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Home Cooking During the Coronavirus Pandemic

July 31, 2020

The pandemic season has given us more opportunity we never thought we would experience but up to now we are still facing similar crisis following the given protocols and restrictions under each level of quarantine from ECQ—MECQ—GCQ and of all measures, ECQ is the strictest. The COVID 19 stay home orders to keep us safe and minimize the risk of spreading, the great concern to wear mask and comply with social distancing measures to stay homebound but our country cautiously to loosen slowly back to the new normal life adopting to new rules to follow. Since it is impossible to predict when the pandemic will end or how long it will take to recover, people should not be expected to remain indoors indefinitely.

There are many things to ponder in times of great unpredictability, such as the current state of our economy and the hardships faced by those who have lost their jobs or are struggling to make ends meet due to the closure of businesses hit hard by the pandemic. However, I would like to express my gratitude to the government aid programs that have provided unemployed citizens with cash handouts and food packages.

I think I’ve finished up after the lockdown. Since everyone in my family now works remotely, I’ve been spending most of my time seeing to their needs and ensuring their safety. I’m afraid the worst is yet to come. I’ve recently deleted Facebook for five months so that I can devote my full attention to my family and their needs, shop online, and narrow my focus to the bare minimum.

Despite the difficulty of the situation, I was able to maintain a positive outlook by taking pleasure in learning about exciting new cooking techniques and delicious new recipes. The summer season (March–May) was fruitful, with a plentiful supply of in-season fruits at discounted prices, including nearly the best fruits and some of my favorites at their peak. Having a stocked fridge gives me a wide variety of meals to choose from. The only way I know to keep loving and happy while quarantined during a pandemic is to experiment with new recipes in the kitchen. Do you agree that everyone needs a break after being locked up for so long?

Here are the meals I cooked for my family at home and documented with photographs before serving them during the pandemic

Breakfast in the garden (with Frosty, the family dog, joining us, of course).

Cooking from the garden features seafood dishes that can be prepared quickly and easily.

My Chicken Congee with Century egg

We look forward to our favorite breakfast together each and every Sunday. The most important meal of the day is breakfast, and it’s even better when it’s eaten with people you care about.

Bulalo is a dish made with beef, and the bone marrow that is present in all of the bones can be plainly seen in the dish. It has always been a fan favorite.

Steamed Crabs with Black Bean Sauce

Sizzling Sisig They can be made to look like this with some extra work on your part. This is the type of recipe with which I grew up, so I know I can trust the results.

Sizzling Spicy Squid with Vegetables is another sizzling recipe of the day.

Beef Burger with Mushroom Gravy, Additional side dishes, such as steamed broccoli and French fries, are presented in a base formation.

My Japanese Gyoza

My Special Cheezy Morcon is delicious and addictive.

Steamed Shrimps with Fried Slices of Eggplant. Beautifully arranged on a plate, the circular order or rounded form presentation, my family will be able to enjoy the rest of the meal.

Snacks and Desserts

My sister Anne is a registered nutritionist-dietitian, so she is an expert when it comes to calorie counting, but I am not, so I gained a little bit of weight while cooking, cooking, and more eating.

During the pandemic season, it seemed like my family’s meals were specifically designed to be exciting new experiences. It’s easy and straightforward no matter which of the many available simple courses you choose to pursue. What should I do to get ready? Sorry, but you’ll have to wait until your next post to share more photos.

 Late afternoon, I’m fortunate to view the sunset from our own garden.

The fact that we have our very own pomelo tree gives us a sense of pride, and the presence of pomelos in our very own backyard is exciting.

I used to wake up earlier on Friday nights so that I could blog, but in order to make up for lost time on Saturdays and Sundays, I made it a point to turn off all electronic devices, including my laptop, my cellphone, and the television, so that I would not be disturbed while I was trying to fall asleep. It’s almost time for me to head off to dreamland now. Good night to everyone, and thank you for taking the time to read my blog!

Stay Home and Keep Safe Always

  1. Very interesting blog! How i love to see your cooking trends, All delicious andmouth-watering. thanks for sharing!

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