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Homework Tips for the Students

July 23, 2013

Hearing it only once is not enough,you might forget the important ideas that’s why,It is always important to take-down notes while your teacher is explaining.Why it matters? In order for you to get a passing grade,helps you to answer quickly in class recitation and most of all,to understand more about the subject matterHere are some tips and homework guide.

1. While waiting for the teacher to arrive,open your subject notebook and write the date on the right side.

2. Be attentive and don’t let others distract your attention.Take-down notes while the teacher is explaining.Avoid errors in writing, write it clearly,do not write everything what the teacher says.Write only the important ones.

3. Use abbreviations and symbols.Your teacher might be explaining very fast.Don’t make it difficult for you, Practice to write quickly as fast as you can.Do the short-cut way of writing remember that each subject is only good for 45 minutes to an hour.Teacher might be running out of time, this is the reason why, she will repeat it only once.However,some teachers have very soft and gentle words in explaining,be sure to stay in the front row if have the difficulty in understanding it.

4. Sometimes,you’ll find unusual and unfamiliar words which is very hard to understand. Refer to the dictionary or you may ask help from your parents.If don’t have a dictionary,for easy access,you  can download free dictionary to your mobile.

5. Go through,Correct mispelled words and use highlighter to mark the important ones only.This is the best time for you to apply your reading skills.

6. Be responsible and independent. Set time schedule for you to study and answer your homework at home.Plan how much time you’ll need for each subject,decide which is the most important and urgent, leave the less important and move it to tomorrow.Whenever you find the time,open your notes and study.However, the best time to study is early morning when your memory is still fresh.Time adjustment is very important, It’s really hard to wake up in the morning especially if you didn’t establish a routine for you.Start to develop it now,limit your time online,cut all unnecessary activities and sleep on time.

7. Find a comfortable and quiet place for you to study.A place where no one will disturb and distract you.

9. Memory Booster.While studying,have a small bowl of peanuts and pistachios beside you.It will brighten your mood and gives a better memory.

10. Don’t study with an empty stomach to avoid interruptions while reviewing your lessons.However, don’t make your tummy full because it makes you feel tired and sleepy.

Sometimes, academic pressure is a problem that you might  not have time to do everything and miss some that will keep on bothering you that’s why,you must develop a good study habit and apply your scheduling skills.Remember all these reminders.Soon undoubtedly, will influence your decision in the future. Make a study your everyday habit.Experience the enjoyment and importance of studying.


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