Magnificent Sunset of Piat

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Petronas Twin Towers (KLCC)

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Clearwing Hummingbird Moth

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Coron Island Hopping Tour 2022

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Technology/ Learning Tips

Internet Addiction

By on July 7, 2011

Internet addiction is a common problem

Like teenagers his age, a family friend realized that he had a serious problem after he found himself playing online games and visiting Facebook for more than 8 hours a day.His parents allowed him to play for only an hour each day.Soon after,He realized that it wasn’t enough for him.He’s craving for more that he can’t even find time during weekends.When parents are asleep, he secretly play online games for the night till morning.For him,It was a pleasant feeling that he found himself hard to log–off. Now,His grades and health are suffering.It’s just beginning to be seen as a serious problem after flunking out from school. He decided himself to reform and convert himself into a new changes.He spent most of his time reading,playing tennis with friends and enjoying with family members.

What do you think? Do not think it is already too late for him! To some. They believed we cannot undo our sinful past. You might not believe this. Two years after, He’s now ready to a new kind of life, embarking a new beginning. He had given up what he used to do in the past. It was a dramatic changes He was able to graduate a degree of Bachelor of Science in Engineering. He is currently working in a prestigious company. He also made himself busy during spare time and during weekends being with loved ones and family members. He  stayed away from bad gangs and from old vices. He only comes online for good but, with a very limited time.

Admittedly, His success cannot be attained without the help and support of his parents. All parents wants to pass their passion, intelligence, and skills to their offspring and make their children learn from their experience in order to succeed.

But I know, my friend however, aren’t the only people who can develop an internet addiction. It might also be me or you! This is common now especially to teenagers. People who spent time using online retail, social and gambling sites can all develop addictions.It is so intense that you never really have to leave the house, interact with friends and family members anymore. I’m just wondering how medical professionals react to this problems.Lately, I read it in the newspaper about the same case. I was shocked again to know that going online stimulates the brain and that a chemical produces a good feelings not only to activities online but also to non- internet users. For some,They have taken steps to address it and on the other hand, not a serious problem.And for me, It might become a threat! Time to log-off now.

A piece of advice for our young internet users.Avoid online gaming and limit your time online.Learn lessons from failures.



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Travel and Adventure

A Taste of Experience

By on May 30, 2011

The food that I like best is the food that makes me hungry, just to think of it is very simple. Let’s just say that I very seldom miss a meal! Recently, on a trip to Tagaytay, I was treated to a friendly lunch at an absolutely delightful restaurant. I ordered mushroom salad and my friends ordered mushroom burger too. It was incredible. I had never tasted anything like this before. I can describe the flavor as being somewhere between a prawns and a local beef steak. I ordered more to share with my friends. I just love the taste of the mushroom salad. They are called Shitake Mushroom.

Let me tell you, I did not leave the restaurant without learning their source. I discovered that they were being raised in a very limited supply. They raised their own in their backyard at the back of the restaurant. Thinking I could take few pounds home with me. The owner graciously invited me out to their facilities. I went there buy mushrooms but instead, received a lecture to educate me.

Now, with a virtually unlimited supply of my favorite foods like mushroom, I’ve become something of a good listener and soon, I will raise my own in my backyard. The reason why I like mushrooms is because of the unique flavor, rich in protein  and the low calorie content. All the nutrition stuff is great.

Honestly speaking, I go for less fat, less sodium foods. This is the reason why I go for selective dishes when I cook. I love Chinese dishes but the only problem is too oily, especially the stir- fried foods. It would be a sin for me if I eat it because for all we know that it adds more weight. I’m a health conscious. To see something oily on the table alone makes me fat. I hate these thoughts. really! I just love the tastes of it but it seems too cruel for what it may bring.


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Technology/ Learning Tips

Internet: Is it Helping?

By on

Are you a compulsive internet user? Going online is easy but to log off is another story. In today’s technological age, It`s no longer a rare experience nowadays that most people find it hard to do so.

To be honest, I’m beginning to realize that I’m part of the group. This is a self- proclaimed but, I think it is not really a disorder, or not even officially disorder. I’m having a hard time separating myself from my computer especially when my work is unfinished. This doesn’t mean that I get angry and depressed when the power is off. The only thing matters is the sense of responsibility to finish the job.

The reason why? I loved to write and it is very convenient to do anything and everything on the Internet. Web has become a common place in my modern life, and I loved this kind of activities going on in my own website;  answering comments, twitter, forums, emailing, etc. It’s a part of my job, the line of work and responsibility to update everything. Without internet, there is something missing in my life.

