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Weird-Shaped Radish

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Fresh Fruits in a Cocktail Glass

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Stunning Mating Butterflies

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My Indoor and Outdoor Photography | Travel and Adventure

Taal Volcano

By on September 14, 2011


A magnificent natural beauty that gives you a feeling of welcome. When you watch it from atop a cliff over fresh breeze from the lake, it gives you a surreal feeling that you’ll fall in love with the beautiful volcano.


Taal Volcano is  located in the Philippines on the island of Luzon, is generally considered as one of the world’s smallest active  volcano. I took this photos while vacationing in the island, it was a quick shot because it was so cold and foggy. Sorry it was blurry.

  (Screenshots are clickable)



Copyright  All rights reserved. No part of my work may be be reproduced, photocopying, and recording any information storage without any written permission from the author.

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Pixel Pro Photography Exclusive | Travel and Adventure

HDR Images of Leaning Tower (Part 2 of 5)

By on September 13, 2011

The color combination makes it perfect for the subject as well. It also makes a vital contribution to the image athmosphere.  What do you think? The method approach is just basically simply but, looks fantastic! The incredible results of High dynamic range or simply HDR, accurately represent the range of pressure found in the original pictures itself.

Subject: The Leaning Tower or also known as the Clock Tower of TelukIntan,Malaysia.

Click on image to view larger.


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Pixel Pro Photography Exclusive | Travel and Adventure

Season Inspired HDR Images (Part 1 of 5)

By on September 12, 2011

Familiarize yourself with the best HDR pictures Part 1  2  3  4  5 next

There’s a season of change and a time to every purpose.A time for specialized techniques and a time for design creations. For everything, I would like to share amazing HDR pictures that are carefully created.You would be amazed to see it. Of course, pictures are not just taken, you create and make them good applying special skills. It was carefully applied by a friend of mine who spent years developing sophisticated solutions to unique problems and worked against all odds and long hours  just to achieved remarkable pictures applying the High Dynamic Range-technique (HDR) It was a rewarding experience meeting the challenge, only photographers, artist or designers can have. A technique like this is a big effort from him but, it serves as an inspiration to us.  All pictures came up to be incredible, his own personal taste and artistic effect that inspired me to post it here and  with your presence, makes you a part of it. If you want to know more about High dynamic range imaging, editing and history? Click here.  So, Which HDR pictures inspire you most? Do a close encounter and enjoy it!

You might want to take a look at the photo gallery, leading to Pixel Pro Photography Flicker and

Pixel Pro Photography Shutterfly.

( Click on image to view larger)

All HDR images by: Professional photographer and Director of Pixelpro Photography, Alex Chan 

I would like to thank Alex Chan of Pixel Pro Photography, Malaysia for providing images and for the kind permission to reproduce all photos. Thank you very, very much  ( HDR  PICTURES FEATURED, FULLY ILLUSTRATED THROUGHOUT WITH PHOTOGRAPHS AND INFORMATIVE TEXTS )

Copyright  All rights reserved. No part of my work may be  reproduced, photocopying, and recording any information storage without any written permission from the author.

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Pixel Pro Photography Exclusive | Travel and Adventure | Wildlife/Animals/Pets

Wildlife Photographer

By on September 7, 2011


Alex Chan, a  professional photographer of Malaysia with his club members captured the shots of migrating birds that flies through the blue skies of Malaysia. Just to catch the glimpse of these beautiful birds, They made the most of this opportunity by taking river cruises to spot  the migrating egrets along the  Perak river of Teluk Intan.  Perhaps, having a great name means a great deal of responsibility to share images, good news and events.  All photographs was majestic and impressive that  I would like to share with you. This  is  my story and my  gift to share with the world. Not even a story that was told many times. This is a quality work in perfecting the shots with his camera. You can see it by yourself. Be the judge!

