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Butterflies, Most Welcome Garden Visitors

July 6, 2015

I’ve photographed my daily visitors in the morning, I snapped 2 images at the same spot, it was taken the same day but different time. (between time intervals in minutes) You can see the first 2 photos,the sky is blue and bit cool, however, the last one has a flashing sun rays. These butterflies are friendly and set up timing is just right.The good thing about friendly butterflies? they keep still even just for few seconds  that allow me to focus wisely in the right position so, here are the clear view of today’s photography.The butterfly across a setting sun, the sky is quite bluish clear at this time. you can see the rays from the sun, this time,I can already feel the heat of the sun.  It looks natural across the setting sun.

Monarch Butterfly landed on a cove flower

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