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July 30, 2012

Got to be very busy this week, I’ll be out of the city for a community work. I just received a very important call from my family and texts messages from friends that demands a quick reply, I’ll be using short-cuts,symbols for easy reply to some of my friends. Connecting thoughts without words is better than not to reply at all. My friends can understand details of it simply because we are already used to it.It is automatically generated anyway.It is easier to connect using facial expressions through symbols which doesn’t demand much time especially if your schedule is tight that you cannot attend to some texts.Sharing feelings using symbols is an expression of bonding for us. I’m aware that it is not good and informal.I’m not that too strict when it comes to short-cut messages. But, I never forget to become one when there’s a need too. It’s vital.

Whew! Thanks to my mobile phone and laptap,I can connect with them so quickly fast with no rules to follow.Mobile phone and Laptap is portable and very easy to carry.One advantage of technology, Whatever or whenever you are; in the most extreme places,in the mountains,in the middle of the sea, above the sky,or even inside the bathroom,power made it possible  to reach me at any given time of the day.

Thanks to technology! It keeps me in touch with them 24/7  sharing my up-to-date activities at present. To all my callers and texters ,with just hearing your voice alone and wonderful messages, All my stress are easily replaced with unexplained happiness throughout the day. How about the disadvantages? Oh,well! At this time, I’m enjoying the advantage of it. I just loved it. I will share some disadvantages next posts.  Opppps! It’s now twitter time.

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