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Avatar Float Parade

May 7, 2013

Featuring the 2012 Electric Float parade last December.One float carries the movie theme Avatar ,an epic fiction film was the night’s favorite. For me,the best movie theme float is the Avatar. The float design, decorations, electric lights and the costume is unique and attractive. Avatar dancers was almost perfect, the painted face and body was a fantastic work of art.It really  looks like the original Avatars. Here’s some shots taken during the night parade. 17 images all in all. It was a night photography. Click on images to view larger.

IMG_4048 copy

This is how the Avatar electric float looks like,it was a huge float. The reproduction of fantasy creatures brings them back to life. The two main Avatar characters;Jake Sully and Neytiri riding on a flying dragon.

IMG_4049 copy

Portraying significant roles as the dragon riders,it was a perfect copy. Neytiri and Jake Sulky with bows and arrows.


Me with the Avatar dancers.There was a traffic jam,the float can’t barely move,I guess,it was my chance to giggle with them.

IMG_4063 copy

The Avatar dancers with their costumes and painted face make-ups.

IMG_4050 copy

Neytiri ready to shoot. These guys really portraying the role of Avatar warriors.

IMG_4061 copy

Close-up shot of one of the Avatar dancers.

IMG_4051 copy

From a distance, I’ve produced a good shot of a flying dragon.The float was full with vibrant lights. It was very colorful at night.

IMG_4039 copy

The recreation of the magical tree, the place for prayers.It was really a huge float to accommodate some props.

IMG_4043 copy

This is the complete view of the whole float.It looks like floating on the night sky.

IMG_4066 copy

These guys are good Avatar actors.

IMG_4045 copy

The front view. Really hard to take shots around. It was full and crowded with people I barely know.

IMG_4041 copy

Tempting to make a good result but, it was so difficult to photograph.

IMG_4047 copy

I’m enjoying the fun around with around here.

IMG_4055 copy

Not a camera shy for these guys.

IMG_4056 copy

One last shot and it was all well done.

IMG_4065 copy

Looking forward for next year’s parade of float again.Check my next post for the complete presentation of different movie theme,”Electric float parade,2012.”

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