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March 6, 2014

Too many stories associated with flowers that can relate to any situation. My story is just like a collection of old stories in entirely different ways.  I remember the story of  3rd century old martyr, St. Valentine. When Valentine was still inside his cell, young,old and parishioners came to visit,throwing flowers through his cell window. How about the Garden of Eden? The beautiful garden was full of lovely roses around. The figure skating competition during”Winter Olympics” after the performance,  fans tossing gifts of stuff toys and roses inside skating rink.

One historical story during the ”People power revolution in the Philippines to overthrow the late dictator. One reconciliation moment, the nuns, priest and some students offered flowers to the  soldiers on top of the tank. It was a wonderful gift of peace to unite us all.  Hundreds of people waved their rosaries, yellow caps and flowers. It was a memorable story that inspires everyone to look upon. The memory still lives on up to the present and forever, the material presented time period range from the past to the present, It was all about flowers.

IMG_4024 copy    Floribunda Roses

However, it took some time to convince everyone that roses are indeed safe for cooking. Others are in doubt but, safety is the main concern of the chef who are using it. Finally, it was proven to be safe and good for the health. The nature side and amount of influence, these flowers are indeed for all seasons.

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