and Shoushan park.

Qingjing farm Green green grassland

Address: Renhe Road, Ren’ai Township, Nantou County, Taiwan

Visitors Information

No smoking

No camping

 Foods not allowed

 Pets are prohibited

Do not scare animals

Do not ride with sheep and horses

Use animal food provide by the park

No aircraft

Drones are strictly prohibited

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Sunbird/Hummingbird in the Philippines

By on October 23, 2021

The stay at home orders due to pandemic gave me the opportunity to reconnect with nature and wildlife. I began seeing species of birds that I’ve never seen before. This month, I began to notice the presence of hummingbirds around, with rain on and off, sometimes, showers are much more scattered, I was surprised to see them eating blossoms and performed the backward upside down position and hovered overhead.

Just like other pollinators which is fairly the same way as the bees and butterflies, hummingbirds are also nectar lovers. I’m blessed that our backyard is a natural habitat for birds and other pollinators, full of all sorts.

Hummingbirds are incredibly cute! They are the only birds that can fly forward and backward that no other birds can fly like hummingbirds.

When circumstances calls for photography, I don’t want to miss this opportunity to get at least few good shots, the most natural look as possible. It’s a big effort to wait for the right timing and prefocus my camera on branch where I expect the hummingbird to land but by observing the birds, I can easily get a good idea on how and where to position myself and to wait for the birds to change position to get a natural look.

Hummingbirds moves so fast, fairly not approachable, can’t normally get close to capture. Any slightest movement may cause this bird to scurry away, a few times it flew from the branch a short distance away but it always returned even when I stood nearby. I meant no harm attempting to photograph, soon , the bird seemed to get used to my presence.

These flowers are reliable food source for the birds. I just hope these hummingbirds will come back for more beautiful pictures,

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Stunning Flower Fields in Full Bloom Chiang Mai

By on October 5, 2021

One of Thailand’s increasingly popular tourist hotpots is Muangkaen in Chiang Mai. Mungkaen flower fields is a flower garden that covers a vast landscape that features vibrant cosmos flowers, the breathtaking fields of pretty blooms uniquely charming cosmos fully designed for pleasure and sightseeing. Chiang Mai is a mountainous city in northern Thailand known for its cool climate. It is most famous for its beautiful ancient temples, ethnic village (traditional and aboriginal) and it is a home to some gorgeous flower fields. It is pleasantly cool out there, it offers wonderful tourist attractions.

After 3 wonderful days in Bangkok, I went north in Chiang Mai with my family and spending a day at Muangkaen flower fields. We all had a good time together, Thailand is a popular destination for Christmas vacation. I realized, travelling is really a part of life and family bonds built through vacation too. We visited 3 of the finest flower fields, a touch of nature adventure celebrating life’s simple pleasures where beauty blends beyond flowers and brilliantly won me over.

Absolutely, flower fanatics loves Muangkaen fields, it’s the best place to visit while in Chiang Mai, everything was beautiful especially the graceful blooms in abundance ranging majority from hot pink to white and fuchsia. No wonder, just like us, travelers always begin their sightseeing here.

Muangkaen Flower Fields

Visiting one of the most beautiful flower fields in Chiang Mai, we came early in the morning but there was already a lot of people around when we arrived. My feelings while photographing the pretty blooms, it was a moment in life when I wanted to stop the time and wished to stay a little longer. It is completely a different experience I’ve been longing for, a scene you don’t see in everyday life.

Cosmos in full bloom, Cosmos – a daisy-like flower in average height and one of the fastest growing annuals that grows best in full sun, blooms is heavy and more compact. (Refer to the picture gallery for more details)

Beautiful flowers, birds, butterflies, and bees flitted around.

Muangkaen Flower Fields is a unique venue for recording memoirs (historical account) and perfect location for pre-wedding photo shoot.

All photos taken here serves as my most precious gifts to bring home. If you are planning to visit Thailand soon, Chiang Mai is a destination that will make you fall in love with. If you are in the northern part of Thailand, Muangkaen is a must-visit. Thank you Papatson dear! I miss you… More flower fields next posts…

Thank you for dropping by, I appreciate it.

May God Bless you and Keep you Safe

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Fruit Photography/Fresh Strawberry Pictures

By on September 22, 2021

Strawberries are at their peak right now and my present photography subject today. These fruits have a lot of vitamins and minerals as well as it’s a good source of fiber too. I want to emphasize a very simple setting to show some of my pictures taken during my ‘’Fruit Photography Hour.

