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July 16, 2013

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Sunday is the best time to shop. It’s my Sunday habit to do all buying of foods and grocery items good enough for the whole week. I want to have enough food in the house to get dinner on the table ready. Last Sunday,I was in the Supermarket, while busy selecting foods, a girl in the fruit section invited me to sample some of their fruits for the day.They were giving out fruit choice to be sampled, got everyone to get free samples of Kiwis, grapes, oranges and yellow/red watermelon.I prefer the red watermelon,got my attention because it looks so fresh and inviting.

I remember when I was 10 years old, my mama is always telling me to refrain from any seeds of the fruit. She keeps on telling me that ”if i eat the seeds,then, the seeds will grow in my stomach”. I wasn’t even scared at that time but bit confused. Night time comes, I was thinking and imagining if in case, I will eat the seeds and will surely grow inside, and as it grows, the leaves might comes out of my mouth. I was so terrified thinking about that,What if I accidentally ate one without even knowing it?

I was only a kid at that time and so premature to think about everything.As the result? I bought a whole piece of red watermelon and it was so refreshing !It seems, during those times, I was the only kid bothered by that. Today, I simply smile to remember all those funny things in life. It was just a funny stuff to remember till this day. LOL!

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