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Taichung Chinese Lanterns

By on June 18, 2019

A good scene to start with, the most common Chinese street decorations that symbolizes vitality. The red oval-shaped Chinese lanterns on the city street of Taichung. The lanterns hanging above adoring the street can be seen elsewhere during festivals in Taiwan. Here in Taichung, you’ll enjoy a lot of beautiful attractions includes everything from World Flora Exposition, Taichung Confucius Temple, Martyr’s Shrine and the irresistible and appealing shopping centers and night market.

Street photos taken just a few meters around Guangfu street and Zhongzheng road Taichung, Taiwan

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My Indoor and Outdoor Photography | Restaurant Review

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Arcovia City Phils.

By on June 5, 2019

Popeyes is back and running at full strength, it draws crowd on the first day. Famous for its Louisiana fried chicken, hundreds of people lined up to get inside when Popeyes reopened 3 weeks ago. To welcome back for the second time, this is a good news for fried chicken lovers. It was year 2000 when Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen first opened in the Philippines but was completely closed years after. The new branch located at Arcovia city, a remarkable development and spacious township rising along C-5 Pasig city and the good location just beside Landers.

Finally, big crowds showed on the first day May 16 Thursday, we came early to beat the line but to our surprise to see hundreds of people around. I was having a second thoughts about standing in line waiting for our turn for more than an hour just to get inside, the heat is on feeling exhausted with stomach growling.

Arcovia City centerpiece is Arco De Emperador, a 62 -foot-high arch monument, you’ll see this landmark beside Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Counter

At last, long wait is over after an hour, we reached the counter, it was packed with people from every walk of life but to see more, it adds curiosity.

We were the first to occupy the decent ambiance which is the best area on the left side, it is more cozy and peaceful here according to Selina.

Free Popeyes baloons

Popeyes series of delicious items along with more different choices.

These foods on the menu really drives me crazy! You’ll find some more favorites here; the Float, the Swirl and Sundae. Cajun our family’s favorite fries. I wish to try the Creamy Crab Soup with the Chicken Quarter Burger soon.

What I really love is the Louisiana fried chicken. Popeyes is famous for this and has always been our favorite.

Our first order, 8 PC BUNDLE B, that includes; 8 pc fried chicken, 4 rice, 4 biscuits and 4 drinks followed by more orders; 3 pc chicken tenders, spaghetti meal, box of 3 biscuits and another box of 3 assorted for take-out. Last part of the meal is the caramel sundae.

Most requested item on the menu.

A slice of heaven and 2 pc is just enough for me only. It’s a yummy crispy and tender favorite of mine! It is also available in spicy.

Crispy chicken with Ranch as my dip. They offer 4 different dips such as Ranch, Bold BBQ, Mardi Gras and Gravy which is the most common.

but still craving for more…

Caramel Sundae is just fine for me.

If you are hungry, you can’t help but to quickly grab your own…

You might as well grab a piece of biscuit with honey. It’s a breakfast and snack to crave for.

Biscuit with the Honey Sauce

This is not to be missed.

Our take-out items

Assorted box of 3 biscuits with 3 different combinations of Honey, Hazelnut and Chocolate.

Box of 3 Honey Biscuits

Popeyes Spaghetti Meal

The best deal is the spaghetti, you’ll be calling it, ”really good”.Trust me on this one, it’s hauntingly good.

With stomach full and happy, I’m well satisfied. Singing praises, it’s worth waiting in line for.

Try it!

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Arcovia City, 9 Eulogio Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, Ugong, Pasig City

Note: Expect a long line on weekends and long wait is a part of tasting experience.

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My Indoor and Outdoor Photography | Travel and Adventure

Taroko National Park Scenic Attractions

By on May 8, 2019

Standing on the still side of Liwu river valley, it looks like a vacationer’s dream come true and reachable even in winter. The high elevation is difficult to reach but I swear, it is a rewarding trail. In fact, visitors by the thousands arrive each year to visit this place. Eternal Spring Shrine or Changchun Shrine was built in memory of the 226 workers who died on duty during the construction of Central-Cross Island Highway. With highest estimated number of deaths, it is considered as the deadliest construction in Taiwan. The spring gushing out beside the shrine formed a small waterfall and now called,”Eternal Plummeting Spring” by the directorate general of highways. Since then, the shrine has become an iconic landmark.

Another interesting feature is the place itself, Hualien is the biggest country in Taiwan and situated on the mountainous eastern coast of the island. It is the main attraction of Taroko National Park with its gorge and offers exceptionally wide variety of attractions. Taroko Gorge is the major centerpiece attraction of the whole park and a must to visit.

