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Home Cooking during Pandemic

By on October 12, 2020

Note: This is the continuation of my blog, ”Home Cooking during Coronavirus Pandemic”

Home cooking during this season offers another marvelous opportunity to cook more and to eat more, it’s a day entirely dedicated to enjoying home-cooked meals. These days, planning a meal for the family is simple, but it can be difficult to accommodate everyone’s preferences. As a result, many households end up preparing more than one meal at the same time, which results in more time spent cooking.

The pandemic has made it more difficult for everyone to go out and shop, as there are now more factors to think about (such as the best days to go out shopping) and less readily available food. Due to a rise in the number of home cooks, both experienced chefs and those just starting out are finding themselves short on staple ingredients. Thank goodness there are plenty of grocery stores close by. Because I am alone in the kitchen, I have to work quickly when time is of the essence and I need to get dinner on the table as soon as possible. By planning meals in advance or the day before and taking advantage of a few shortcuts, I save not only time but money as well. The high price of food is beyond my means. I always choose the cheapest option.

Since the pandemic began, my life has taken a turn for the worse, and I often feel hopeless about the future. I’m sure I’m not the only one who shudders at the thought of what comes after a pandemic; in preparation for it, I’ve been extra careful ever since, and I even made some rules for the house to ensure that everyone stays healthy and safe. Like all mothers, I have to enforce strict rules at home.

No matter what the norm of the future turns out to be, the food we eat every day won’t change. Home-cooked meals are unparalleled. I feel closer to my family now that I have experienced a true taste of home. Agreed, it’s a pleasure to prepare a meal for a loved one.

Here are my tried and true family meals during the pandemic

At home, I served two different types of recipes, along with a soup or salad as an appetizer. In order to maintain a healthy diet, I focus on selecting foods that are high in the essential nutrients. In an effort to model healthy eating behaviors for my children, I prepare vegetables on a daily basis. Creating special versions of dishes we eat on a regular basis is one of the ways I try to brighten my family’s day and communicate my love and concern to them through the medium of food.

My before and after cooking pictures


If I’m going to cook, I want the scent to permeate the entire house; believe me when I say that it almost always gets everyone in the family gathered around the table right away.


Here’s one I prepared earlier, it’s a Classic Morcon a dish that is well-liked by all. I usually make extra food so that I can save some for the next day or keep some on hand for a quick dinner the day after that. Also, I like to have something ready to go for lunch the day after that. Since it is a meal that has already been prepared, heating it up on the weekend will be relatively simple.

Before/After pictures of Mango Float

Mango Float, an icebox cake layered with fresh ripe mangoes, graham crumbs, condensed milk, and, of course, the Alaska Crema whipped cream, is a cold delights dessert. Making this sweet treat is a breeze.

Before/After Pictures

Cholesterol Free Pancake with fresh fruits for breakfast. My cholesterol-free pancake routine is getting boring, so I’m going to switch things up by adding fresh fruit. When we make our own breakfast, I can control what goes into my family’s food.

Before/After cooking pictures of Garlic Buttered Crabs

We prefer male crabs because their larger claws hold more white meat, but the female crab’s meat, especially the orange fat they call “aligue,” is tastier in my opinion.

Before/After pictures of Oysters omelette

My Oyster Omelette is a wonderful addition to the table, and because it is so simple to make, it is an excellent choice for a speedy meal on hectic days. I purchased these oysters at SM Supermarket, where they were contained in a transparent plastic brick and priced appropriately. When shopping for oysters at the grocery store, it is important to be aware of the different types available and determine which ones are best suited for cooking. Oysters purchased there are safe to consume, but when I go to the wet market, I always make sure to ask the vendors there where the oysters originate because this is a common question. I don’t buy oysters or any other shellfish that comes from Cavite waters because I just think they are dirty. The red tide poisoning that comes from Cavite oysters is extremely dangerous. Oysters can be obtained in an easy and risk-free manner by purchasing them from supermarkets; however, they need to be cooked on the same day that they are purchased.

Easy Beef Nachos our favorite snack.

My homemade Assorted Fruit Shakes and Smoothies

I love surprises! This is something a little special to serve.

Pineapple-Pear Shake

Kiwi-Strawberry Shake

There is nothing better than foods that have been cooked at home, especially when the kitchen is in charge. It takes a little bit of patience to achieve great results when using any of my cooking methods, whether they are modern or traditional. However, this is all worth it in order to make our house a better place….

I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog. Maintain your safety and good health.

Take care and Goodnight fellas!

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