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RAVE Pasig Rainforest Park

By on September 8, 2021

Keeping me active is a great approach to relieve my pandemic tension because there is never a dull moment. For the sake of nostalgia, I was looking through some old pictures stored in a folder on my computer’s desktop. Because of its unique attractions and the fact that it is only a 20-minute drive from my house, my first visit to Rainforest Adventure Park and my return there a year later remain as my most valuable experience to this day.

For me, the best way to ensure that the wonderful times of yesteryear will be around for future generations to enjoy is to keep fantasies of bygone eras alive. There’s a backstory behind this photo, just like there’s a reason why I’m taking it today. So, shall we?

This is just some old photos I wanted to post before the epidemic hit.(Every image was captured in January of 2018) This amusement park has limited hours. Covid-19 pandemic made big changes and far from over plz. I am not here to suggest that you go to this amusement park. In the meantime, you should remain at home.

Rainforest Adventure Park

It is the first adventure theme park constructed and managed by local govt. unit, it is the project of Mayor Bobby C. Eusebio and Pasic City Council. RAVE is equipped with different outdoor facilities, a leisure ground for the public located in village of Maybunga Pasig. It was opened in 1977 but relaunched as RAVE known as ‘’ Rainforest Adventure Park Experience’’ in 2013 after the completion of additional features such as the Zip line, Boating lagoon and Skatepark. It also features the following: Butterfly house, Boating Lagoon, Rapid rides, Park pavilion, Botanical Garden, Pool area, Aviary, Mammal sanctuary, Kiddy land, Train station, Amphitheatre, Flower fields, Chess pavilion, Reptile house, Mini Zoo, Maze Garden, Tree house as well as picnic and camping ground.

In the two hours I spent at RAVE, I was able to explore many of the exhibits and take photos in my favorite areas, including the Butterfly house and the Flower fields. The memories of my special connection with the zoo animals just won’t fade. This 4.8-hectare park packs in a lot of activities and attractions in a short amount of time, but if you want to see everything, you’ll need more than an hour.

Reanimating a prehistoric animal. The walkways are decorated with life-size statues of dinosaurs, giving the impression that you have stepped into a prehistoric country straight out of Jurassic Park. The dinosaur replicas are available for photo ops at your leisure.

Rainforest Adventure Park Attractions

Early March is when most tourists flock to Rainforest Park for the best boating, wildlife viewing, and flower viewing. All of the must-see attractions in the rainforest are in close proximity to one another; it’s a one-stop shop for a nice day in nature. RAVE is for you if you appreciate nature in all its forms, including flora, fauna, and aquatic organisms.

Boating Lagoon

Paddle boats on a man-made lagoon. A paddle boat is a self-propelled boat that can cover significant distances. The 20-minute paddle excursion was fun for my sister and me and a great opportunity to get some exercise.

Butterfly House

I’ve spent more time at this location than I like to admit getting up up and personal with the butterflies so I can photograph them. This stunning habitat had a garden full with different kinds of butterflies.

My favorite spot to capture the most colorful insects. Butterflies are my favorite subject to photograph as well as my favorite agent of pollination. My endless photo shoot shows my great admiration for them. I have captured great photos and of course, I realized the power of pictures, it’s difficult to select which one fits the best.

Amaze Garden

An outdoor garden maze is a puzzle game, the dividers are made of plants formatted into a maze and it’s quite tough and confusing to solve the path route to the end.

Flower Fields

The giant sunflowers are the garden’s backbone and the major attraction, yet they are just one of the many wonderful things to see in Rainforest Garden. The Flower Fields landscape style incorporates a wide range of flowering plants, including popular perennials and annuals, into a cohesive whole.

Wind beneath the eye-catching monster sunflowers are perfectly attractive and sun-kissed pointing skyward. Adventure photography is a must-do here.

Botanical Garden

A lovely walk around worth seeing situated next to the flower fields is the Botanical Garden.

Deep well is an open framework that serves as a garden accent.


The Bird Sanctuary, also known as bird flight cages, is a refuge for migratory and threatened bird species. A little stop to take pictures of the birds is an essential part of my day. There are several stunning birds in the area.

Crowd pleasing ducks

Petting Zoo

It is a combination of wild and domesticated animals, you are free to touch but not allowed to feed them. This attraction is a family leisure activity.

There’s no need to be in a hurry; there are benches spread out conveniently all around to let you take a load off and relax in the shade. In the end, you’ll have seen and done everything there is to see and do at Rainforest.

Locating the RAVE Pasig Rainforest Adventure Park: the Essential Information.

Three hours later, the sun is nearly at its zenith. After a fun and exhausting day, my sister and I headed home about noon.

Needing more? The highlights of Rainforest Park cannot be covered in a single post. When I return, I really hope the weather is nice…

Thank you for reading my blog!

Goodnight Everyone!

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