Getting a chance to witness this beautiful sight, when we visited this lovely place, I focused only on just the beautiful essentials because of the effort it takes to reach them and surprisingly difficult to climb, not to mention rain often pours in tremendous downpour, it’s good the water quickly subsides. Changchun Eternal Spring Shrine as the most often visited attractions and one of the top 10 wonders of Taiwan, it may leave you wanting to see more of Taroko but 5 hours is not enough to hit all the highlights around but still tourists instead flocked to see the astonishing fragment of history. All in Taroko is a reasonable standard to test your health and fitness level. Shorter trail can be completed in half day while long trails require a full day.

All the featuring picturesque views of Guanyin cave, Hilltop Bell tower, Changuang temple, the still side of Liwu river valley and Eternal Spring Shrine. A guide led nature walk and long trails that start at Jinheng bridge and continue all the way up to the stairway to heaven to find the sacred place, a remote temple in the mountain and a steep series of slippery steps upward heading onto the Eternal Spring Shrine.

Overlooking all the panoramic views with maximum excitement, this is an exciting travel destination. If you have a tour guide, it would be better to guide you along the way. The panoramic view rewards anyone who attempts to climb to the top.

To reach the main peak in elevation, it offers killing views and it is primarily designed for daytime tour.

Eternal Spring Shrine

The towering jagged cliffs, waterfalls, marble mountains and Liwu’s turquoise river formed an immeasurable charm, this is one of the most picturesque corners of Taroko Gorge.

Eternal Spring Shrine

Eternal Spring Shrine scenery owe their dramatic beauty in part to connections with the river. The river’s winding course as much as the shallow scene contributes to the wild scenic beauty.

Eternal Spring Shrine

My Taroko journey of Eternal Spring Shrine starts at Jinheng bridge to the main entrance but first, let me show you the aerial view of Jinheng bridge taken from the mountain top.

View of Jinheng bridge and Liwu river taken from the Changchun terrace.

View taken from the Changchun stairs. Bordered by high marble cliffs and white mountains, the shallow river of Liwu cut its way down through sandstone formations.

Jinheng bridge connects two marble peaks visible in all directions.

Jinheng bridge

The main entrance is the Jinheng bridge leading directly to Guanyin cave.

Guanyin Cave

Climbing the stairs heading to the top, we reached
Guanyin cave.

Passing through the Guanyin cave, it’s a dome cave, a small curved structure.

A long series of slippery steps.

There’s a Led light inside the cave, not sure because I didn’t see any motor inside…

Examining the cave inside, it was well developed.

Our first stop to offer prayers, two- minute of silence to remember all those who perished during the construction of Central-Cross Island Highway. Inside the Guanyin cave is a small temple with statues of the Buddha and Bodhisattva.
(Taoist gods)

A big hole along the passageway of the cave. Liwu river widely seen down there.

Path leading to the entrance of the second cave.

Walking beside the cave, the rocks exposed in its wall reveals a giant slice through time. Leading through the Spring Shrine, I’ve made a quick stop to view the surroundings and right beside me, a deeply eroded part of the marble mountain.

Stairs leading to the hill tower.

A flight of stairs leading down to the terrace and a slippery walk along to view such outstanding setting.

This area gives a full spot to catch a glimpse of the whole surroundings from the Liwu river valley to the elusive mountain ranges and remote jungles.

Chinese architectural influence among the special features of the inviting scenery aside from waterfalls, marble cliffs and mountains, jungle greenery, sparkling river, bell tower and temples.

Taiwan, a land of earthquakes has long been renowned for natural springs that flow through the Liwu river, it vividly conveys the meaning of its name,”Eternal Spring Shrine”

Liwu River Valley

From Guanyin cave, you can clearly see from adjacent side is the designated parking lot for the visitors. Down the Liwu river, it looks like half of the river water have dried-out, the river almost runs dry and worn away by the passage of time.

Taroko marble mountains and nearby attractions are well protected inside Taroko National Park that encompasses some of the finest beauty spots in Hualien. All attractions shown here are clearly reasons enough for visiting Taiwan.

Thanks for reading my blog! More on Taiwan, See you next post…

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Qingshui Cliff/Su-hua Highway

By on April 30, 2019

Among other scenic wonders here in Taiwan is the Su-hua highway, it runs along cliffs in many areas as it offers unmatched beauty of the ocean, mountains and cliff side scenery. Su-hua Highway is located within Taroko National Park and situated South of Heren Kanan bridge across the Kanagang river with numerous beautiful spots and common trails that includes the famous Qingshui Cliffs, one of the top ten natural wonders of Taiwan.

