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The Spectacular Sunset View

August 5, 2011


Photographed by: Pixel Pro Photography, Malaysia                                      

The Tales of Evening Shoot and Outdoor Location

One windy afternoon, the sun is setting and it is witnessed by millions of people with great emotions and intensity of observation to see the spectacular sunset. It seems something made to be different and unique here in  Teluk Intan Riversidethe sunset seems to be slower and more dramatic, it is, as if, created to be watched, sinking slowly  as it descend below western horizon at the end of the day. The sunset, the glow of brilliant lights, and display of color in the sky at this time of the day is absolutely perfection.

Once again, I would like to share my ideas with the world, using pictures to stand for it.  This is  to share reality and show the best  and good things in life. To the pictures itself, can make your own thoughts and my feelings visible to share with you and my  site is like a chest to store my thoughts and ideas. Of course, I can tell a lot of things by looking at the photographs alone, eventhough  photographs can speaks for itself, the author can simply fill up the missing part of it.

A  photographer of  Malaysia, Alex Chan took this shot  to remind us of the magic of this day.  He described the experience as a ‘’defined spiritual’’ that although, it lasts only handful of minutes is already enough. To view and took shots of sunset is silently doing nothing, just being in the silence of focusing the camera. You would ever think that photographing a sunset would be pretty easy? Just point your camera at the setting sun to get the beautiful sunset shots?  Choosing the right subject is also crucial because to create a beautiful photograph is to choose beautiful subject. This may be great to watch, with some other interesting elements in the shot. Let’s get started!

The boat sailing into the sunset. Sailing daily in the afternoons and at sunset, is truly memorable.

 A perfect day for indeed, a relaxing and rejuvenating simple pleasures that provides calmness for our soul. This is a place surrounded by trees and the river itself paint picturesque scenery.

The nature’s power of beauty is mesmerizing. The beauty of the sunset.To see a scene like these is pretty mandatory. For me, it is beyond description.

The shore begins to glow as the sky changes colors.

The fisherman’s shadow is a wonderful scenery. .

A stunning time of day  to sit along the shores. This is a glorious time for family bonding.

 A site not to be missed, the most photographed and visited part where you can view a beautiful sunset. The good thing about the location itself is free for the taking, and the destination that you can pull- over anywhere.


A  quiet moment that you would be best cherished for a lifetime, calm mind and a peaceful spirit. Watching the sun slowly sink into the water is a magic moment to be shared with the one you love. The colorful sunset create a romantic setting that is truly special.

You can see the sun wheel as it communicates the motion upon descending.

When the sun goes down, the beautiful reflections of quiet water is beyond price. Watching the bright light transform into vibrant yellow and oranges and then, fade into reds and light blue with colors reflecting the water.

The sun’s apparent descent below western horizon at the end of the day.

The most very dramatic and quiet setting. A place not to be missed.


Your sweet journey doesn’t end here.  Look for a beautiful place to be relaxed and stress-free. Perhaps, seeing a sunset like this is not a rare sight, but when you do get to see one, you stop and admire the inspiring scene. I love these  sunset photos. I felt that these scenes makes me  feel at ease, peace to value life and the breathtaking view will remain forever in my memory.

Alex Chan waited for hours for these sunset scene. These stunning sunset scenery photographs were all taken in Malaysia.  He was able to capture in his camera the majestic combination of night, day and shadows. The process is to show the sunset as his master’s work of photography. The distinction by itself, and a choice for anyone who needs to escape the pressures of life.

Thank you  for sharing  your photos with me. Thank you  Pixel Pro Photography, Malaysia.

Copyright  All rights reserved.  No part of my work may be reproduced, photocopying, and recording any information storage without any written permission from the author.


  1. owl seemed oblivious to the crowds of photographers snapping away and Behold how beautiful the sunset looks. nice!

  2. Hey, thks for sharing these lovely shots! It’s hard to stop by to find time to appreciate nature these days. Looking at these pix makes me feel serene 🙂

  3. . .serenety felt within. . how i love these scenes. . tnx. . 4 gving me d chance. . 4 sharing me this webpage. . my first time. .

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