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May 7, 2014

The ”Sky Ranch’‘ is the newest amusement park in Tagaytay. One  favorite ride of mine  aside from Zip Line is the Sky Eye. Let me show you the display of night colours in the sky. Night ride on the sky is very relaxing, slowly as it evolves,once you’re up, you can see the colors of the starlight and the beautiful aerial view of Taal.

Viewing the Sky Eye and other rides

You’ll see how the light changes its color while rotating, and definitely, it’s  a night photography.

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IMG_0382 copy


IMG_0499 copy

 The Sky Eye

IMG_0209 copy


IMG_0425 copy


IMG_0260 copy


IMG_0261 copy


IMG_0424 copy


IMG_0428 copy


IMG_0430 copy


IMG_0250 copy


IMG_0252 copy


IMG_0254 copy


IMG_0258 copy


IMG_0294 copy

 The sky fun Carousel

IMG_0279 copy

 The Super Viking

IMG_0292 copy


IMG_0282 copy


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