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January 14, 2012

Have you ever watched the clouds as it moves across the sky? How wonderful to see changes happen from time to time. It’s an impressive display of natural wonders.The sky is creating special effects. Today, without hesitation, I pulled my camera and aimed at the clouds.I want to capture the white and sharp radiance of the clouds above me. I’m getting sharp details and clear view along the way following the clouds with my camera.I was tempted to do this kind of shooting activity because the formation seems different at this time. The clouds move away very fast as they drifted apart. You are also a part of today’s activity and I hope you’ll enjoy viewing it.

Bright and beautiful!  2 great subjects just appeared, an airplane and a bird crossing with each other. It makes your viewing interesting. I’m now behaving like a professional photographer and a scientist as well. It caught my attention and thought, It would be a nice idea to include it, it makes scene more dramatic.I’m learning now.The sunlight reflection makes it interesting to view it.It was taken mid-afternoon in bright sunlight.

and one more. This is an eye-catching view! There’s a lot of intruders around to make your viewing more memorable. I think, I’m very lucky to have all this, with the beautiful  clouds as well.The clouds moves away quickly fast that made the sky clear and birds flew apart in different direction.

A cotton clouds, It looks like really a lightweight clouds in the sky.

Clouds changes position,formation,direction and colors too.

In doing this activity, I have learned a lot from this. I’m not done yet. I will post the next images with a landscape background. View for more tom.

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  1. Very beautiful cloud images. Very interesting post you have in here. I’m following you. Post some more. Thanks for sharing with us! I love your articles as well.

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