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July 31, 2012

I’m about to discover something new and totally unexpected.I’ve found a stunning night flyer,’‘Fairy moth” inside the house. What a beautiful creature! It really looks like a real fairy, and not even a fairy tale.This is more amazing than I’ve ever dreamed. Although,I haven’t seen a real fairy yet. I stared in disbelief and I couldn’t stop laughing to see this picture. It looks like She’s wearing a very glamorous designer coat and skirt looks like a wrapped around raffles and lace with glittering beads on it.An outfit of my taste. How sexy to see this moth wearing a see thru blouse.The body statistics seems perfect that you can even see the body through.I’ve been longing to see a real fairy and I was very happy to see just like a real one to my own photography.It was a  ”Dream comes true ” and mysterious. These fairy moth is floating and I feel charmed by these insect.Attracted by the night lights and moth can easily sneaks  inside through the window or doorway. It was really hard to get a sharp image at midnight, these moth is little and movable, flying around crossing the light beam. Nevermind, these night creature gave me the most interesting subject of the night.

Dear fairy,

How can I ever thank you enough for these wonderful scene? You are different from all the other moths. I loved that flashy outfit shining like a star of the night. I’m envy to see your good vital statistics. It was sexy!Thanks for these lovely photos.

 (Click on images to view larger)

 Floating fairy moth. My macro shot.

Is this my fairy godmother? It was a striking features of a real fairy.

These image looks like a real floating fairy. But, how safe is our home now? With insects inside the house,it’s good to learn about it so, sickness can be prevented and controlled. I’m just truly aware. Otherwise, It’s better to keep them out.It might lead to some problems.

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