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Sunbird/Hummingbird in the Philippines

October 23, 2021

The stay at home orders due to pandemic gave me the opportunity to reconnect with nature and wildlife. I began seeing species of birds that I’ve never seen before. This month, I began to notice the presence of hummingbirds around, with rain on and off, sometimes, showers are much more scattered, I was surprised to see them eating blossoms and performed the backward upside down position and hovered overhead.

Just like other pollinators which is fairly the same way as the bees and butterflies,

Hummingbirds enjoy nectar for the same reasons. The abundance of birds and other pollinators in our backyard is a source of great joy for me.

Little hummingbirds are really adorable! Hummingbirds are unique among birds in that they are able to both fly forward and backward.

When circumstances calls for photography, I’d hate to waste the chance to obtain some decent images with a relatively unposed subject. It takes a lot of patience to wait for the ideal moment and prefocus my camera on the branch where the hummingbird is likely to land, but by watching the birds I am able to easily have a good notion of where to stand and when to wait for the birds to move position in order to get a more natural appearance.

Hummingbirds are notoriously challenging to photograph due to their quick flight and small stature. Whenever I move, this bird takes off off the branch and flies a few feet away, but it always comes back after I calm down. I think the bird realized I was just attempting to shoot it and relaxed a bit.

The birds can always count on these blooms to provide for them. I really really wish these hummingbirds would return so I could take more stunning photographs of them.

    1. Do you know the name of that flower? I used to see a lot of those hummingbirds around that kind of flower when i was a kid, so Id like to plant some around my garden.

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