His camera shines giving the freedom to capture life in different forms. Alex says, ‘’My passion for the birds and having a camera that match our vision is imperative. I photographed  birds in natural habitat and my mission is to save it. I have taken my camera everywhere with me around. A camera that I can depend on. Something that would be the least of my worries so I can concentrate on capturing the birds. When you are shooting on a trip, you must be ready always. Photography is quiet a difficult and challenging task, the exposure of image and apparent brightness is very important. It’s hard to locate the birds, they hardly ever stay still.  you can’t go closely and approach them. This is the kind of gear that delivers great image performance, quality that you can rely on it. This model is more than enough for sharing it on web’’…..

STORY OF EGRETS -THE MIGRATORY BIRDS (Part1) I love birds.The only creatures on earth with the gifts of both flight and beauty.  Watching birds indoor and outdoor brings me closer to nature….

STORY OF EGRETS -THE MIGRATORY BIRDS (Part2) In here, You can see the professional photographers capturing the scenes …

V-FORMATION OF THE EGRETS  Egrets used V- formation when migrating.  Amazing! I only live once to see this and I was very happy. I felt like, I was very close to nature to see the heavenly blue sky….



None of us wants animal to suffer and inspite of many times people made mistakes.  We, the generation of today never want to go through what they have encountered before. The youth of today never tends to shut off. We will continue to serve and save them. I want to make it clear, I don’t want to use animals to teach humans. I just want you to know that, It is the responsibility of humans to love and care for the animals.

It is clear that when we set to cover this issueWe wanted to teach and be informed about beauty and awareness of nature.  Our understanding and awareness is to save the beautiful birds. This is the reason why the main subject is the ”Egrets”. When I get the urge to start a work, I usually focus to more educational and informative expressing my own thoughts about it, honest opinions and ideas. I choose to contribute to the welfare of the animals, not only as a  working professional but also an animal lover. I want to share and express my hopes and dreams for them. My hope  is to stop and not  tolerate ignorance, especially the killings of the Egrets thus,  not to face extinction. My dreams for them is to to see them free and live with them forever. I hope these will make us realize the need to preserve and high time to make serious effort to save the egrets. 

Sadly, some spectacular species have died out in former habitats because of human activities. Now, The sightings of the spectacular Egrets in Malaysia is a reminder to all Malaysians and to the rest of the world about the role of humans as stewards of the planet earth.  We should not abandon our role in environmental conservation and preservation so that animals like egrets do not completely disappear and follow the path of other animals that became extinct because human actions and intervention weren’t enough to save them.

I hope that in our own way, We help raise awareness for the protection of the wild birds. Me, and  Alex   wish that our children, and children of our children’s children will still behold the beauty of the egrets long after our generation has goneHelp protect and restore key habitats for threatened and declining migrant and endemic species. Be part of crucial campaigns to reduce threats to birds. Egrets were threatened by hunting for their feathers, more threatened by habitat destruction and pollution.

 It is very clear that , this is a coverage of conservation, as far as the birds are concerned threatening their numbers, I am planning to make a trip to Malaysia this year and after seeing what Malaysia actually is from Pixel Pro Photography pics, I can’t just wait for months to come. Eventually, Alex came up with shots worth publishing. Each picture was mind-blowing and beautiful.I would like to thank  Pixel Pro Photography, Malaysia and to all club members for providing images and for the kind permission to reproduce all photos. Thank you very, very much.


Copyright  All rights reserved.  No part of my work may be reproduced, photocopying, and recording any information storage without any written permission from the author.


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Gardening/Greenery/Garden Insects

Micky Mouse Flower

By on September 5, 2011

Today is a sunny day and I decided to take a stroll around my backyard and I was surprised  to see my flowers blooming into something more than I ever imagined. My garden became  the  most comfortable and a private place to relax. It has a greatful simplicity view especially if you see  blooming flowers with butterflies, and the bees around it. Not to mention the presence of hummingbirds  as the prettiest visitors.It really draws  attention and welcoming glow  eventhough,  It has been neglected over the past weeks. Oh yes! This is the right time to express my satisfaction because of my hardwork and patience working in the garden. Now, Let me show you one of my favourite  flower  in my own backyard that attracts immediate attention,

This is a Mickey Mouse Flower. It’s so beautiful that It draws too much attention and welcoming glow to my visitors.  It exudes an atmosphere which is compellingly different. You don’t need wealth to create a beautiful or ideal garden of distinction, What you need is a good taste to make good effects and a working knowledge in selecting a good flower like these. Anyway, Hard work pays off and it’s worth it.

