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March 29, 2013

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As the soil dries up in the wild, feathery looks of a wild grass flower has its own intrinsic beauty as blown by the wind in the wild.These is a beautiful ornamental grass that can be use for decorative purposes,they have become more widely popular. Some wild grasses with creamy white flowers have been grown for certain purposes, they have been grown till they dried up and cut when they reach maturity but according to our gardener,over-exposure to full sun makes them brittle.

I took this shot on top of the mountain in Tagaytay city.Perhaps,If you won’t climb,you’ll not see the beauty of the life.In a hot and dry lands,these wild grass can survive in the wild even without water.Along the mountain top,you can see flowering trees around that normally live for many years.

Other types of wild plants are found practically around,rare species of evergreen,clusters of white wildflowers and charming shrubs which is not easy to grow.

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