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Chinese New Year 2014

February 12, 2014

IMG_2128 copy

Lavishly decorated Shang-rila Plaza Mall  shows the best.The glamorous  modern and traditional decorations and exhibits throughout the mall, you’ll be charmed by the looks of pretty horses all around.  (Click on images to view larger)

There’s no permanent date for Chinese new year.It starts on different date every year, this year, falls on Friday, January 31 ” The Year of the Wooden Horse”. Last year, it was Sunday, February 10, It’s the ”Year of the Snake”. Year 2013 was a snake, this Year 2014, represents the animal, horse. There’s a cycle to follow, 12 years cycle represents 12 animals in Zodiac form that’s why, each year represents different animals.

The horse  zodiac signs nature ; hardworking, commands, energetic, loyal, diplomatic, entertaining,popular,well-groomed, independent and many more. It seems, this year would be better than last year based on animal nature. I hope so.  For the first time, it was declared Non- working holiday in the Philippines.What a lucky holiday for the people, it was weekend and a good timing for pay-day. Big malls in the city cut down selected items into big discounts from 50% to 75%, it was a good offer to attract shoppers. It doubled people’s  mood to celebrate the New Year. However, other places like China and Taiwan, It is a special public holiday, the long week vacation gives them the opportunity to prepare for the Spring festival.

If you are born in the year of the horse, this year is favorable for you. According to the Lunar calendar, New year will begin on the 2nd new moon of winter solstice. The birthday of my sister falls under the month of February. Definitely, following the lunar calendar, She was born in the previous year.

Our New year celebration was even merrier than last year. We spend the day visiting relatives and friends.We also  manage to spend 3 hours in Shang-Rila Plaza Mall and a night out for a big family dinner in a restaurant. What a glorious mall to celebrate  Lunar new year. I was enjoying to take free photos around. Appreciative view was awesome! Feng Shui stalls all around displaying horses and lucky charms. Before I forget, Feng Shui objects to those who wants to improve luck, health, and to be safe always.

IMG_1299 copy copy      The Dragon

This year’s Chinese new year, There are lots of activities and folk customs. Indeed, Chinatown is the best place to see all these wonderful festivities. It includes; the Dragon and Lion dance, Chinatown street parade, Chinese trick performers, as you know they are good in performing special tricks like the dish spinning,acrobatic show, puppet show, Chinese Opera show and Chinese musical show with their traditional musical instruments. You can even meet new Chinese friends and hang with them around.Whether you are a Chinese or not, you’ll learn something about their history.

Here’s some photos taken around the city during the Lunar celebration. I took some for you to see!

IMG_2070 copy

Shang-rila Plaza Mall  was decorated with variety of horses . Other stalls display horses made of glass, porcelain, silver, mosaic, bronze and other wax figures.

IMG_2181 copy

The hanging Chinese lanterns was a perfect view above.

DSC04911 copy


DSC04913 copy


IMG_1944 copy

 Hanging lanterns from above.

IMG_1964 copy

 The Prosperity  Tree

IMG_1969 copy

 The lucky decorations from the Prosperity tree.

IMG_1981 copy


IMG_1983 copy

The hanging ”ampaw or red envel0pe” hanging from the Prosperity tree.

IMG_1991 copy


IMG_1992 copy


IMG_2023 copy


IMG_2035 copy


IMG_1974 copy


IMG_1985 copy

IMG_2018 copy


IMG_2093 copy


IMG_2118 copy

 It will not end up here because every year we celebrate Chinese New Year. I just hope this year,”We will all prosper! Happy Chinese New Year Everyone! 

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