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Pixel Pro Photography Exclusive | Travel and Adventure | Wildlife/Animals/Pets

The V-Formation Of Birds

By on August 31, 2011

The arrival of the egrets in from all parts of Central Asia leaving the winter months.During winter,Egrets escape the cold weather in temperate regions and drove them to a warmer place like Malaysia.They go back same way driven by natural instinct for survival.


Egrets in flight, flying forming the V-Formation. Egrets used V- formation when migrating.  Amazing! I only live once to see this and I was very happy. I felt like, I was very close to nature to see the heavenly blue sky..

Photographed by: Pixel Pro Photography, Malaysia

Why do Egrets fly in this kind of formation? So curious to see these birds cooperating with each other.  I can still remember my high school days.All the best lessons I have learned from my science teacher and until this point.  Using the V- Formation helps the Egrets to save energy. The V- shaped was created by the first bird, leader of the group  itself to reduce resistance from the back row. When the leading bird gets tired, another bird takes over the lead. You can just imagine the long distance flight during migration.  I don’t know how long They migrate. We will learn a lot from here.

(EGRETS FEATURED, FULLY ILLUSTRATED THROUGHOUT WITH PHOTOGRAPHS AND INFORMATIVE TEXTS)  Copyright  All rights reserved.  No part of my work may be reproduced, photocopying, and recording any information storage without any written permission from the author.


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My Indoor and Outdoor Photography | Pixel Pro Photography Exclusive

The Spectacular Sunset View

By on August 5, 2011


Photographed by: Pixel Pro Photography, Malaysia                                      

The Tales of Evening Shoot and Outdoor Location

One windy afternoon, the sun is setting and it is witnessed by millions of people with great emotions and intensity of observation to see the spectacular sunset. It seems something made to be different and unique here in  Teluk Intan Riversidethe sunset seems to be slower and more dramatic, it is, as if, created to be watched, sinking slowly  as it descend below western horizon at the end of the day. The sunset, the glow of brilliant lights, and display of color in the sky at this time of the day is absolutely perfection.

Once again, I would like to share my ideas with the world, using pictures to stand for it.  This is  to share reality and show the best  and good things in life. To the pictures itself, can make your own thoughts and my feelings visible to share with you and my  site is like a chest to store my thoughts and ideas. Of course, I can tell a lot of things by looking at the photographs alone, eventhough  photographs can speaks for itself, the author can simply fill up the missing part of it.

A  photographer of  Malaysia, Alex Chan took this shot  to remind us of the magic of this day.  He described the experience as a ‘’defined spiritual’’ that although, it lasts only handful of minutes is already enough. To view and took shots of sunset is silently doing nothing, just being in the silence of focusing the camera. You would ever think that photographing a sunset would be pretty easy? Just point your camera at the setting sun to get the beautiful sunset shots?  Choosing the right subject is also crucial because to create a beautiful photograph is to choose beautiful subject. This may be great to watch, with some other interesting elements in the shot. Let’s get started!

The boat sailing into the sunset. Sailing daily in the afternoons and at sunset, is truly memorable.

 A perfect day for indeed, a relaxing and rejuvenating simple pleasures that provides calmness for our soul. This is a place surrounded by trees and the river itself paint picturesque scenery.

The nature’s power of beauty is mesmerizing. The beauty of the sunset.To see a scene like these is pretty mandatory. For me, it is beyond description.

The shore begins to glow as the sky changes colors.

The fisherman’s shadow is a wonderful scenery. .

A stunning time of day  to sit along the shores. This is a glorious time for family bonding.

 A site not to be missed, the most photographed and visited part where you can view a beautiful sunset. The good thing about the location itself is free for the taking, and the destination that you can pull- over anywhere.


