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Breathtaking Bangui Wind Farm

By on June 21, 2021

Bangui, Ilocos Norte is a home of the first windmill in southeast Asia, It has become a popular tourist destination because it is widely regarded as one of the nicest places in the province. The huge turbines that dominate the Bangui skyline and beachfront are on full display here. Cluster of wind turbines capturing wind energy with their massive propeller-like blades to produce renewable energy for use in the electric power generation process. While traditional windmills were designed to pump water and grind grain, their modern counterparts are utilized to generate power. China, with its long coastline and huge bulk, has more windmills than any other country.

Photos taken a year ago during my visit to the province, my passion is just simple, to take photos for blogs and to document beautiful places I’ve been to. I continue adding more great photos each time we travel somewhere. Here are my photo collection of the iconic windmills by the sea. It was a great experience to see all the beautiful places of Ilocos especially Bangui Windmills, Kapurpurawan Rock Formation and Culili Point Sand Dunes in Paoay, Ilocos Norte.

The Iconic Windmills of Bangui, Ilocos Norte

It is a must-see. Never mind the sizzling hot day and air pressure blowing very hot, it’s all worth to see natural resources providing electricity for the region.

A stunning panorama of windmills against a blue sky and sea.

Walking along the beach with windmill background.

While driving around Pagudpud, we made a bit stop and slow a bit to see the group or windmills from a far…

It was stunning in its beauty. It’s no surprise that this landmark is a favorite among both young and old vacationers.

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My Indoor and Outdoor Photography | Travel and Adventure

The Beautiful Black Water Lagoon of Piat

By on June 4, 2021

Catch the first glimpse of Black Water Lagoon on a beautiful clear day, just a short distance away, a little bit climb on the stairs to reach the top of the Iconic Piat hill (Itawis landmark) to see the panoramic views of the mountains from east to west, you’ll also witness your favorite time of day; the sunrise and sunset and grand view of the whole town. The Black Water Lagoon of Piat Cagayan is a family-friendly park and a part of People’s Integrated Agri Tourism Center, it’s just 10-min walk from Basilica Minore Nuestra Senora De Piat.

Photo taken during my recent visit to Piat, it reminds me of my beautiful hometown. Looking back is my own way to stay connected, I miss my hometown where we used to live, my birthplace Piat Cagayan. I miss not only the food but also the people I’ve known since childhood. Every chance had taken away by uncertainty brought by the pandemic. I’m longing to be home again soon when life return to normal.

Note: Stay safe! Protect yourself and follow safety and health protocols.

Thanks for reading my blog! Goodnight folks!

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