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Arrival of the Migratory Birds

February 21, 2013

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The presence of the Great Egrets in Manila Bay and to some areas in the Philippines is a proof that Philippines has  touch of wildlife and a bird watching site.(Click on image to view larger)

One trip to Manila Bay after a hard work in the afternoon,I spotted a bird flying constantly turning direction and over-speeding.I was curious to know what kind of bird was that?I immediately grabbed my binocular to take a closer look. I was surprised to see egrets wading gracefully.This was already the 2nd time I’ve seen the presence of migratory birds in the Philippines. The first time was during my vacation to my hometown in CagayanValley, Northern part of Luzon. As I can still recall,it was summer of 2010, I saw an egret perched on top of the carabao and some to the grazing ground.How unfortunate that when I brought out my camera,they flew away instantly.

Considering the great number of egrets and some species I’ve seen everywhere near lake,river, swamps and mangrove areas.I believed that Philippines  now is just like Malaysia that supports  a large number of migratory birds. The reason why birds migrate?  What is the purpose of migration?

Occasionally spotted nowadays, It’s quiet observable that most photographers and tourist have shown great interest to photograph the arrival of the migratory birds.It’s an expression that they care to contribute to the beauty of nature, and when you care? People does listen ! It’s just bringing message to some people the conciousness that we are presently in and what we should do to preserve wildlife because soon there would be a generation shift. Indeed,Philippines is now a ”bird watching site.”

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