 Indoor shooting is much easier for me because all the things needed is quite beside me, ready to use. I have encountered difficulty to catch the angles just to make fruits looks more natural, appealing and appetizing as possible especially attempting close-ups. Lightning is very important because it will reveal the texture of the fruits My aim is to make strawberries looks fresh even on pictures.

To be a food blogger is combining 3 passions together all at the same time: cooking, writing and photography. I have learned a lot of things doing all these things as well. It’s fun and I’m happy to see all my efforts have paid off.  Let’s look at some photos of strawberries.

Intrinsic beauty of strawberries

My macro shots

The white background makes the image more colorful and attractive however, just like any other fruits captured previously with white background, same method applied here. Sometimes the danger is great because small particles came from fruits is noticeable, this is always my problem using macro.

What I’m pointing here is you don’t need all those bright lights if it will give unwanted shadows, that’s why, I’m controlling the intensity of light. For macro shots, you need close equipment at distance. Macro lenses fitted to the camera, 55 mm, 100 mm to 200 mm is great, shows more good working condition specifically designed to perform at close range.

Strawberries on a white plate

 The perfect white background for strawberries. My mood will rise and seems active, let me tell you how it was done, I used a white cardboard for the frame to reduce the intensity of light. The white background will make these fruits even brighter and sharp because it was done under full sun. If you know how to control the light by covering both sides using white cardboard to shelter from the wind and extra unwanted shadow reducing the intensity of the bright light or reflectors. The white background exposing the natural freshness of the fruit although, it is sharp.

Having a white background will emphasized more on the subject itself.

Strawberry on Green Background

Other fruits goes well with strawberries

Indoor photography is just as fun not to expose myself from the heat of the sun. It seems I’m protecting something, oh well, my skin tone color is already light brown, no need to add more into it. It feels good to see my effort after the hard day’s work. After photographing these fruits, you’ll find them inside my tummy!

well folks, it’s getting late, I need to go…

Take Care and Stay Safe

Thanks for following my blog!

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Peking Duck Wraps

By on September 17, 2021

Sumptuous dishes traditionally prepared and served in a grand style, the Peking Garden, 4th level Greenbelt 5, Makati City serves the best Peking duck in the city, it was the restaurant’s specialty as the name goes well with it. Tonight, is the birthday dinner celebration of my aunt, fabulous dinner served and the most popular choice. From the 10 courses meal served, the Peking duck and the Winter Melon Soup with assorted seafood was my 2 best favorites although meal’s highlight and star on the table is the savory Peking duck.

Winter Melon Soup with assorted seafood

The best comfort soup and our favorite.

The Peking duck is in good shape, well-cooked and the aroma is awesome. It was very tasty, and the skin is crispy. It is bound to reign on the table.

How to carve a whole Peking duck

The Peking duck was neatly carved into even slices by the server. Started with the breast diagonally towards her holding the wing with the fork and cut through the outer layer of the breast into the joint.

Carving the breast in thin slices parallel with the breastbone and repeating with the other side. It looks like very easy to carve because the knife is sharp, that’s the secret of perfect carving.

The thin flesh was carefully arranged in a circular shape following the edge of the plate on a big white plate with the crispy skin at the center or it work both ways. You can see the difference from the photos up and down. The duck flesh at the center and the crispy skin on the edge of the plate or vice versa.

After the carving and preparation, the Whole plate of Peking duck transferred to our table along with the tortilla, stalks of spring onions and the sweet hoisin sauce.

See how it looks, Attractively beautiful !

How to wrap a Peking Duck Strips

Lay one fine strip of Peking duck flesh on a tortilla wrapper, followed by the stalk of spring onions, add a spoon of sweet Hoisin sauce on top and lay another strip of Peking duck.

This is how it looks before wrapping.

The filling looks like this inside.

Hold one end of tortilla and roll it halfway. Fold both borders and roll it again to enclose properly.

Almost done, I’m leaving one end open to show the filling inside and roll it once again to finish.

One bite, followed by another bite and more pls… I’ve tasted Peking Duck from different restaurants before but these, nothing can equal the flavor, I’ve never tasted like it before. So far, the best among the rest.

Ok guys! you can drop a cute note down there, simple things makes me happy…

Thanks for reading my blog!

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RAVE Pasig Rainforest Park

By on September 8, 2021

There’s no shortage of things to do nowadays, one way to manage my pandemic stress is to keep myself busy. I was checking and digging through some old photos from my folder on my desktop, reminiscing special moments of RAVE memories from past adventures. To date, I can still remember my first visit at Rainforest Adventure Park and revisited a year after, remain as my most precious experience due to notable features and the ease of accessibility, it is within 20-minute drive from home.