Qingshui Cliffs is the result of a collision between the Eurasian and Philippine plate. It’s hard to believe that sometimes, volcanic activities bring natural wonders and beautiful geological formations.

Catching the beauty of the cliff beside the pacific ocean, you’ll enjoy the ocean breeze alongside other scenic wonders, the unique scene continues to astonish visitors with its pacific beauty.

Qingshui Cliff

Perfectly positioned viewing wooden platform at Su-hua Highway, this is the perfect spot for the visitors to view the surroundings. If you plan to visit Qingshui cliffs along Su-hua Highway, don’t forget to read the safety warning down there.

Things you need to know:
Safety Warning

  1. The highway runs along cliffs in many places and susceptible to rock falls so please practice caution.
  2. Sections of the road near the ocean are often subject to strong gusts of wind. Keep distance from the end of the road.
  3. Huge waves is a serious threat and equally unpredictable.
  4. Huide trail is shared by pedestrians and vehicles, drivers should reduce speed and pay attention to safety measures.
  5. Stay away from the old highway area. Rock falls from cliffs can happen anytime.
  6. Early warning for your own safety. Stay safe!

Thanks for reading my blog! A small note down there will brighten my day…

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My Indoor and Outdoor Photography | Shakes, Juices and Smoothies

Summer Shakes, Juices and Smoothies

By on April 26, 2019

What is summer without cold drinks? Just got a refreshing boost to beat the heat, it’s a fresh fruit harvest to enjoy the quality of luscious fruits for your summer shakes, juices and smoothies. Grab the sweetest and mellow flavor fruits mixed with almost a sour piece and blend it, juice it, smooth it down to make a healthy and energy booster drinks. Even without your favorite tropical fruit, you can substitute any kind of fruit and blend together bringing 2 or more fruits to decide your faves after a hot day would be enough to cool your taste buds.

Mango shake is perfect during hot hour, it’s totally cool and watery moisture makes the best mood.

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My Indoor and Outdoor Photography | Travel and Adventure

Mount banahaw 2019

By on April 25, 2019

Mount banahaw or Bundok ng Dambana is an extinct volcano and the tallest mountain in CALABARZON region. It is located inside the protected area between Quezon and Laguna. This mountain is considered as sacred, it is a popular place for the pilgrims and mountain trekkers.

Mount banahaw is an inviting place for contemplation and prayer, it is also a welcome place for believers to embrace peaceful moment of meditation and devotion. During Lenten season, many believers trek to this mountain, they believed that the miracle water in Mount Banahaw will essentially cure everything, can cure all diseases and water from Mount Banahaw now in a bottle.

Mount Banaha/Bundok ng Dambana

Mount Banahaw is visible in many areas, I took this picture inside the van while passing through picturesque route, so far, it’s the most enjoyable route going to Kamay ni Hesus, another healing church In Lucban Quezon.

If you are seeking  for a sacred spiritual experience, Mount Banahaw is the place to head for. There’s a basic rules and guidelines to strictly regulate activities of mountain trekkers and pilgrims, it was set up after a forest fire broke last year that destroyed  35 hectares of grasslands. You need to secure a permit now, no permit, no camping.

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My Indoor and Outdoor Photography | Travel and Adventure

Manila Bay After the Clean-up Drive

By on April 17, 2019

Residents and visitors benefit from an enlightened policy of operation, after the long month clean-up drive giving Manila bay a new look, it draws large crowd, many people wants to get a glimpse of its natural beauty and curiosity drives me here, the bay has been restored to its former glory. One of the nicest features to enjoy here is the serene view of the bay. It is also a favorite gathering place for sunset viewers, bird watchers and definitely, it’s a jogger’s paradise.

I was here the same spot a year earlier, it’s my favorite photography spot to capture the beautiful sunset however, photo result shows sunset beauty this summer is beyond compare, we will come to that later.

Although, the clean-up and restoration wasn’t fully completed yet as it takes 7 more years to finish according to a source. I don’t know why it takes more than 10 years to start the clean-up, it is supposed to be done 10 years ago anyway,  you can see the big improvement now, Manila bay has a wide sidewalk, less traffic and because it’s clean, more to enjoy the intimate freshness of the atmosphere and around, the impressive high rise buildings accent Roxas Boulevard too.