A  quiet moment that you would be best cherished for a lifetime, calm mind and a peaceful spirit. Watching the sun slowly sink into the water is a magic moment to be shared with the one you love. The colorful sunset create a romantic setting that is truly special.

You can see the sun wheel as it communicates the motion upon descending.

When the sun goes down, the beautiful reflections of quiet water is beyond price. Watching the bright light transform into vibrant yellow and oranges and then, fade into reds and light blue with colors reflecting the water.

The sun’s apparent descent below western horizon at the end of the day.

The most very dramatic and quiet setting. A place not to be missed.


Your sweet journey doesn’t end here.  Look for a beautiful place to be relaxed and stress-free. Perhaps, seeing a sunset like this is not a rare sight, but when you do get to see one, you stop and admire the inspiring scene. I love these  sunset photos. I felt that these scenes makes me  feel at ease, peace to value life and the breathtaking view will remain forever in my memory.

Alex Chan waited for hours for these sunset scene. These stunning sunset scenery photographs were all taken in Malaysia.  He was able to capture in his camera the majestic combination of night, day and shadows. The process is to show the sunset as his master’s work of photography. The distinction by itself, and a choice for anyone who needs to escape the pressures of life.

Thank you  for sharing  your photos with me. Thank you  Pixel Pro Photography, Malaysia.

Copyright  All rights reserved.  No part of my work may be reproduced, photocopying, and recording any information storage without any written permission from the author.


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Technology/ Learning Tips

What is a Friend?

By on July 28, 2011


One of the most interesting part of human relationship is friendship. But how does someone become a friend? For others, They click with each other on first meeting. The sharing and exchanging views seems they had known each other for a long time. For me, as I grew older, a lot of experience has enlightened my way. I met friends that proved friendship truly worth remembering. They have stood the test of time and whom I have have grown with childhood memories to treasure. The on and off relationship, not to mention a lot of headache and heartache but still stood closer no matter what happens and stand still.

A friend who helps you in every way is treated differently with a friend who cried with you when you needed someone to listen to as you told your personal and family problems. It is just like a bird that if they have the same feathers, they flock together. Yes! We all have the same thing in common. Thus, sharing  all things  in common likes and interest to live a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes, just like a magnet that, unlike poles attracts each other with diverse appearances but compliment each other afterwards.

What do you think? Does it work for you? I would be glad if you share some views about your friends too. For some friends, They simply describe friends are forever. I firmly believe it works as proven the test of time anyway.

However, things happen that makes us unhappy which is a part of life. I have a good friend. Recently, She was diagnosed with the dreaded disease cancer. How sad to be in this kind of condition. I always stay beside her to show my care and support. This is all what friendship is all about, to love and care , to help and to cherish, to share all things that you have  and with a positive attitude, we can change the feelings which is looking through the brighter side of life. Have to do things right and never stop trying.  Be good to ourselves and show compassion to others.


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My Indoor and Outdoor Photography | Pixel Pro Photography Exclusive | Travel and Adventure | Wildlife/Animals/Pets

Owl-The Silent Hunters Of The Night

By on July 20, 2011

Owl are beautiful but I’m not really a typical owl lover. They terrified me. I’m scared and my phobia peaked  to see their big wide eyes and sharp talons, My feelings for them bloomed and developed very slowly because they don’t have the social behavior like my pet dogs and cats. They were even associated with evil spirits. This reputation probably comes from their haunting calls and silent flight. They even eat the little beautiful birds that frequent my backyard but, still something really adorable about them.

In fact, until recently, photographs of owls from these 3 crews piqued my curiosity and I soon became fully enamored of these birds. I’m not a scientist, ornithologist or a zoologist. No matter what role we played in your minds, We all have the same thing in common. We are all interested in the study of life.

Three young nature photographers took the shots to capture the moment that defines the subject.  (From left ) Fadhil Jumiran, Muhammad Omar  and Aizat Rosli: These  3 owl crews will take you into the woods to call owls for sightings. There was an action and good atmosphere in the middle of the night to shoot and getting the best shot, this is what it is all about.

