My Indoor and Outdoor Photography | Wildlife/Animals/Pets

Beautiful Tree Sparrow

By on November 6, 2015

There are many species of sparrows worldwide like; house sparrows, rock sparrows to name a few… but this frequent visitor in the garden is a tree sparrow, finally came earlier than expected. A tree sparrow is a small bird, has a brown crown and white neck markings, as shown here the patch of white beneath the chin. You can see large flocks in rural and urban areas feeding on the ground as they usually prefer dry lands.

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My Indoor and Outdoor Photography | Wildlife/Animals/Pets

Tree Sparrows-Morning Visitors in the Garden

By on October 1, 2015

Tree sparrows are my loyal visitors in the garden, they always make repeated visits even without feeders, I’m not ready install that for now,  I will just wait for them as they are always be welcomed around, our backyard is free anyway, that they come and go! What I want to create is a good artistic style for the close range, I cannot touch them so  do not expect perfection, just a natural looking tree sparrow to show you.

My morning shots for our friendly visitors in the backyard

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Butterflies, Most Welcome Garden Visitors

By on July 6, 2015

I’ve photographed my daily visitors in the morning, I snapped 2 images at the same spot, it was taken the same day but different time. (between time intervals in minutes) You can see the first 2 photos,the sky is blue and bit cool, however, the last one has a flashing sun rays. These butterflies are friendly and set up timing is just right.The good thing about friendly butterflies? they keep still even just for few seconds  that allow me to focus wisely in the right position so, here are the clear view of today’s photography.The butterfly across a setting sun, the sky is quite bluish clear at this time. you can see the rays from the sun, this time,I can already feel the heat of the sun.  It looks natural across the setting sun.

Monarch Butterfly landed on a cove flower

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Gardening/Greenery/Garden Insects | My Indoor and Outdoor Photography | Wildlife/Animals/Pets


By on October 18, 2012

Our frequent visitor everyday; the tree sparrows and the gray wagtail birds.They come everyday for a red treat! The Manzanita tree will provide the fruit treat,a sweet red fruit that they enjoy. Being familiar with them, gave me the opportunity to get closer without using blinds to deceive them.It was just a natural thing with their free will  to get in touch with me closer than expected. It seems, they are already used to my presence everyday but, what irritates me most is the noisy sound they produced,It sounds like a rattle shaking with hard stones inside. It was really very annoying and, disturbing to the brain. Despite these things going on around, I will consider to get  some few shots today. I was inside the bedroom photographing through the window for a close range. I was even fascinated with the outcome of the close-up shots.It was natural in color.This is the good thing of being familiar with the birds behavior and activities. I don’t need to trail their time and location,they are very near to my sight. Gray wagtail bird is one of the most common bird in the Philippines. It is distinguished by his gray color and the long tail that wags. Just a few close-up shots!

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