From these 2 photos is a full comparison to see the difference between the Old Manila Bay and the New Manila Bay after the clean-up drive.

After the Clean-up Drive – The New Manila Bay 2019

The Magnificent sunset over Manila Bay, the vibrant glow and striking views of colors from the water is simply breathtaking.

Before the Clean-up Drive – The Manila Bay 2017

This sunset photo is my worst photography nightmare! I took it summer of 2017 and out of 30 photos, I deleted 29 shots leaving only one, this is the only photo left. You can just imagine the Magnificent Sunset over Manila Bay full of litters, with heaps of trash debris in great abundance. I’m pointing it out of arrow to emphasize it clearly.

You can compare both 2 pictures to see the big difference. Last February, I was very sad, I have missed to capture the fireworks show when the International Pyromusical Competition was moved to a new venue from SM Mall of Asia to SM City Clark Pampanga to give way to the undergoing rehabilitation as a part of clean-up campaign. The massive clean-up began last January and tons of garbage was removed from Manila Bay. It’s worth the effort, the new Manila Bay is a beauty to behold once again.

The New Manila Bay in Broad Daylight

Manila Bay East Sector

There’ s a proper waste segregation and disposal .

Although it’s clean and safe, Manila Bay is declared as a ”NO SWIMMING ZONE”

Thanks to the clean-up drive, I’m free to resume my sunset shooting once again. My special thanks to all organizers of Manila Bay Clean-up Drive, (MMDA) Metro Manila Development Authority in partnership with volunteer organizations and Manila Bay Inter-Agency Task Force (MBIATF) Thank you so much for working tirelessly to collect tons of trash and for helping City Bay Clean-up!

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My Indoor and Outdoor Photography | Wildlife/Animals/Pets

Stunning Sunset Photos with Animal Elements

By on April 13, 2019

On a hunt for a breathtaking photo spot in the hopes of finding a dramatic landscape, a lucky change brought my way outdoors. The perfect location is now a pristine place, the new Manila Bay along the historic Roxas Boulevard where the environment is clean compared to what it was beforehand. After the clean-up drive, the new look is just as beautiful and many people wants to get a glimpse of its natural beauty to behold once again. I was here the same spot years earlier but this time would be a good line of photography experience, it gave me the initial idea to consider the presence of animals along with the sunset background to achieve a more dramatic scene.

This is a summer make-over given the chance to deal with obedience trials of animals, I was excited and curious to get my furry friends involved but I don’t really know how to keep them still in the course of each shot. The sweet thing, they were all behaved and a good follower. Most of those who have taken their pets around Manila bay are welcome to join photo-shoots, it just happens the presence of animals being in the right place when I was there. Among my excitement when pet owners were able to join an hour shoot for their own pets. Aside from horses, there were birds, dogs, cats and an elephant is another location done the same day.

Pet owners has done a good job for allowing me to have a quick snapshot with their pets and I was even welcomed to cuddle and huddle their pets. This kind of activity soothes and relaxes both of us while developing close bond together even for just 15 minutes, excitement comes keeping a list of every shots.

I cannot predict a beautiful sunset, it depends upon the weather and level of clouds. So far, the air is clean, calm and the cloud is high, I’ll take more advantage that when it’s summer, it’s a wonderful sunset time. Here are my stunning sunset photos. Let’s get started.

Animal Photos with Sunset Background

The smallest creature comes first so the birds will take the lead followed by the cat, dog, horse and lastly, the elephant. This would be an unforgettable once in a lifetime photography experience, not a safari thing but the presence of more animals during sundown is a great thing. Let me show you first how sunset looks like beforehand, without the animals.

Magnificent Sunset Over Manila Bay

Birds in Flight at Sunset Background

Marveled by the beautiful colors of the sky, it’s evident and dramatic. The hue scattering colors or orange-red, yellow- blue, purple and red makes a magnificent picture.

My excitement to see the migratory bird, the Great White Egret is a long distance migrant. ( 2nd photo ) you can see complete details of birds displaying aerial acrobatics wading, gliding and diving just in front of the sunset.

Great White Egret flying through the skies of Bayview, this bird has mastered the power of flight, it has a powerful wingbeat with long legs trail behind the body in flight.

A bird is an appealing subject in front of the sunset, it adds beauty to form a perfect sunset landscape. This is what I’m dreaming about… to aim for imaginative images and finally got it.

This serves to be my postcard shot. To create a postcard scene is a time waiting, I hate people in the foreground.

