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Inspirational Illustration Of Love Notes, Poems And Reflections

By on July 17, 2014

When I started making poems, reflections and inspirational quotes is always  accompanied with a background illustration. Certainly, I did it slightly the different way than other illustrations you see around. For one thing sure, I made it using  photos I took around. It was a spare images from nature that was set aside for a long time. If you check my file, it was all full of images, there were lots of photos stored to  my folder. Before, I really thought it was a trash but never landed on recycle bin. I never thought and imagined that one day, I will need it again. Here’s retrieving some intended for this cause. Once again, I don’t want it to be wasted, it turned out to be a useful and better alternative getting something from scratch.

Other illustrations I’ve made previously, it was done late nights. I feel relaxed to retrieve past photos late nights. At dawn, more concentration to my side especially when everyone else is peaceful and atmosphere is good for no one distracts? it seems to calm down my senses to view every image, it’s something just fun to write and read. Who would think? You might do more when you are getting older. Probably the hardest part in making cover illustrations will be to stay patient and alive till late nights. Here are some of my Inspirational and love quotes

I tell you one thing, In one single page,written words take many forms, it represents the words and phrases deriving from the image itself. It tells a story!

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