Going back in time, traveling backward brings many returns of the day and those good old days still alive is what I always keep to preserve so they can be enjoyed in the future or last in generations to come. A story behind the picture, just like what I’m doing today that today’s moments are tomorrow’s memories to remember. Let’s get started!

Note: Just an old memories to share taken before pandemic.(All photos taken January of 2018) This theme park is relatively closed. I’m not here to encourage you to go out and visit this theme park, Covid-19 pandemic brought significant changes and far from over pls. stay home until it will restart.

Rainforest Adventure Park

It is the first adventure theme park constructed and managed by local govt. unit, it is the project of Mayor Bobby C. Eusebio and Pasic City Council. RAVE is equipped with different outdoor facilities, a leisure ground for the public located in village of Maybunga Pasig. It was opened in 1977 but relaunched as RAVE known as ‘’ Rainforest Adventure Park Experience’’ in 2013 after the completion of additional features such as the Zip line, Boating lagoon and Skatepark. It also features the following: Butterfly house, Boating Lagoon, Rapid rides, Park pavilion, Botanical Garden, Pool area, Aviary, Mammal sanctuary, Kiddy land, Train station, Amphitheatre, Flower fields, Chess pavilion, Reptile house, Mini Zoo, Maze Garden, Tree house as well as picnic and camping ground.

In the 2 hours that I was in RAVE, I had the chance to enjoy the wide variety of attractions rainforest has to offer especially the Butterfly house and the Flower fields, it was my favorite spot for photography. How can I forget my bonding with the zoo animals? In here, you can do a lot in just an hour at this 4.8-hectare park but to complete your viewing, an hour is not enough, it was large-scale theme park.

Bringing dinosaur back to life. Along the way, the pathways adorned with a life-sized statues of dinosaurs, as you walk around, it looks like you are entering a prehistoric land of Jurassic park. You are free to take pictures with the dinosaur models.

Rainforest Adventure Park Attractions

Most people visit Rainforest Park from early March for the best glimpses of blooming flowers, wildlife, and boating. Rainforest essential sights are conveniently close together, almost everything in one place, it’s a good place also to explore nature, to learn and have fun. If you enjoy the flowers, butterflies, animals and water forms, RAVE is for you.

Boating Lagoon

A man-made lagoon with paddle boats. A Paddle boat is a powerful watercraft, paddle it yourself style. Me and my sister enjoyed the 20-minute paddle ride, it’s a good way to burn extra calories.

Butterfly House

Up close and personal to snap the butterflies, I have spent more time here snapping all different varieties of butterflies. Considered as the most beautiful habitat, showcased different species of live butterflies in an enclosed garden.

My favorite spot to capture the most colorful insects. Butterflies are my favorite subject to photograph as well as my favorite agent of pollination. My endless photo shoot shows my great admiration for them. I have captured great photos and of course, I realized the power of pictures, it’s difficult to select which one fits the best.

Amaze Garden

An outdoor garden maze is a puzzle game, the dividers are made of plants formatted into a maze and it’s quite tough and confusing to solve the path route to the end.

Flower Fields

Just one of the many attractive features of Rainforest Garden and the monster sunflowers are the mainstay and point of interest in the garden. Flower Fields landscape design is made up of variety of flowering plants that fits different elements together from flowering plants, popular perennials and annuals.

Wind beneath the eye-catching monster sunflowers are perfectly attractive and sun-kissed pointing skyward. Adventure photography is a must-do here.

Botanical Garden

A lovely walk around worth seeing situated next to the flower fields is the Botanical Garden.

Deep well is an open framework that serves as a garden accent.


The Bird Sanctuary or the flight cages for birds provides a safe habitat and home for the endangered species and migratory birds. My day is not complete without a short visit to capture the birds. Around here, you’ll encounter beautiful birds.

Crowd pleasing ducks

Petting Zoo

It is a combination of wild and domesticated animals, you are free to touch but not allowed to feed them. This attraction is a family leisure activity.

There’s no point rushing here, there are nicely-spaced benches around if you want to take advantage of shade, it’s for you to rest and relax. Overall, you’ll experience all what Rainforest theme park has to offer.

What you need to know, RAVE Pasig Rainforest Adventure Park map.

3 hours after, the sun is up and about to reach the highest point. Me and my sister went home around midday very happy but exhausted.

Wanting for more? One post is not enough to reach the highlights of Rainforest park. I just hope the weather will cooperate for my next visit soon…

Thank you for reading my blog!

Goodnight Everyone!

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