I’ll just describe myself as a plain regular surfer but the time spent long hours was so stressful. aside from my motion injuries of my fingers and my dry tired eyes too. The webcams is adding more to the growing epidemic but I only use it if it really calls for it I do not visit social websites. I can control my own behavior without craving to go online regularly.

My answer to the question above is yes! In my own opinion, It helps a lot because it is a source of information but if you have no self-control will hooked and destroy you.  Some people may defend themselves and say” They will use it for researches”.  How about the effects next day? It will cost hours of sleep and rest, backpains, and neglecting time with family and friends. thus, surrendering your privacy to technology. This is the bad effects. It happens sometimes that seconds after I wake up, I’d want to go back to sleep again because I felt so tired and lazy to move around.

So far, I’m taking some steps to divide my online time with the real world to refrain from addicting forming. I don’t like the idea getting online to be addicted sitting infront of the computer for long hours. The good thing about real life is, You can feel the love and hugs with feelings of concern.  The real life is the thing that I have to face it because I can feel the excitement with personal interaction.It’s the reality of life. How about you? I just hope You can usually switch to offline activities without such angst.



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Technology/ Learning Tips

Welcome Change

By on

During my early teens, I was innocent and simple. I will only buy inexpensive clothes to local stores because I so was impressed with local brands. I even looked at people wearing designer clothing as extravagant and excessive. A celeb – styled clothes more than a few thousand pesos. The clothes, shoes and accessories amounting to half a months’ salary?  Is it just for show? Do you care?

The trend of today`s dressing is closer than we think. The gifted goods money spent has more to offer. I have figured it out and opened my mind to new discoveries and it’s easy to fall prey to certain things that life has to offer. With life comes experience,You’ll get more deeper as you grow older as life runs its courses.

Recently, I had stopped wearing my old clothes and relegated to our storage cabinet. I got tired of wearing them because it was already out of style. I have shifted to a more fashionable and comfortable ones.

My closet is now full of imported items that I will settle with it. Fashion of  today made me love and wear skinny jeans again. I started to love the looks of it. Not to mention disadvantages like; sweaty and tight-trapped legs. With foreign brands, you’ll see some awesome stuff  that you’ll fall in love with. Some jeans don’t go out of season and will last longer than expected. The good thing about it?  I don’t need to buy things all the time giving me choices for other stuffs. Thus, I can save money. Another to consider is the versatility and durability.

The idea of practicality during my early years was buying local brands because it is wise-cheaper compared to other brands.  but lately, I have noticed foreign brands are classy and comfortable to wear. A breathable fabric (especially some blouses and sneakers so my feet won’t get hurt even after an entire day walking. I have tried various items of clothes and shoes.  It’s practical choice.

It is difficult to say ‘’no’’, to the trends of today’s look. One of the fastest way to climb corporate ladder is to dress up well to the position you are aspiring for and especially if you  meet clients to win contracts. My idea here is just a personal idea of fusion modern- style and classic. This makes me feel confident to get noticed in a good way, better dressed-well according to trend of fashion and  looks  like my best self!


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Technology/ Learning Tips

Opening of Classes/ School Days Again

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Children can’t wait for the opening of classes. They are anxious to see their old classmates and new teachers as well and proud  parents are happy to see them leave for school right? after, there would be a calm and free moment for the parents to rest and house would be more peaceful and organized after spending weeks of preparing for this.

As the school year starts, I’m very hopeful that this year 2011-2012  would be a better start. The good thing about it , We live in a place that happens to be near the school. Thanks God! The school is just 10 minutes drive away. I don’t experience any morning rush and stress but the only drawback living near the school is the heavy traffic congestion that happens around 6-7 in the morning and in the afternoon during dismissal time.

I always received text messages from friends about choosing a school for their child. I always tell them few factors to consider:’’ If you want to get a better education is to live in a convenient place near-by school” but as I know, not everyone can afford to live in an expensive neighborhood like; Valle Verde, Greenwoods,  Kapitolyo etc. One convenience of living few blocks away is I can save gas and energy too. Another thing to consider is the school facilities and educational approaches like; class size and classrooms, library, clean restrooms, modern technology to meet student special needs and demands, modern facilities. Although, it’s not a guarantee for higher achievement  but it helps.

If you are concerned parents? the most important is their safety of your kids. Exchanging views and opinions with friends can help you decide which one to follow. Our school have been hiking of portion fees( a percentage) but, added some services like: air-conditioned classrooms, special clubs, additional books, modern technologies,  etc. So don’t mind  prices of oil and commodities have rocketed together with tuition fees at the same time. Be private or public as long as you parents have done all you can in sending your kids to get a good education. Perhaps, it’s exciting to plan and think about their future if you are prepared and secured.

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