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Mountain Float-Chiang Mai

February 25, 2020

Following our comprehensive itinerary Thailand tour starting in Bangkok, On our third day, we flew to Chiang Mai, the Northern part of Thailand. Our aim here is to enjoy the best of Chiang Mai from start to finish. This is the much-needed vacation we’ve been waiting for, no urgent concerns, no rushing obligations, just a well-deserved time leaving work and other worries behind but I don’t think one week vacation here in Thailand is the right amount of time, this is just a short time and plenty of travel sites transferring from location to another, not enough time to explore the whole of Thailand. I know for sure, sooner I keep coming back for more.

Day 1- Journey into the heart of Chiang Mai

Aerial View of Chiang Mai, Thailand from airplane window.

Departed on-time, we arrived in Chiang Mai early morning, not very far from the airport, we went straight for breakfast at Thai restaurant that serves the most popular Thai breakfast generally at reasonable prices, we really don’t want to miss this, it’s the start of the day. We ordered the most delicious and popular breakfast dishes. We had Thai congee, steamed siomai (pork dumplings, fried tofu, and other varieties were a bit less spicy. Our breakfast was so good, it gives ample energy to tour for the day.

After our breakfast, we went to relax in the spa for a duration of 120 mins massage, the AYURVEDIC & Wellness a health land massage, it is the most popular stress relief spa here in Chiang Mai.

What a Wow thing! Not only the soothing treatment, just after the massage, I immediately achieved the best feeling of well-being.

AYURVEDIC & Wellness
Health Land Chiang Mai Massage for Health

It’s about lunchtime when we finished our spa and another 30 minutes drive to reach Huen Muan Jai, a Northern Food Restaurant, one of the best places to eat and it is the most famous Thai select cuisine awarded by Ministry of Commerce in Thailand. As always, Thai food plays a central role renowned for its quality and diversity. This is really a traveler-oriented restaurant, food served was good, I was impressed with the taste and presentation techniques and enjoyed the succulent taste, it’s a bit expensive but worth trying sharing a selection of Northern dishes if you are heading to Chiang Mai, try this restaurant. More on that, a bit later.

After our healthy breakfast, a spa treatment and sumptuous lunch, I now have a better memory and energy level to cope with different activities throughout the day. It seems my energy is now best designed for long tour. I’m now ready to climb the mountains of Hill tribes. Here we go!

This is the best plan for an adventurous visitor like me to venture into the Karen territory, any visitor can seek out an inner territory of the Nomads.

From my journey to the North, it is worthwhile meeting the hill tribes. People here were very friendly and accommodating. So far, the longest time I have ever personally been on, anyway, I enjoyed every moment of it and I would be benefitted to learn about their cultural heritage.

Baan Tong Luang Eco-Agricultural Village

Continuing along the Northern part around Chiang Mai, the surrounding countryside is dotted with day-trip options in all directions. Climbing the hills en route to the mountains of hill tribes. A hill tribe is a term for all of the various ethnic groups in Thailand. The Heritage site, the home of the hill tribes originating in all various parts of China and Southeast Asia, the ethnic groups settled in Thailand who came from Burma, Laos, and Cambodia. They are often described as the 4th world people, they are simply migrants who continue to migrate moving frequently from one village to another.

Hill tribes sell locally produced products (crafted goods), no inflated costs if you buy directly from them. Support the ethnic group, buy their products!

The traditional mode of ethnic expression, the ethnic groups identified by their colorful traditional costume decorated by silver jewels and embellished by elegant bodices.

Meet the Karen tribe, my favorite of all the ethnic groups living there, Karen group scattered throughout the villages deep in the forest up high the mountains bordering Myanmar.

Legendary ”Giraffe woman” with extremely long necks adorned with gold rings. We usually call it a weird adornment but for them is a beauty treatment, this is to testify the richness of craft tradition and wealth of their own tribe.

Mountain Float Resort Chiang Mai

This is the major highlight of this blog that introduces more of Chiang Mai and suggesting when to go and what not to miss. I’m now sharing every aspect with you, dear readers.

Of greatest interest, the day will not end up here, it’s nearly 4 pm and the sun begins to set while a cool wind blows heading to our floating house.

Our excitement grows into every aspect of whats Chiang Mai is going to offer next. We were all excited to experience on-the-water home accommodation as our new hideaway destination is waiting for us.

After the Heritage site, We directly went to Sri Lanna National Park to catch the speed boat and from here, we were taken to the ”Mountain Float. It took 35 minutes to reach our new destination, The Mountain float or Houseboat, or Floating house, our new on-the-water home. Mountain float resort, a 4-star floating hotel in Chiang Mai.

Mountain Float Resort Chiang Mai

Mountain Float resort taken by flying camera, Drone, I love the results from that drone.

As we approached the floating house, the hotel crew was already waiting at the arrival area, ready to assist us. What a warm welcome!

