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Importance And Uses Of Rose Flowers

By on March 4, 2014

IMG_4010 copy copy

As years bring tremendous changes and a new growth, a new variety of roses are being introduced worldwide. The new tone and various coloured roses that gives contrast of colours and fragrance, no matter if it’s miniature or hybrid on a pot or on a ground, everyone takes the pride in producing their own garden of roses.

Not surprisingly, the presence of multiple buyers and strong market inspired the rose farmers and gardeners to produce more. Even the breeders won a prize in different shows, just as the best. It grew more popularity as the production steadily increased as years went. Roses, as already known for centuries, it is always the flower of choice for home, flower arrangement, surprise gift in any occasions and events. People used rose flowers for this purpose. Throughout the years of using roses at home and occasionally,I would like to share additional uses, I’m reviewing all the wonderful benefits of it.

Uses of rose flowers

1. Good centerpiece on the table

2. Flower arrangement

3. Corsage

4. Medicine

5. Perfume

6. Recipes

7. Garlands

8. Sweet freshener (house,car,cabinet drawers,office)

9. Fashion and accent pieces for; Hair, cloth, gown, shoes, bags

10. For business

11. Window garden decors

12. Bridal veil, bridal flower

13. Confetti

14. Potpourri

15. Flores De Mayo or Mayflower festival


17. Boutonniere for black suit

18. Favorite model subject of photographers, artist, printers, and wood carvers

19. Wall decors

20. Rose designs for arts, paintings, jewelries, tattoos, wood and food carvers,embroidery, schools,billboard, printing,( dresses, Prom gown, bed sheets and pillow cases) glass wares( tea sets, coffee cups, glasses, plates)

21. Perfect for landscaping in parks; amusement parks, industrial places, mansions, castles, schools, cemetery.

22. Float decorations

23. For offering; altar, grave

24. For human names, song lyrics and animal names

25. Bed of roses for newly married couple

26. Rose oil and rose water

27. Fragrant rose petals as a refreshing bubbles on a bath tub

28. For decorations in any event like; weddings, Valentine’s day gifts, festivities, birthdays, appreciations, graduations, inaugurations and ceremonies.

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Roses in a Vase

By on February 24, 2014

IMG_4066 copy

Floribunda and Hybrid Tea Roses   (Click on image to view larger)

Fragrant roses in a vase makes a lovely centerpiece on the table.Extra large blooms makes a lovely blend that provides fine shades of interesting color combinations. Among the good varieties of Floribunda Roses and Hybrid Tea Roses; Persian Yellow, Adolf Horstmann, Sutter’s Gold, Derek Nimmo, Friendship, and Elizabeth Tailor to name a few. When I bought these roses, it was partially opened until the day after comes to full bloom. I transferred it immediately to a trumpet vase which good enough to hold the stems and flowers firmly,reducing the water just enough for the vase. I have arranged them accordingly mixing all the varieties so colors will stand out. Arranging long-stemmed roses is easy because all varieties are suitable for any floral arrangement.The beauty, colour and fragrance looks appropriate to any style.

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 Bougainvillea Decorative Effect

By on January 23, 2014

IMG_1435 copy

Giant Bougainvillea (Click on images to view larger)
The decorative effect makes a lovely display, swinging gracefully under full sun that dresses the frontal view of the house. It appeared growing very thickly together and it blooms continuously. What is more lovelier about it, it provides a good shade.
IMG_2955 copy
 Bougainvillea A mass of pink blooms closely packed
Bougainvillea, a plant particularly growing around, the same kind of plant grown in our garden. The good thing about these plant, it can survive even in poor dry or stony soil. It’s hard to train the branches especially when the stem is already matured. The good maintenance to trim earlier while the plant is still young and the stem is still soft would be better. Cutting, trimming and bending the branches when the plant is still young is a good way to train the branches to grow in different direction that makes a brilliant position when flowers in full bloom. Other plants to lessen the damages,  I keep it tied properly from both ends, from upward to downward either both side works  to stay upright even during storm or windy situations. However,it’s hard to cut it because it’s spiny. Just wear the right gloves to trim the bushes.
Summer is fast approaching,during this time, it’s feasting with brilliant colors bursts into blooms, you’ll see different varieties of bougainvillea around the corner with different colors. I prefer the common color which is pink but, others likes the yellow one which is rare to find and unique. How I wish to have all colors; yellow, red, white, light blue, green, purple, peach and pink. That would be a wise idea,I might go to Tagaytay again to shop for flowering plants soon.

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Apple Green Background Images

By on October 31, 2013


IMG_0965 copy

Today, morning sky is a bit cloudy with slow rain showers, unlike yesterday that it was clear and sunny. It’s good I was able to photographed  few subjects in the morning. Aw ! You’ll see the result of my photography done yesterday. It’s photography addict, LOL ! I just need these images for blog posts, not necessarily picture attached is important but, with the presence of images related to the topic,you’ll understand what I’m talking about and what is being described. Problems will only exist if the sky is cloudy, the result would be much better with the natural light of the day. I wasn’t aware of the  weather condition about weather forecast. Sometimes, It is supposed to be cloudy but, it turned out to be sunny and vice-versa.

Nowadays, it is really unpredictable. I just have to make  few adjustments of my time. Earlier shooting in advance would be better,I’ll take the opportunity to shoot more during hot dayPhotography practice is already a part of my everyday life. Here’s my subject for today, A flowering plant bearing tiny fruits in an apple green background.

Note: I’m still doing my research. I don’t have reference book  about flowering wild plants.I don’t know the name of these flower. What I can remember, I bought these plant during my visit in Tagaytay city. I can’t remember the name anymore. Next post soon.


DSC09341 copy

More related images of  Apple green background.


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