The owl crews favorite trail is Sungai Manik Teluk Intan, where the photo was taken. It is a great photo spots, perfect site and logical route to trail the owls. One of the best things about trail is that they are easy to reach and a great site to cater wildlife photographers.  Wearing an orange shirt, Photographer Aizat Rosli, an active member of Pixel Pro. He was also present during the shooting of the ‘’EGRETS – THE MIGRATORY BIRDS.

In here, I wanted to show and share few things that you didn’t know. After this, From the images itself, you have to admit that these creatures are really pretty cute and you can now relate how owl living in each place in order to survive.

The shooting was planned ahead, bringing with them the right equiptment. Just like the night birds, photographers were enjoying the night photographing the owls, bringing with them a goodnight flashlight. It’s not easy to photograph owls, you have to hunt the flight path and look for a good location to do it because owls are not tolerant of people. A good distance and being prepared will get you better images. To get a good snap can be predicted with a little observation just like these. I guess, the distance occasionally shoot makes the owl less threatened.  You can view the distance between the owl and the photographers here.

This is the Barn owl. It has  heart – shaped face and a straight forward eyes. What do you think?   From the title itself,’’THE SILENT HUNTERS OF THE NIGHT’’. Who is the hunter? Is it the owl or the photographer? For me, It work both ways. The owl hunts for food at night and the photographers hunts for the owl to shoot. This owl appeared to be very white, and it’s already common in most areas.

Observed the owl’s feet. Have you noticed the sharp talons? A body part like these contribute to their eating capability. An owl hunt for prey and have strong feet with curved talons. You can see the next images on how owl make use of their sharp talons.

This is a natural habitat for them. Most owls are nocturnal.

It looks real and a true take.

I’m showing you everything about these species, and you’ll learn a lot through looking at the pictures alone.


This diminutive Little Owl is one of the most familiar owls of open countryside, often being spotted perched on a fence post or tree stump. I’ve seen this kind of owl in our surroundings. This is probably the most common. I can even can tell the characteristics of owl living in a place like these. They have to adapt themselves to their habits to get food and sustain life. What do owls eat?

Awesome! Owl can hunt successfully in the dark. It carries its prey up to a branch to eat. But, what was that?  It’s a frog and it is still alive! The owl hits the prey with its feet as shown in this photo.

This is a very interesting shot and my major interest, to find out what they eat. An owl is a bird of prey and they are predators too. Many owls are active only at night because of their keen senses of sight and hearing.

What do owls eat? Encircled image of the owl’s prey, it was a frog. Many owls feed mainly on furry animals such as mice, moles, squirrels etc. They often swallow the smaller animals whole. When an owl lands on its prey, the owl hits the prey with its feet. If the prey is still alive, it breaks the animal’s neck with a quick bite. Owls can kill animals as large as they are or even larger. They also eat insects, worms, lizards, spiders, frogs, rodents and small birds. Impressive

The image will speaks for itself.

I feel great to share my story and  beautiful pictures with you. It’s my responsibility at the same time. To see the images alone is already learning from it. To see is to inform and will learn the truth about it.

People have looked into the forest and seen the same kind of birds that we see today. It’s high time for you to  make and share your time with them because this  will take you a step closer to love the birds.  Just like me, I wrote this as an’’ Expression of Love’’ to the birds and my contribution to wildlife.  Let us join our hands, help and support my cause in protecting wildlife. If you and I will support each other then, We can do it better. Let birds  be a part of your life. Someday, you’ll help lead and make world a better place for the animals. If you do not spend more time outside during the night to see the owl, try to take the chance to search. It is very safe to protect your inner fearful feelings. Much more wonderful to view it along over a cup of hot tea.

I would like to thank Alex Chan of Pixel Pro Photography Malaysia for providing images and for the kind permission to reproduce all photos and to the 3 owl crews.  My good friends;  Aizat Rosli, Fadhil Jumiran and Muhammed Omar. who took the good shots. Thank you very, very much.

Copyright  All rights reserved. No part of my work may be reproduced, photocopying, and recording any information storage without any written permission from the author



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