Mountain Float Resort located in the Mae Taeng area of Chiang Mai. This is a floating house well-suited to families who want to experience a bit of privacy and to enjoy not only the food but also the peacefulness of the picturesque waterscape and watersports. For more dominant features coming up next, scroll down please, this is such a long blog.

The crew immediately offered us healthy snacks and local delicacies for the whole family to enjoy.

We have our own patio dining table just beside our room.

What a beautiful patio with a full lake breeze, it’s a unique geography to connect with nature overlooking across Sri Lanna National Park.

Foods served are the ones I’ve been craving for, How can I resist? A basket of Crispy Fried Chicken on a crepe basket with a side dish of Caesar salad, that’s a good part of my diet.

I have never had a more relaxing vacation just like this before, this is a beautiful spot to fuel the day. Plateful of nutritious food consists of fresh slices of ripe guavas, melon and dragon fruit.

Our assorted snacks for the day; that white jelly on a white plate is Khanom Tako or pudding, a Thai sweet Jelly with coco cream on top. On a native basket is Pork cracklings and the on a big platter is Pad Thai made out of fresh ingredients; rice noodles, shrimps, chicken, tofu and scrambled eggs. What an impressive food scene with light aromatic components.

This is something new to experience for the whole family and it’s ready to serve us.

There’s plenty of privacy, perfectly comfortable and spacious with dramatic waterscape. All houseboats have the buoyancy to make the raft float stably and with 24 hours electricity and water have been filtered through a series of standard equipment.

Each houseboat has an area of approximately 100 square meters divided into 4 large bedrooms with one double and twin beds. Each room has its own clean bathroom and toilet.

From the patio, you’ll feel the mellow atmosphere with a piece of soft music, to while away an hour or two during a pleasant conversation.

Enjoying the luxury lifestyle of a floating house for a few nights but adding considerable charms makes me feel like home. I felt the intimate connection with the serenity of the misty surroundings and nearby mountains.

The dramatic waterscape is truly beautiful that blends with the land and water breeze and that makes this place special.

I’m enjoying being alone even for just a moment, atmosphere around gives me exhilarating sense of peacefulness.

Wooden walkways going to the restaurant. Mountain float is just the right balance fairly offered us modern comfort.

You don’t have to worry about anything, everything is included; the boat trips, water sports, buffet breakfast and dinner and they also served the most nutritious snack.

Mountain Float Restaurant dining area. Our buffet breakfast going on here, somehow, very appealing and well-organized food presentation, it’s a modern twist display.

My morning breakfast

At first, it took a while to get used to a floating home, on our first night, it was uneasy and couldn’t sleep because our new bedroom is entirely different to our usual one. The only problem, the temperature is fine daytime but at sundown, the temperature drops abruptly and you will experience a chilly night till 6 in the morning. Absolutely no buzzing nightlife here but there’s a billiard hall for the boys to play with no time limits.

Mountain Float Restaurant

Dining on separate houseboat with a lounge, it’s lovely and romantic venue, it’s a home away from home.

It offers exceptional fishing, Kayaking speed boating, swimming and other water sports just ready to use.

There’s also a kid’s play platform and jumping stumps for them to enjoy.

There’s also a floating boat lift for speed boats, you can even wander from your houseboat to another houseboats nearby, the floating platform is stable.

Another perspective on this water world, getting closer to nature on a kayak.

 The blissful solitude at its most whimsical and surreal.

Visibly stunning sunrise

Wooden walkways with potted plants

My favorite spot to catch up the sunrise, great ambiance, excellent food and a pleasant space to hang out for long conversations.

Thinking of people I care about, the right moment for me to reflect on the things I should be grateful for, a reminder for the many things we have to be thankful for. God is good!

This is really a wonderful place to enjoy the serenity of life and to nourish my soul.

Buddhist Monk collecting alms arrives at Mountain Float Resort early in the morning.

There’s never been a more exciting time than to stay here considering dramatic views and the serenity of the lake.

There’s plenty to enjoy here in Chiang Mai Mountain Float, escape your busy life, pick your travel destination to experience a perfect place to unwind.

To document my experience staying here was such an amazing treat for the whole family, I wished vacation would never end….

Chiang Mai, Thailand, this is the kind of place to fall in love with, I was emotionally sad to leave this place. Definitely, it reminds me of my friends; Dear Pat, Jam and Sorakhom’s family. My special thanks goes to you guys! Words are certainly not enough to express my gratitude to you. Thank you so much Papatsorn! Thank you for the warm welcome and hospitality !

Note: Eyewitness and Entertaining with travel pictures rich in detail and subjective texts, As always, accuracy of information contained in this blog.

Thank you for reading my blog!

  1. Wow! Super excellent blog! Very beautiful and exciting story. I was delightfully enjoying all your family pictures and the view of the floating lodge. I-love the food too!!!

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