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February 6, 2014

IMG_7816 copy

Rooster without a crown   (Click on image to view larger)

Roosters start crowing at dawn countless times, I was bit annoyed because they crowed in shifts with other neighboring roosters. It was 5 am, just as the day, I devoted my time to spent quiet in bed. I never realized how annoying and irritating, the major noise disturbs a good rest that it was so unpleasant to hear.

It was a different life in the province if you compare to urban life. Rooster noise in the morning is a humble symphony to wake up everyone. It serves as an alarm clock every hour to finish a scheduled task.

I think, crowing in shifts with other roosters is a means of communication to present their attendance or it might be a quick communication, a sort of conversation to let other roosters know about important matters daily, or a sort of close interaction giving them the freedom to wake up everyone. It seems like a loud speaker echoing around to wake up a peaceful surrounding. I’m not sure!

IMG_8501 copy

Cock with a crown

However, you’ll be charmed by their looks while crowing, lift their wide wings like an eagle, and opening their beak facing up the sky.

People in the province, in our province I should say, praised roosters with nice words, saying that, ’’Roosters are our alarm clock, a source of meat and a fortune fighting cock’’ What else? No more comment. I will just keep silent about it!

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