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Qingshui Cliff/Su-hua Highway

By on April 30, 2019

Among other scenic wonders here in Taiwan is the Su-hua highway, it runs along cliffs in many areas as it offers unmatched beauty of the ocean, mountains and cliff side scenery. Su-hua Highway is located within Taroko National Park and situated South of Heren Kanan bridge across the Kanagang river with numerous beautiful spots and common trails that includes the famous Qingshui Cliffs, one of the top ten natural wonders of Taiwan.

Qingshui Cliffs is the result of a collision between the Eurasian and Philippine plate. It’s hard to believe that sometimes, volcanic activities bring natural wonders and beautiful geological formations.

Catching the beauty of the cliff beside the pacific ocean, you’ll enjoy the ocean breeze alongside other scenic wonders, the unique scene continues to astonish visitors with its pacific beauty.

Qingshui Cliff

Perfectly positioned viewing wooden platform at Su-hua Highway, this is the perfect spot for the visitors to view the surroundings. If you plan to visit Qingshui cliffs along Su-hua Highway, don’t forget to read the safety warning down there.

Things you need to know:
Safety Warning

  1. The highway runs along cliffs in many places and susceptible to rock falls so please practice caution.
  2. Sections of the road near the ocean are often subject to strong gusts of wind. Keep distance from the end of the road.
  3. Huge waves is a serious threat and equally unpredictable.
  4. Huide trail is shared by pedestrians and vehicles, drivers should reduce speed and pay attention to safety measures.
  5. Stay away from the old highway area. Rock falls from cliffs can happen anytime.
  6. Early warning for your own safety. Stay safe!

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My Indoor and Outdoor Photography | Travel and Adventure

Railway Tracks Along the Cliff

By on April 3, 2019

A series of tall mountain chains covered with dense forest and below is a passageway railway track that runs straight through a tunnel inside the mountain. One of the most extraordinary railways track I’ve ever seen. According to an early account, the North Link Railway in Taiwan is one of the world’s most spectacular railroad and pleasingly agree with it as rail route through high steep mountain terrain.

The North Link Railway, one of the major construction projects that began in December of 1973 and the complete line was opened February of 1980, that was 7 years after. 20 workers lost their lives in the course of construction.The railway line connects link between Yilan and Hualien and directly to Taidong, it passes through winding roads and high steep terrain by means of a number of tunnels. Out of 15 tunnels, one tunnel takes 12 minutes for the train to pass through the longest tunnel. The railway will take you to your destination by train cutting travel time. From Suao to Hualien is just two hours compared to four hours before the construction. For the tourists, you’ll enjoy riding between tunnels to tunnels.

The scenery around folds dip into all directions backed by high steep cliffs.

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