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Flowering Bulb

September 11, 2013

What a pleasant surprised to see the first display in the garden, the gorgeous ”Amaryllis bulb flowers”. Theflower looks attractive with the combination of white and pink lined petals.These particular variety grown in partial shade enriched with our own home-composed soil. It’s quiet easy to grow but watering priority during summer droughts.

Sometimes, they become too crowded and compact, I’ve divided some and replant it all over again on the same place. I’ve photographed it to be my first gorgeous subject in the morning. Photographing a lovely subject is an entertaining ritual especially if it’s done first hour in the morning. It’s cool to do it especially if it goes well and appropriate for my time, more so for the enjoyment of nature. Here’s my angle shots!

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IMG_8609 copy



IMG_8606 copy


IMG_8595 copy


IMG_8597 copy


IMG_8596 copy

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