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What is a Friend?

July 28, 2011


One of the most interesting part of human relationship is friendship. But how does someone become a friend? For others, They click with each other on first meeting. The sharing and exchanging views seems they had known each other for a long time. For me, as I grew older, a lot of experience has enlightened my way. I met friends that proved friendship truly worth remembering. They have stood the test of time and whom I have have grown with childhood memories to treasure. The on and off relationship, not to mention a lot of headache and heartache but still stood closer no matter what happens and stand still.

A friend who helps you in every way is treated differently with a friend who cried with you when you needed someone to listen to as you told your personal and family problems. It is just like a bird that if they have the same feathers, they flock together. Yes! We all have the same thing in common. Thus, sharing  all things  in common likes and interest to live a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes, just like a magnet that, unlike poles attracts each other with diverse appearances but compliment each other afterwards.

What do you think? Does it work for you? I would be glad if you share some views about your friends too. For some friends, They simply describe friends are forever. I firmly believe it works as proven the test of time anyway.

However, things happen that makes us unhappy which is a part of life. I have a good friend. Recently, She was diagnosed with the dreaded disease cancer. How sad to be in this kind of condition. I always stay beside her to show my care and support. This is all what friendship is all about, to love and care , to help and to cherish, to share all things that you have  and with a positive attitude, we can change the feelings which is looking through the brighter side of life. Have to do things right and never stop trying.  Be good to ourselves and show compassion to others.


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