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There is Always Tomorrow but Things You Can do for Today,Don’t leave it for Tomorrow

By on October 4, 2016

There is always tomorrow but things you can do for today must not be postponed for tomorrow because tomorrow is another day. For everyone seemed delaying things they can do for today, thinking tomorrow is always there. Of course, if you wake up is always another day and tomorrow comes next..

Saying tomorrow is a concept to delay things as tomorrow becomes an excuse to delay things, all task must be done right away after planning it.There must never been a disturbance to be interrupted because time is an essence. Don’t you know? tomorrow never ends. What you can do for today must be accomplished immediately, just do it now because time is running short .

For me, doing things for tomorrow is not an acceptable reason and consistently yours to finish right away, no obvious reason!

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Quotes Beyond Words

By on November 14, 2014

IMG_2301 copy copy


Quote on photo> ”Whatever you have is just temporary, learn to love and respect before you lose it”

Sharing special memories to remember

Everything on earth is just temporary, it will not last forever. This might be the reason why we can’t find everlasting happiness on earth that we can only find it peacefully in heaven.

I’m just sad to remember all bad memories. Lately, ”Super typhoon Yolanda” hit the Philippines, it destroyed the  hard-earned possessions that  we cherished. People lost their loved ones and hard-earned belongings like; houses, appliances, furniture and all the things with sentimental values.  It was all washed out leaving us unforgettable memories to remember…

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Illustration-Hard Work And Great Effort

By on September 3, 2014

IMG_6680 copy

Photo Illustration: (Click on image to view larger) A small boy carrying a big orange which is much heavier than his own weight, this illustration shows a heavy load and this is your mission!

The question is, Are you prepared to take challenging role to fulfill your vision? Is there any hope for a purpose? Absolutely yes! Develop yourself earlier is a good foundation. All resources: energy, talents, patience and determination are gifts given to you by God.

Hold your vision firmly and make the most of it. Don’t waste time and energy, do it while you are still young. Don’t mind discouraging situation when life falls apart, never get bored, irritated and impatient.There wasn’t one thing that is negative.

However, the desire to make it better would be a lot of planning and preparation. Always remember what dad says, ”Don’t just finish, do it well, you’ve got to work harder Son. Parents always encouraged children to go to school and do well, they even stretched their budget in order to give you the best things in life, they always make certain that they were always involved in any aspect of school. so, why not give 100% to every endeavor throughout your life?

Lastly, The providing power is your fighting spirit because everything has to be done quickly and finish before the sunset…..

Note: The picture illustration of  a boy carrying an orange is my own photography, I have used one big orange to complete the process for interesting views, I took it while making Fruit crafts and carvings in the past intended for food blogs. I guess, it would be more interesting to use my own fruit carving and shots for inspiration quotes, poems and reflections.

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Inspirational Illustration Of Love Notes, Poems And Reflections

By on July 17, 2014

When I started making poems, reflections and inspirational quotes is always  accompanied with a background illustration. Certainly, I did it slightly the different way than other illustrations you see around. For one thing sure, I made it using  photos I took around. It was a spare images from nature that was set aside for a long time. If you check my file, it was all full of images, there were lots of photos stored to  my folder. Before, I really thought it was a trash but never landed on recycle bin. I never thought and imagined that one day, I will need it again. Here’s retrieving some intended for this cause. Once again, I don’t want it to be wasted, it turned out to be a useful and better alternative getting something from scratch.

Other illustrations I’ve made previously, it was done late nights. I feel relaxed to retrieve past photos late nights. At dawn, more concentration to my side especially when everyone else is peaceful and atmosphere is good for no one distracts? it seems to calm down my senses to view every image, it’s something just fun to write and read. Who would think? You might do more when you are getting older. Probably the hardest part in making cover illustrations will be to stay patient and alive till late nights. Here are some of my Inspirational and love quotes

I tell you one thing, In one single page,written words take many forms, it represents the words and phrases deriving from the image itself. It tells a story!

(Click on images to view larger)

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