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Manila Bay

October 24, 2013

Taken during my recent visit here, Manila Bay has the magnet to attract visitors around the corner especially the tourists visiting our country. If you live nearby Manila Bay, take a walk around or make a quality time for family bonding.The perfect compliment is to watch the beautiful sunset descending from horizon after the blazing hot day and the soothing view to watch the calm water  from afar.  It will surely gives you the best feeling that will inspire you from day to day.

DSC07628 copy


DSC07661 copy


IMG_2566 copy


IMG_2606 copy


IMG_2609 copy


IMG_3038 copy


IMG_5575 copy


IMG_5623 copy


IMG_5686 copy


IMG_5687 copy


IMG_5689 copy


IMG_5697 copy


IMG_7512 copy


IMG_7530 copy


IMG_7535 copy


IMG_7545 copy

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