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Happy Valentine’s Day 2018

By on February 13, 2018

It’s a practice believed that roses are  spice of love and soon it brings a spice for life, Clearly, it’s a symbol of love. Me, myself still receiving the same kind of flowers from the same person up to the present. It’s just like saying, I’m still lovely and sweet after all these years, honestly speaking and not to be proud off, still I am! LOL!

When getting to know more about someone, giving roses is a great way to catch attention or, you may want to start a relationship all over again. I’m sure you’ll earn a good impression while it lasts.

Here’s Live Life and Love wishing you all, ”Happy Valentine’s day”

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Wear Something Appropriate

By on April 16, 2014


What to wear?

It depends on places you want to go to. You can wear anything but it’s good to wear something appropriate. Buying is not important, you can make yourself presentable without spending a single buck. You can make yourself extra special from head to toe using your own effort, that will make you look different if you know how to mix and match your old clothes.

It’s fun to make your own style and trendy look, you can wear attractive blouses or tight jeans to pair with or colorful dress would also be good. All you have to do is to check your closet, bring out all attractive items and accessories. I’m sure you’ll find something that fits you well. Focus to change everything like your hair style because your  hair is your crowning glory that will lighten up your face and the clothes you are going to wear will change the whole of you. You can pony your hair to look young and girly, wear attractive head bands or pretty hair clips. Soft and wavy hair is also good or, just a straight hair look.

Being beautiful and presentable is good to look at. I’m sure, you want to have a photo collection of the event and do the close-up selfie shot afterwards. I remember a friend of mine, She hates to repeat the same clothes that was already photographed earlier. It was an expensive set-up to change all the time.  Just enjoy the day with your escort, Make this day a day to remember.

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By on April 14, 2014


 What to give?

 Gift is not important, your presence and personal greetings on that day is indeed a big gift. However, if you want to buy one, it must not be very expensive. Here are some suggestions on what to give.

1. Heart–shaped chocolates with red ribbons and card attached

2. A dozen of roses or just a piece is also good

3. A box of Jelly candies

4. Favorite book

6. D-I-Y cards

7. Basket full of strawberries, any fresh fruits is welcome

8. Stuff toy; Cute red bears and heart-shaped pillows

Gifts are just something to remember, It’s just a one day event. Just like shoes, bags, shirts or anything, it will surely end up in the closet. The roses particularly or any kinds of fresh flowers, 2 days after, it will end up in the trash can unless you know how to make potpourri out of it, or you can use it for book marking. The point is, you can’t keep it for a long time but, memories you can save. The warmth of giving will always be remembered.

You can just imagine how many occasions in a year, from baptism graduation, birthdays, Christmas day and a day to remember love is Valentine’s day. Giving gift is just a good deed of being a thoughtful you!

Buying Gifts

 Others, they keep the budget and get ready for this important occasion. If you are ready, shopping must be done earlier in order for you to hunt for a reasonable one, malls might be full and too crowded. You can also wait for a monthly midnight sale. Big malls offered selected items cutting down prices from 50% to 75% to attract buyers.

Always buy something that fits your budget to avoid spending more that can stretch your monthly allowance. Price is always an important factor to size things up particularly the branded items is a temptation. If I buy something expensive, I always compare it to other brands before making  decision to purchase it, I don’t want to regret it later. Others prefer a luxury gifts without checking the difference, on the other hand, some are cutting their expenses according to their budget.

It happened once when I bought a pair of jeans and colorful blouse, I really thought it was a cute one but, when I arrived home to refit it, It came up to be different. It fits well but, I noticed there’s an itchy thing inside my blouse that makes me so uncomfortable. I regret buying all those things then, it was a lesson learned previously.

If you don’t have the time to go out, go online shopping. You can choose almost everything from shoes to bags, shirts, jeans, accessories to name a few.

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By on March 24, 2014

People buy gifts to any occasion like; Birthdays,Mother’s day,Father’s day, Christmas day and Valentine’s day was no exception although, it will only lasts for a day, it’s the time for boys especially the teenagers would choose a girl to pair up with. Following the hearty day with gift-giving of flowers, cute red bears, chocolates, exchanging love notes, sweet text messages, phone calls, and romantic dating. The day before, may be a whole day session of thinking and planning on where to go,Perhaps, you no longer needed to be coach, but, there are some suggestions you need to know just to ensure a wholesome Valentine’s day. It’s good to plan ahead of time.There might not be enough hours on that day that you’ll find yourself confused and rushing on where to go and what to give and what to wear. Whether you are single, loveless or married, whatever,t’s great to show your love on this day. Always remember that Love is…what you make it. Here are some tips on what to do before the occasion. This is applicable to any occasion not just Valentine’s day. Before anything else, Let me begin with few don’t’s.

What to avoid:

1.Set aside any problems first. Don’t discuss any problems from the past and present. Remember that this day is a special interests to both of you.

2. Avoid any embarrassing moments.

3. Skip tough conversation. However, if conflict arises, your partner might respond differently that may hurt your feelings. Stay cool and lower your tone to handle it safely. Learn to hug and make up a few words and tell him/her how you love him so much. Save the trouble, that’s a good sign of relief to make up before the day ends.

Where to go?

 For the Lovers: What thrill and excitement do you have in mind? If you are going with a special date that you may want something romantic? Treat your partner to a candle dinner for two, or a dinner in a restaurant with a romantic view of the sunset. This is the right setting wherein you may want to propose or you may want to bring out the feelings you’ve been keeping for a long time. Any place with beautiful scenery while eating is perfectly good. The location would simply make your day romantic and memorable.

Family Celebration: A restaurant with large serving wherein you can enjoy different kinds of foods. A buffet or eat –all- you- can restaurant is a good choice. It would be a good treat to surprise all family members.

For the Internet Explorers: Make it heard, first hour greetings is great. Give free electronic greeting cards, stickers and photos taken a day ahead. You can make personalized greetings in Photoshop editing, using your own photos, add meaningful captions and humble words. You can attach your emails and send it through application. You can also inbox beautiful messages with love songs attached, get it U-Tube. Revive your play lists and do the Facebook tags.

For Single and the Loveless:

 This is what you call a humble sacrifice if you don’t have a pair during Valentine’s day. Of course, it’s gonna be lonely without your love but, don’t waste your time inside your bedroom. Always remember that, your family is your true love. The good thing about being single; you are in the best situation to have a freedom to do everything, a complete full time for yourself. However, you can invite your bestfriend or group of friends to take a stroll on this day, it might be a night out to grove, that’s the best time to wear your dancing shoes or, you may want to sing, bringing our your golden voice that wasn’t heard for a long time. Karaoke bar with group of friends is fun! Choose a group more likely who have the same interests as you. A wholesome dinner with your family is surely appreciated too.

Note: To be continued…it was such a long blog! See you next post

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