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December 12, 2011

It’s 12 days before Christmas and every where you’ll see beautiful decorations; giant Christmas trees, sparkling Christmas ornaments,  brilliant lights, garlands and mangers  are set up in homes, indoors,outdoors, hotels, churches, schools, public places  and literally everywhere but, the best Nativity I’ve seen is the one inside the compound of Meralco. The entire compound was so spacious that it can accommodate everything. I took this shot the night we visited the fantastic place.  The entire place was  very bright and very pretty especially these huge manger. The colors remarkably unique and vivid.

This is the colorful manger of the Holy Family  infront of  Meralco building.These Nativity represents the story of the memorable night in Bethlehem where Baby Jesus was born. It creates spectacular welcome for the coming of Christmas.I was amazed to see this scene. It was a huge towering sight and the sounds of  choral around scents the air and brightens my spirit evenmore to think Christmas is near.See how beautiful it is! The reflections of sparkling lights around appeared to be splendor.It’s wonderful to see Christmas past comes back to life and the true meaning of religious celebration is not forgotten by the Filipino people.For me, Christmas is the best season of the year.It is the season for giving,forgiving and sharing. A season for a get-together gathering for family and friends.

Looking forward to visit this place again night before Christmas. Merry Christmas everyone!

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