This is a graceful shot with the bird graceful glide and diving up into the clouds down to the water and even crosses the beautiful sunset. Definitely, it adds life and beauty.

Cat on Sunset Background

Sometimes…unexpected surprises came when least expected. Something out of the ordinary and less likely to be seen here. The sightings of a cat during sundown is rare considering the busy location perhaps, this is one way of enjoying animal freedom and must include his presence.

More stolen moments… taken at considerable distance during sunset time.

Perhaps this is a peaceful moment for the cat.

Solitary scene, I can even feel the peacefulness of the surroundings. Cat can be noticed as a loner, you really can’t hide it even in pictures…

Dog on Sunset Background

A dog is totally different from a cat, you can see that this dog is happy smiling and I’m more inspired to take the next step.

My newfound friend is a friendly one, got 2 dogs (Labrador breed) to include in here, the other dog is the featured one.

Beautiful Dog Portrait at Sunset.

You can just imagine the incredible bond between the dog and the photographer.

This is how to prepare dog for the shoot, exceptionally smart and affectionate, a well-behaved and sociable dog is excellent.

Horse on Sunset Background

A gorgeous working horse

Elephant on Sunset Background

As my finishing moment.. a different photography location just nearby Roxas Boulevard.

Mali, the captured elephant.

To capture an elephant on sunset is rare, a hard to get considering Philippines is a tropical country. It’s a lucky shot!

Got 2 more weeks for my photo shoots around the city area and out of the city this coming holy week. I’m in a hurry to finish before the rain comes, rainy season shooting is a tricky one, just as have to know my limits beforehand. Rainy season is a full indoor photography time therefore would be focusing more on other categories like foods, science and technology and restaurant reviews soon.

One thing I have learned from this activity, photographing animals is a pleasurable interaction, communicating at every interaction, it was a busy but a very fulfilling day for me. I have to make photo-shoots short but enjoyable. I had quality time interacting with them and that makes it hard for me to end photo session. I will surely miss my furry friends.

To all pet lovers, I’m sure you’ll love this! Thank you all readers for reading my blog.

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My Indoor and Outdoor Photography | Wildlife/Animals/Pets

Cat Climbing Down a Tree

By on April 8, 2019

Can’t figure out why our family cat Uniqlo loves to climb this type of tree, I’m just wondering why our cat climb trees in the first place. Just a few ideas from my personal friends: firstly, they climb up for safety, that’s one I’ve been thinking about. Secondly, it’s just a fun thing to test their skills and thirdly, it’s a good spot to watch for a good prey. Great answers from you guys, Thank you!

I’m already used to it, I think, it’s just a normal behavior for Uniqlo unlike other cats that they climb everything in their path and once they are up, they can’t come down, it’s hard for them to maneuver downward. One good thing, it’s easier for Uniqlo to come down because it’s a good climbing route, it’s just a med-sized sugar-apple tree or sweetsop, a widely grown native tree and we call it ‘’atis’’ in the Philippines.  

Ascending and descending climbing from start to finish. Here are some photos of Uniqlo climbing a Sugar-Apple or Sweetsop tree upward and going downward.

Up there, it looks like it’s a place for relaxing. Just like humans, Uniqlo wants to connect and interact with nature…..

Thank you for reading my blog, just a simple note down there makes me happy. See you next posts!

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My Indoor and Outdoor Photography | Travel and Adventure

Railway Tracks Along the Cliff

By on April 3, 2019

A series of tall mountain chains covered with dense forest and below is a passageway railway track that runs straight through a tunnel inside the mountain. One of the most extraordinary railways track I’ve ever seen. According to an early account, the North Link Railway in Taiwan is one of the world’s most spectacular railroad and pleasingly agree with it as rail route through high steep mountain terrain.

The North Link Railway, one of the major construction projects that began in December of 1973 and the complete line was opened February of 1980, that was 7 years after. 20 workers lost their lives in the course of construction.The railway line connects link between Yilan and Hualien and directly to Taidong, it passes through winding roads and high steep terrain by means of a number of tunnels. Out of 15 tunnels, one tunnel takes 12 minutes for the train to pass through the longest tunnel. The railway will take you to your destination by train cutting travel time. From Suao to Hualien is just two hours compared to four hours before the construction. For the tourists, you’ll enjoy riding between tunnels to tunnels.

The scenery around folds dip into all directions backed by high steep cliffs.

Thanks for reading/viewing! Give us a like to see more of our latest adventures around Taiwan!

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