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Tweet-Tweet Wake Up

May 15, 2013

IMG_3312 copy

Gray wagtail bird

Sounds of gray wagtail bird wakes me up,singing and chirping rhythmically outside the window early in the morning.I was trying to figure it out what’s happening outside.It seems they are trying to get me do something for them. Quickly,I get up and run outside,I saw these gray wagtail birds eating and enjoying slices of bread left on the table yesterday.

IMG_3278 copy

Originally,The gray wagtail was alone,making some noises calling her mate, and minutes after, her mate has arrived  to join her. It’s a bird behavior during food sharing.

 What a morning excitement,these is how birds behave when they see something good in the morning.It was just a morning surprise for them. Nevermind, chirping has the power to wake you up, cheer you up, and makes you happy.

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