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 Bougainvillea Decorative Effect

January 23, 2014

IMG_1435 copy

Giant Bougainvillea (Click on images to view larger)
The decorative effect makes a lovely display, swinging gracefully under full sun that dresses the frontal view of the house. It appeared growing very thickly together and it blooms continuously. What is more lovelier about it, it provides a good shade.
IMG_2955 copy
 Bougainvillea A mass of pink blooms closely packed
Bougainvillea, a plant particularly growing around, the same kind of plant grown in our garden. The good thing about these plant, it can survive even in poor dry or stony soil. It’s hard to train the branches especially when the stem is already matured. The good maintenance to trim earlier while the plant is still young and the stem is still soft would be better. Cutting, trimming and bending the branches when the plant is still young is a good way to train the branches to grow in different direction that makes a brilliant position when flowers in full bloom. Other plants to lessen the damages,  I keep it tied properly from both ends, from upward to downward either both side works  to stay upright even during storm or windy situations. However,it’s hard to cut it because it’s spiny. Just wear the right gloves to trim the bushes.
Summer is fast approaching,during this time, it’s feasting with brilliant colors bursts into blooms, you’ll see different varieties of bougainvillea around the corner with different colors. I prefer the common color which is pink but, others likes the yellow one which is rare to find and unique. How I wish to have all colors; yellow, red, white, light blue, green, purple, peach and pink. That would be a wise idea,I might go to Tagaytay again to shop for flowering plants soon.

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