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Sandboarding/4×4 Ride Culili Point Sand Dunes

July 23, 2018

Fun and exciting outdoor activities that you need to try in Ilocos are sandboarding and the thrilling 4×4 ride, it’s a different kind of activities that take place on sand dunes. Sandboarding is similar to snowboarding combining different movements of surfing and skating. I was so excited to try for the very first time, I’m scared but since it’s a recreational activity, I was tempted to do so.

Highlights: 4×4 Ride, Sand Dunes Tour, Sandboarding

  1. Sandboarding Spots Ilocos: Paoay Sand Dunes and La Paz Sand Dunes

What to expect:

An hour desert activity package of 4×4 ride and sandboarding. Pick-up from Culili Point to the Sand Dunes by 4×4 vehicle. First 30 minutes journey tour around Sand dunes and the last 30 minutes for sandboarding activity. Tour around steep uphill and downhill routes. 10 minute stop for picture taking besides the West Philippine Sea.

It was almost midday when we arrived at Culili Point. The sun is up and I’m worried, being in the desert is quite hot midday. We immediately hired a 4×4 vehicle (4WD) Four wheel transmission with a skilled driver. It’s a package of an hour activity; 4×4 riding and sandboarding. For only 2,500 for a maximum of 5 persons but we are only three to occupy one 4×4 vehicle. The driver will tour the group around sand dunes for the first 30 minutes and another 10 minute stop beside the West Philippine Sea for a quick picture taking. After the tour, the driver will drive us directly to the drop-off station for the sandboarding activity. From there, the friendly and polite driver will drive us back to Culili Point Station.

Online Photo  editing and Image Processing Booth

My friends Paulo  in blue shirt, Jane (black) Nick (white shirt) and Jemmar. Thank you guys for the hard copies, soft copies are already here!

Dune is a sand formed by the wind. The beautiful stretch of sand dunes next to the West Philippine Sea

Screaming of excitement

Enjoying the thrill of speed but holding so tight. I’m scared, we might be thrown meters away but I think, it’s a reasonable speed. What a tricky situation at the back,  standing at the back of top-down 4×4 holding the steel bar is another thrilling experience, it’s just like big blows and hard punches hitting us harder at the back.

What a tricky situation at the back, you can feel how traction works off-road. It’s really very hard to tolerate the heat, It was windy around but extremely hot attacking my excitements.

Climbing over steep hills, the uphill and downhill routes romping the sand following the trail work routes like caterpillars. Everything was safe, the skilled driver was polite and friendly.












It was an exciting and inviting to do it all over again and again.

We had a great pleasure to experience our first desert activities, the dune bashing was memorable. This is a recreational activity that I will remember forever. Our adventure does not end here, more on next posts…

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