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Black Background Images of Honeybees

July 17, 2013

It was summer when I started to photograph the honeybees.Attempting to get a good picture was really tough at this time,got only few chances because the weather sometimes is unpredictable.A lot of times, when the day is supposed to be sunny, but it turned out to be foggy and windy.

Recently,I produced pictures of honeybees in a natural habitat,however this time, I want to change the setting from natural environment to black background.Attempting to get a good picture at a closer range using foliage as my background and keeping it to a bit darker is hard because it was done in a broad daylight. These honeybees were very active and aggressive coming too close and flew away. It was just a matter of patience to wait for the proper timing.Sometimes, I’m losing my patience and felt so uncomfortable under the sun.

Fortunately, Pollinating flowers was done many times,therefore, the honeybees will return again and again to the same flower and that I firmly memorized all their routes following them. As the result? I produced 15 pictures of honevbees pollinating flowers with a black background.Definitely, I’m changing moods, it might be unpleasant to see as it is noticeable with the presence of other pictures. I’m not a photographer, still learning some tecniques  from you guys! Here’s the result !

(Click on images to view larger)

IMG_4917 copy


IMG_4795 copy


IMG_4916 copy


IMG_6690 copy


IMG_7521 copy


IMG_9468 copy


IMG_9467 copy


IMG_8002 copy copy


IMG_9634 copy


IMG_9646 copy


IMG_9649 copy


IMG_9748 copy


IMG_9946 copy copy


IMG_7661 copy


IMG_9738 copy


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