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Taroko National Park Scenic Attractions

By on May 8, 2019

Standing on the still side of Liwu river valley, it looks like a vacationer’s dream come true and reachable even in winter. The high elevation is difficult to reach but I swear, it is a rewarding trail. In fact, visitors by the thousands arrive each year to visit this place. Eternal Spring Shrine or Changchun Shrine was built in memory of the 226 workers who died on duty during the construction of Central-Cross Island Highway. With highest estimated number of deaths, it is considered as the deadliest construction in Taiwan. The spring gushing out beside the shrine formed a small waterfall and now called,”Eternal Plummeting Spring” by the directorate general of highways. Since then, the shrine has become an iconic landmark.

Another interesting feature is the place itself, Hualien is the biggest country in Taiwan and situated on the mountainous eastern coast of the island. It is the main attraction of Taroko National Park with its gorge and offers exceptionally wide variety of attractions. Taroko Gorge is the major centerpiece attraction of the whole park and a must to visit.

Getting a chance to witness this beautiful sight, when we visited this lovely place, I focused only on just the beautiful essentials because of the effort it takes to reach them and surprisingly difficult to climb, not to mention rain often pours in tremendous downpour, it’s good the water quickly subsides. Changchun Eternal Spring Shrine as the most often visited attractions and one of the top 10 wonders of Taiwan, it may leave you wanting to see more of Taroko but 5 hours is not enough to hit all the highlights around but still tourists instead flocked to see the astonishing fragment of history. All in Taroko is a reasonable standard to test your health and fitness level. Shorter trail can be completed in half day while long trails require a full day.

All the featuring picturesque views of Guanyin cave, Hilltop Bell tower, Changuang temple, the still side of Liwu river valley and Eternal Spring Shrine. A guide led nature walk and long trails that start at Jinheng bridge and continue all the way up to the stairway to heaven to find the sacred place, a remote temple in the mountain and a steep series of slippery steps upward heading onto the Eternal Spring Shrine.

Overlooking all the panoramic views with maximum excitement, this is an exciting travel destination. If you have a tour guide, it would be better to guide you along the way. The panoramic view rewards anyone who attempts to climb to the top.

To reach the main peak in elevation, it offers killing views and it is primarily designed for daytime tour.

Eternal Spring Shrine

The towering jagged cliffs, waterfalls, marble mountains and Liwu’s turquoise river formed an immeasurable charm, this is one of the most picturesque corners of Taroko Gorge.

Eternal Spring Shrine

Eternal Spring Shrine scenery owe their dramatic beauty in part to connections with the river. The river’s winding course as much as the shallow scene contributes to the wild scenic beauty.

Eternal Spring Shrine

My Taroko journey of Eternal Spring Shrine starts at Jinheng bridge to the main entrance but first, let me show you the aerial view of Jinheng bridge taken from the mountain top.

View of Jinheng bridge and Liwu river taken from the Changchun terrace.

View taken from the Changchun stairs. Bordered by high marble cliffs and white mountains, the shallow river of Liwu cut its way down through sandstone formations.

Jinheng bridge connects two marble peaks visible in all directions.

Jinheng bridge

The main entrance is the Jinheng bridge leading directly to Guanyin cave.

Guanyin Cave

Climbing the stairs heading to the top, we reached
Guanyin cave.

Passing through the Guanyin cave, it’s a dome cave, a small curved structure.

A long series of slippery steps.

There’s a Led light inside the cave, not sure because I didn’t see any motor inside…

Examining the cave inside, it was well developed.

Our first stop to offer prayers, two- minute of silence to remember all those who perished during the construction of Central-Cross Island Highway. Inside the Guanyin cave is a small temple with statues of the Buddha and Bodhisattva.
(Taoist gods)

A big hole along the passageway of the cave. Liwu river widely seen down there.

Path leading to the entrance of the second cave.

Walking beside the cave, the rocks exposed in its wall reveals a giant slice through time. Leading through the Spring Shrine, I’ve made a quick stop to view the surroundings and right beside me, a deeply eroded part of the marble mountain.

Stairs leading to the hill tower.

A flight of stairs leading down to the terrace and a slippery walk along to view such outstanding setting.

This area gives a full spot to catch a glimpse of the whole surroundings from the Liwu river valley to the elusive mountain ranges and remote jungles.

Chinese architectural influence among the special features of the inviting scenery aside from waterfalls, marble cliffs and mountains, jungle greenery, sparkling river, bell tower and temples.

Taiwan, a land of earthquakes has long been renowned for natural springs that flow through the Liwu river, it vividly conveys the meaning of its name,”Eternal Spring Shrine”

Liwu River Valley

From Guanyin cave, you can clearly see from adjacent side is the designated parking lot for the visitors. Down the Liwu river, it looks like half of the river water have dried-out, the river almost runs dry and worn away by the passage of time.

Taroko marble mountains and nearby attractions are well protected inside Taroko National Park that encompasses some of the finest beauty spots in Hualien. All attractions shown here are clearly reasons enough for visiting Taiwan.

Thanks for reading my blog! More on Taiwan, See you next post…

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