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January 26, 2012


Do you still remember the first wildlife  article I have written on this site?It was the ”EGRETS- THE MIGRATORY BIRDS” Part 1-2. How are the egrets doing? It’s migration time again.I can still remember,a month after  publishing,I have received lots of request from readers worldwide to write more of the same subject.It became the most popular and best story of wildlife that I have also received lots of emails from students worldwide requesting permission to copy the V- Formation of Birds for science thesis. The permission was  granted  for school purposes only, and not for commercial and personal interest.It was the same month January when I first published in 2011.

Soon after, another wildlife article came up.”OWL- THE SILENT HUNTERS OF THE NIGHT’. It was a wonderful story with interesting information about these species.The Coverage of the Migratory birds was photographed by Alex Chan,the Director of Pixel Pro Photography and other Pixel Pro Photography club members,Malaysia. They came up with shots worth publishing. More than sixty  images that will stimulate your appetite to make  your viewing more meaningful.

(Click on images to view larger)

A year after, World seems endless with problems. Egrets started to disappear. Changes of climate effecting these species leaving them less in numbers. It was an alarming rate and the  curious threat is hunting these birds for feather trade. I truly believed, the extent of hunting these epecies maybe much more than what has already been reported and greater in danger to  face extinction. Some egrets living in an area that is heavily affected by habitat destruction and hunting. We are losing wild places and wildlife. The world’s original forest  have been cut down. Other threats; poaching and capturing them for illegal trade.

What do you think of these birds? Like humans, they can also feel the environmental changes, having delicate sensitivity of pollution around.I don’t want them to vanish forever. hence, the  purpose of writing these articles is  to‘ Save the Egrets”with the hope to increase their population growth and to spark hope in the eyes of the young generation. Perhaps, the brighter future for the wildbirds.The most terrifying thing about, it will surely happen again unless something serious is done to prevent it. But sometimes, rescue efforts always proved to be not enough.We keep on repeating the same mistakes and never learned lessons from the past. This is the reason why, history keeps on repeating itself. We, Man itself is the greatest enemy of the animals and the real environment’s foe. As horrible as it sounds, the great deal of blame fall on human activities. What is your belief about this?

In the coming years, There will be plenty to worry about when it comes particularly to these migratory birds.They might face the same fate like the passenger pigeons. They vanished, leaving not a single species left on earth.It’s a waste of time to point fingers about who! responsible for their disappearance.

To ease worries, this new vision of conservation for the next generation has come up. The time to do something is now. We need to protect the egrets and encourage others to do the same. A new approach is born! Prevent history from repeating itself. All we need to work on, is a solution. We can only achieve this if we start to realize that we can put an end to all problems if we help each other.

Help me spread my message.This is a wake-up call to all concerned. I just hope that we can all work together to protect the wildlife for future generations. I wish, We could spare more time and be reminded of our responsibilities.  I’m not here to force you to do so. I will say it again and again and again that I’m not here to educate you using these species. It is the responsibility of humans to take care of the animals.  If we work together, we can make world a better place to live in, and  to live the best of our lives. We should act now,I’m doing my part. How about you?

The egret in flight.

During the shooting of the migratory birds, Pixel Pro Photography club  members capturing the scenes at the right time and at the right moment, and the result?  Each picture was mind-blowing and beautiful. What do you think?

I would like to thank  Pixel Pro Photography, Malaysia for providing images and for the kind permission to reproduce all photos. Thank you very,very much

( EGRETS FEATURED, FULLY ILLUSTRATED THROUGHOUT WITH PHOTOGRAPHS AND INFORMATIVE TEXTS )  Copyright  All rights reserved.  No part of my work may be reproduced, photocopying, and recording any information storage without any written permission from the author.

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  1. Wow! I’m your number one fan! Very interesting post and clean content! The photographs are good. Where is this place?

    1. It was photographed in Malaysia during the migration months. It’s migration time again same month as I have published the previous one if you can still remember. Thanks for visiting here and I hope you’ll come back for more. You may also want to visit the Magnificent sunset, view it. Just keep on stopping. Thanks you.

  2. Thanks for sharing this informative topics. Blogs so nice and clean. I always read your articles before i sleep at night, i think I’m already addicted to your articles. can’t sleep if i don’t read it before i get down.

  3. Hey Journalist! I appreciate your effort to save the migratory birds. I found your article via twitter. It was very impressive is very beautiful too.Where is this place?

    1. Ana Mae! It was photographed in Malaysia along the river. Pixel Pro members went river cruising just to shoot this migratory birds. You inspired me to post for more articles like these. Thank you very much!

  4. Hey Journalist! I found your article via twitter. It was very impressive is very beautiful too.Where is this place?

  5. I love this blog! I learned a lot from this! Salamat for sharing this subject, hey! In Pampanga there’s also migratory birds around, i saw it when i went to visit my sister who’s living there. Thank you!!!!!!

    1. Yes, you are right! I will surely go to Pampanga soon to shoot migratory birds in the Philippines, just so work overload, as soon as i find time availability I’ll go there right away! thank you Miss Joy!

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