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December 13, 2011

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It’s a beautiful and chilly night.Take a moment to view  something unique and adorable reminders of Christmas.I photographed this towering Christmas tree  around Metro Manila. It’s a night photography. You might probably wonder why I shot them at this time. This  photos will tell you! The brilliant reflections of bright and multi-clored   lights, the twinkling  and dazzling glow of small bulbs, slimmering reflections lights up the surroundings, the magical displays and colored lights outlining everywhere appeared with splendor and refreshing air creates a holiday scents.  So Many things to consider. In the Philippines,  Christmas trees comes in different varieties.  Many families enjoy making them on  their own depending on choice of whatever you wish to add on.  Some have choosen to add sparkling  spices  and multi-colored bulbs  around in order to create appropriate setting. No matter if it is natural or artificial, no matter what they are made off, still appeared to be very attractive and fascinating. The assortment of favorite things  makes you feel and smell  a holiday that Christmas is here! My greeting, Merry Christmas everyone.

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